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  1. When I saw the title of the thread I thought first that this is another "I can't wait until I see"-thread - this time toilets...
  2. Just a question: Let's say they is a boycott of the western nations - does anybody think that this will help Tibet right now in the situation? Would the chinese government stop sending troops to Lhasa? Would the imprisoned people will be freed? Would the violence be stopped?
  3. No boycott by Germany, too: Tagesschau - Bundesregierung lehnt Olympia-Boykott ab (The Federal government disapprove a boycott of the Olympics) Bundesinnenminister Schäuble (Federal secretary of state): "Es dürfe vom Sport nichts gefordert werden, was er nicht leisten könne" ("You can't demand of the sport, what it can't afford") "Der Sport kann seine Wirkung nur entfalten, wenn die Olympischen Spiele stattfinden" ("The sport can unfold its value, if the Olympic Games takes place")
  4. ...my question was mistakable - I meant were the athletes allowed to decide themselves to go or not to go, but you have answered this question already!!!
  5. @ British, Aussie and Kiwi members, was it a decision of every single athlete to participate at the Moscow Games?
  6. In my point of view it was very predictable that something like this will happen - yes the IOC has disgraced itself, because there is a discrepancy between the reality and their own claim (to believe that Olympic Games could change China for good)... Beijing got the Games, since the PR China is the largest new market and the best place to earn money at the moment. But I agree with roltel - a boycott is really just a punishment for the athletes only...
  7. I just wonder if our Chinese members are able to see/read this thread in the PR of China?
  8. How large it the Korean minority in China, xu wen-ting?
  9. lol taichi - that is another "I can't wait until I see the ..."-thread!!!
  10. for god's sake I do not need orapax for the opening ceremony
  11. If you have this point of view why should the Olympics be held in Beijing? Since Beijing 2008 is pure propaganda for the Chinese Communist Party
  12. In my point of view I do not regard Youth Olympic Games as desirable, but I think Singapore will get them...
  13. I think the IOC will become slowly aware that the modern technique of prothesis are compensating the impedements of former days - it is quite possible that the paralympics will be taken up into the Olympic Games one day...
  14. It was said that these prothesises are among others against the rule not to use springs...
  15. The amputated sprinter from South Africa is not allowed to participate at the Olympic Games in Bejing, due his leg prothesises give him a too huge advantage!!! Oscar Pistorius has already said that he will go to court (CAS) due this decision of the IAAF!
  16. ... yeah - taht is quite possible - it is already fixed - when you sent me the PM some minutes ago I got a pop-up that I have "0 New Messages"
  17. Guess what I tried first - it didn't work If it had worked I wouldn't have post here on this thread....
  18. It is strange I do not have "1 New Messages" but "-1 New Messages" - when I go into my mailbox - I do not have any messages in my Inbox...
  19. ... by the way there is a link on the right side: under ZDF mediathek "Video-Fahren Sie mit durch Kanada" there you can watch a glimpse of the TV-special
  20. ... the Second German TV is just showing a special about a train trip from Toronto to Vancouver - very interesting - and great pictures of a wonderful country: Toronto - Vancouver, one way, please!
  21. well - I think such incident is a little bit "awkward" (don't know if this word really fits in english) but I think it is human - I believe it becomes "dangerous", when somebody wants to be too perfect: perfect show, perfect venues, ...., everything has to be perfect - therefore incidents like this has to be hush down or even worse people are arrested in advance!! In a democracy the people have the possibility to get their right, but how is it in a dictatorship?
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