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  1. well Brio is very famous in Germany, too it is really fun to play with it, because it is very easy to change the tracks and change everything - I PLAYED A LOT WITH IT WHEN I WAS YOUNG!! lol - yes of course I remember the name: Miniatur Wunderland This model railway layout is really fantastic - it is so detailed - the people are searching on the layout for special details: e.g. a speed trap (the camera flashes), the suicide at a bridge, sex in a sunflower field or the dead body in the small river - every of a quarter of a hour it becomes night - then there is a fire department in a city and a fire breaks out and you see the fire cars rush to the burning house - in the scandinavian part of it - the sea is with real water and ships are driven through the water without seeing any control. Now they are building an airport with planes departure and také off - and at the same time they are building the Alps over two floors... Here are some photos: the landmark of Hamburg on the layout a detail of a race on the Köhlbrandbrücke (Hamburg) a detail from the US-part in the layout a detail of the sea in the Scandinavian part ... sex in the sunflower field
  2. Dear Mr. Puppy, when you have the first date with someone, which topic should you never ever mention, therewith it doesn't become a disaster?
  3. Sorry - I do not really understand what you mean 1.) do you have to think about it? 2.) are you not able to answer it?
  4. well - sniff - I have to get over this... Dear Mr. Puppy, I'm totally blown away from your intelligence and your good advices!!! How does it come that you are so intelligent?
  5. Since I had heard your voice in the famous "Mr. Duck" video I can't sleep anymore - I have to admit... that I have fallen in love with you... Do I have a chance to marry you, puppy?
  6. Dear Puppy, how do you know that it is Mr. Duck in your video and not Mrs. Duck?
  7. Maybe check with roltel. I watched the parade and nothing would be more popular than wearing nothing. Let me step in then! As puppy said, as a general rule the less the better (except for tattoos and piercings, in which case the more the better). Anyway, by the time you've been dancing the night away with 10,000m other sweaty bodies at the parade after party, any form of clothing tends to get too hot (and from experience, it's difficult to get tight leather briefs off after they have been molded to your body by heavy dance sweat). The various leather and bear parties in the lead up to the main event tend to have dress codes depending on the fetish. There's an old saying about Mardi Gras parties _ the more elaborate the costume, the less likely you are to "score". ... O.K. - then no rubber - do I have to get a "Prince Albert" or is a tit-piercing enough?
  8. Dear Mr. Puppy, I attend the Mardi Gras in Sydney next year. With which clothes do I have more success by the men in Australia with rubber or swimming trunks?
  9. I was declassified from cult to 'annoyance' by the Germans. Here in the German newspapers it was said that the "Puppism" is a company like "Puppy Enterprises", with a head quarters in Bermudas...
  10. Dear Dr. Puppy, sometimes I awake suddenly and my w*llie feels so strange and the sheet is wet - what happened?
  11. Is it possible to get an "ignore button" for members?
  12. ... by the way the thread with the live-chat is blocked - eusebius posted today something, but it isn´t able to be find...
  13. Dear GBMod, during our Final-live-chat - we really got problems with the board - we posted but our messages didn´t appear anymore - then suddenly some posts were double posted - what happened to the board? ... and like bigdave has already said - what will happen on the 6th July (we were just around 14 people in the live-chat)?
  14. Try www.amazon.de I actually bought a copy of it, in two parts, when I was in Germany earlier this year _ it seemed widely available. roltel is right - you can get it immediately: OLYMPIA I - Fest der Völker OLYMPIA II - Fest der Schönheit
  15. I remember a movie (sorry I don´t remember the title) in which two american students live together with a japanese girl in Tokyo during the Tokyo Olympics (they didn´t find an accomodation, because of the Olympics).
  16. I think it should stay in the off-topic until it is finished
  17. I'm not sure what you are asking, can you clarify? ... maybe you remember that we did a GB Eurovision Song Contest last year - but General Off-Topic Threads are not stored - we do a GB Eurovisin Song Contest again this year - and I have asked if it is possible that the thread could be stored this year?
  18. Is it able to file our GamesBids Eurovision Song Contest this year?
  19. Hello GBModerator, is it possible to reach "old thread" again? I think especially on our GB-contest about ESC and the chat-thread during the semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest of last year.
  20. I have the same problem with an PC - the only topic which I can reach with that is the GENERAL OLYMPICS DISCUSSION - topic. Today I had it again - and I send an e-mail with the link of the error-message to my home-PC, but if I click on the link here I got another message:
  21. Since one and a half week I haven´t been able to reach the topics and the threads (except the General Olympic Topics and threads) from every PC anymore. :help: :help: :help:
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