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  1. London 2012 could certainly have a negative impact on the possibility of a 2018 World Cup in England. However, if NYC or any other US city gets 2016, then their bid will also be less attractive. So the England vs. USA scenario for 2018 could be out of the question. On the other hand, which European countries could realistically consider 2018? Spain and Holland could. France, Germany, and Italy would all be out of the running having hosted relativlely recently. Any other countries would probably have to launch joint bids to have a hope. Across the pond, the alternative to the USA is Canada
  2. June 2005 - latest stadium photos !!!
  3. At only 32,000 it won't be big enough for a world cup stadium though. Just thought I'd point that out since this info has been posted in the England 2018 thread. I love this quote from their website: I'm quite relieved the national stadium is being built in the capital, at Wembley where it belongs. "WE'RE GOING TO COVENTRY", doesn't have the same ring to it! :help:
  4. So... 2006 Europe - Germany 2010 Other - RSA 2014 South America - Brazil most likely 2018 Europe - England quite likely 2022 Other - USA would be be viable here It seems to be settling into this pattern already.
  5. If there has to be rotation it should be: 1) Europe 2) South Amercia 3) Other England 2018 would be brilliant.
  6. It could work..a giant game of backgammon in Birmingham.
  7. Wouldn't cricket in such a closed-off venue be a little dangerous?
  8. Looks awesome from the outside, but a bit like scaffolding on the inside.
  9. Just read it will be called the "White Horse Bridge".
  10. NEW WEMBLEY PHOTOS!!! Also, from stadionwelt.de :cool:
  11. I hear you Arwebb, I did mean to say in that post that Bobby Moore should have been there, Why does that man always get overlooked. There is already a Bobby Moore Bridge at the end of Olympic Way, next to Wembley Park tube station
  12. White Horse. I agree with Mallaka, naming it after one person would be very hard. But I think White Horse Bridge works best
  13. Also, go here and click on Virtual Tour
  14. LOL, good luck Mallaka, I think you'll need it. "The sheer scale of the new Wembley is dizzying: towering up towards the sky, the stands loom majestically around the central space. It's so vast that it could absorb the old structure something like three times over. I haven't seen a venue this impressive since Ridley Scott's spectacular CGI version of the Roman Coliseum in his film Gladiator. Twice the size of Paris's Stade de France and three times the size of the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, new Wembley is conceived on a gigantic scale." We will rock you (as will the loos) - Daily Telegr
  15. Olympic bid rivals London and Paris are also going head to head for the right to host the 2007 Champions League final. The Football Association are bidding to stage the final at the new Wembley stadium at the end of its first full season in operation, but the Stade de France is also being put up by the French federation as a possible venue. Link
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