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  1. June 2005 - latest stadium photos !!!
  2. Just read it will be called the "White Horse Bridge".
  3. NEW WEMBLEY PHOTOS!!! Also, from stadionwelt.de :cool:
  4. I hear you Arwebb, I did mean to say in that post that Bobby Moore should have been there, Why does that man always get overlooked. There is already a Bobby Moore Bridge at the end of Olympic Way, next to Wembley Park tube station
  5. White Horse. I agree with Mallaka, naming it after one person would be very hard. But I think White Horse Bridge works best
  6. Also, go here and click on Virtual Tour
  7. LOL, good luck Mallaka, I think you'll need it. "The sheer scale of the new Wembley is dizzying: towering up towards the sky, the stands loom majestically around the central space. It's so vast that it could absorb the old structure something like three times over. I haven't seen a venue this impressive since Ridley Scott's spectacular CGI version of the Roman Coliseum in his film Gladiator. Twice the size of Paris's Stade de France and three times the size of the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, new Wembley is conceived on a gigantic scale." We will rock you (as will the loos) - Daily Telegraph 14th April 2005 In short, it's going to be BRILLIANT!!
  8. Olympic bid rivals London and Paris are also going head to head for the right to host the 2007 Champions League final. The Football Association are bidding to stage the final at the new Wembley stadium at the end of its first full season in operation, but the Stade de France is also being put up by the French federation as a possible venue. Link
  9. Twickenham is being extended to 82,000 capacity stadium. It will certainly be the RFU's first choice stadium, otherwise they wouldn't be spending more money upgrading it. I'm not sure how wealthy English rugby is, but it's certainly not in the same league as football in terms of finances, and the RFU wouldn't be throwing this money at the stadium unless they believe it will host high profile international events in the future.
  10. As Blackadder famously said: I only didn't laugh out loud because I was afraid if I did, my head would've fallen off. :help:
  11. This thread hasn't seen any updates in a while and a lot has happened.... A new article about the new Wembley "When Football's Coming Home became the anthem for Euro 96, it was precisely 10 years ahead of its time. We didn't know it then, but we do now. Home, in 1996, was Wembley. A crumbling old pile that was unworthy of the events it staged. In 2006, home will again be Wembley, a new arrival which already makes the old ground look like a bicycle shed." "To stand here is to be convinced that Wembley will be regarded by historians as the first English cathedral of the 21st century." "Below is the pitch area, the focus of 90,000 seats. Soaring 133 metres above it is the arch, the single feature which unlocked the ambition of faultless sightlines with reduced structure, and gave the building its unique character. The arch bears most of the weight of Wembley's twin roofs, so clearing the way for those unparalleled views of the pitch below. The arch carries a mighty 7,000 tons and the roofs cover 11 acres. The roof on the south side of the stadium will slide open to admit sunlight and air to the pitch. But Wembley is more than a football stadium. It will stage athletics, rock concerts and banqueting, so it also houses the four biggest restaurants in London." ""Wembley is a first in all kinds of ways. The new ground will be unique. At 90,000 all-seater capacity, it will be the largest stadium in the world which has a roof over every seat. And with its capacity for rock concerts and with its huge catering facilities it provides entertainment beyond any previous scale." "It's the size which is the most extraordinary thing about Wembley, along with the arch. In terms of its floor area and facilities, this ground is going to be much, much bigger than anything, anywhere. And the arch . . . well, that just hits you in the heart. It has given me intense enthusiasm and passion. Once it was up, it gave the whole project an enormous boost. Seeing it there gave us all the enthusiasm to work the extra hours to solve the other problems as they came along." more photos
  12. I heard on the news today that several homes in the area near the arch have lost their TV reception! :oops: Can't find an article about it anywhere though.
  13. THE giant steel arch, commissioned as the centre-piece for the new Wembley Stadium, is nearing its 439 foot summit. The immense construction, which will dominate the London skyline, is expected to be finished later this month. When completed, it will illuminate the night sky for 13 miles around, changing colour with every goal scored, and become the new symbol for the £757 million, 90,000-seater national stadium. ------------------------------------------------------ The 1,750 tonne structure is now fully raised and is illuminated to celebrate England's progress in Euro 2004 The glowing arch will become a familiar sight to England's players and fans when the stadium opens in early 2006
  14. New Wembley's arch goes up Wembley's iconic arch was due to be raised on Friday, the first stage to lift it into position. The 440ft structure weighing 2,000 tons has been suspended by cables and the operation is expected to completed in coming weeks. Despite defects found in the steel in March, project bosses pledged the arch would be lifted ahead of schedule. Wembley remains on target to open in 2006, with that year's FA Cup final set to be the first match. Construction managers said some "minor rectification works" were required on finding the defects in March and stressed the arch was not unsafe. What were described as "quality assurance checks" revealed more work was needed on the complex structure's steel. The £757m Venue of Legends has tabled a bid to stage the 2007 Champions League final.
  15. Also, what about the 82000 seater for Hertha Berlin, the pictures looks amazing (see world stadium site in previous post). Will the Allianz Arena even be the best stadium in Germany?
  16. The Allianz-arena looks great, but its capacity alone means it doesn't seem to be in the same league as the new wembley (90,000 compared to 66,000). Is this where the world cup final in 2006 will be hosted? I personally think the new stadium in Beijing looks amazing!! http://www.worldstadiums.com/stadium....s.shtml for future world stadiums. :wwww:
  17. Sorry London2012, most of your last post was wrong. The last match at Wembley was against Germany. The result doesn't matter. :verysad: The first match at the new Wembley will infact be an England international, not the 2006 FA Cup Final. (on the Wembleystadium.com site) I think to justify the cost the England team ("Team England" ??? ) will be playing all their home games at Wembley. They should as well, since it will be the best stadium in the world IMHO. So far as other teams playing matches there, at the moment is unlikely. There is, last I heard some legal mumbo-jumbo preventing that. Ar***l will almost certainly be playing in a new 60000 seater at Ashburton Grove by that point. I can't see Chelski wanting to go there either. The only other team in the running would be Spurs. Nice idea but it will remain, like the Old Wembley, a venue for international football and music events I think.
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