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  1. I remember a movie (sorry I don´t remember the title) in which two american students live together with a japanese girl in Tokyo during the Tokyo Olympics (they didn´t find an accomodation, because of the Olympics).
  2. I think it should stay in the off-topic until it is finished
  3. I'm not sure what you are asking, can you clarify? ... maybe you remember that we did a GB Eurovision Song Contest last year - but General Off-Topic Threads are not stored - we do a GB Eurovisin Song Contest again this year - and I have asked if it is possible that the thread could be stored this year?
  4. Is it able to file our GamesBids Eurovision Song Contest this year?
  5. Hello GBModerator, is it possible to reach "old thread" again? I think especially on our GB-contest about ESC and the chat-thread during the semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest of last year.
  6. I have the same problem with an PC - the only topic which I can reach with that is the GENERAL OLYMPICS DISCUSSION - topic. Today I had it again - and I send an e-mail with the link of the error-message to my home-PC, but if I click on the link here I got another message:
  7. Since one and a half week I haven´t been able to reach the topics and the threads (except the General Olympic Topics and threads) from every PC anymore. :help: :help: :help:
  8. Do you have influence on which commercial is shown on this web-site?
  9. Is it possible that we can get an own "Eurovision Song Contest" Discussion Forum? - some members were a little bit angry that the Eurovision topics block the Off-Topic Discussion Forum :blush:
  10. Please let me know, when you fly to Berlin - maybe we can meet there, because it is a wonderful place to be - it is so lively. Will do.... Good... :wwww:
  11. Please let me know, when you fly to Berlin - maybe we can meet there, because it is a wonderful place to be - it is so lively.
  12. @Ripley, have you been to Berlin or Munich so far?
  13. That is true - the German pavilion at the EXPO 1967 in Montreal was the "blueprint" for the Olympic Stadium in Munich 1972 - the pavilion was built from Frei Otto and Rolf Gutbrod - the Stadium has been built from Behnisch in cooperation with Otto.
  14. Thanks Ripley, I like the Munich Olympic Stadium very much, too - it fits wonderful with the landscape - and the roof looks so airy. The original model of the Olympic Park:
  15. Dear GBModerator, I kindly ask you for a statement about homophobic posts here on GamesBids.
  16. I suppose the main wind-direction on the Southern Hemisphere is contrarily to the Nothern Hemisphere - therefore Tauranga get the wind directly from the sea? It seems to be an interesting place for surfing and wind-surfing. I think the red lines are roads - I think the road between Christchurch and Wanaka/Queenstown has to be extended.
  17. What is the distance between Christchurch and the mentioned venues in the Southern Lake District resp. Queenstown? Do you live on the North or on the South Island, mattygs?
  18. @mattygs and michael warren, if you were member of the NZ Olympic committee, which city would you prefer to bid and for what games? In my limited "German" view, I would bid with Auckland for the Summer Games and Christchurch for the Winter Games.
  19. I think New Zealand is already capable to host Olympic Games. I´m a little bit sad, because in my opinion the main issue for the IOC is earning money, therefore cities or places are prefered, which promise a huge financial success for the IOC.
  20. I think it would be good, if the polls can be closed after a time-limit.
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