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  1. When the official Chinese Sports TV Channel changed its name into "Olympia Games Channel" the wife of the moderator went onto the stage and held a speech, in which she blames her husband of adultery... China has already taken the video out of the Chinese websites - but it is still available at youtube I hope she isn't detained...
  2. Lol - I think the Chinese Secret Service will have much to do if it arrests all people who don't agree with everything the organisation team does...
  3. Hu Jia, a political activist, has been detained today allegedly due he critised the Beijing Organisation Team
  4. well - depends how you define "THAT old" - I became 18 years old in 1984
  5. My first olympic Games which I really followed were SARAJEVO 1984
  6. mr x you are very well informed - therefore I have to ask, do you have a connection to "Canada Line"?
  7. mr x, would you mind to explain some of the meanings of the used words in this context? what is a "bored tunnel", "elevated", "at grade"?
  8. I have read somewhere that he owned the farm together with his sister or brother - I wonder how he could kill these women without knowledge of these other owners...
  9. Pickton was found guilty for 26 murders by the jury
  10. We Muk Muk Fans have to show our support - please add the userbar to your signature - VANOC wake up!!!!
  11. appears at 2:52I agree with tominger: MUK MUK rules!!!!
  12. I did the quiz twice - and I got "Quatschi" both times!!!
  13. mhh - maybe that is the reason, why I have to wait soooo long to get activated...
  14. I hope I don't have to wait a year, too! My account is still not activated :wacko:
  15. I am really pissed off this page - I just registered and suddenly I haven't been able to reach the forum anymore...
  16. London has changed the design of the Olympic Stadium - did Vancouver the same with some of the designs of the venues for 2010?
  17. Dear Rob, do you think if it is a good thing, that we have an own topic for our "favourites" - I think it would be good that we have a kind of "questionnaire" thread, where the people can fill in e.g. following things: your favourite Olympic Summer Games? your favourite Olympic Winter Games? your favourite Opening Ceremony? your favourite Closing Ceremony? your favourite cauldron? your favourite torch? your favourite Olympic Stadium? It should be allowed to answer the question only - perhaps with a very short explanation (when you want).... Maybe we can discuss in the Premium Membership topic, which question will be part of the questionnaire...
  18. GBMod, would you mind to delete the "advertisiment topis" in the Commonwealth resp. the International Games forum?
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