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  1. It was said that these prothesises are among others against the rule not to use springs...
  2. The amputated sprinter from South Africa is not allowed to participate at the Olympic Games in Bejing, due his leg prothesises give him a too huge advantage!!! Oscar Pistorius has already said that he will go to court (CAS) due this decision of the IAAF!
  3. ... yeah - taht is quite possible - it is already fixed - when you sent me the PM some minutes ago I got a pop-up that I have "0 New Messages"
  4. Guess what I tried first - it didn't work If it had worked I wouldn't have post here on this thread....
  5. It is strange I do not have "1 New Messages" but "-1 New Messages" - when I go into my mailbox - I do not have any messages in my Inbox...
  6. ... by the way there is a link on the right side: under ZDF mediathek "Video-Fahren Sie mit durch Kanada" there you can watch a glimpse of the TV-special
  7. ... the Second German TV is just showing a special about a train trip from Toronto to Vancouver - very interesting - and great pictures of a wonderful country: Toronto - Vancouver, one way, please!
  8. well - I think such incident is a little bit "awkward" (don't know if this word really fits in english) but I think it is human - I believe it becomes "dangerous", when somebody wants to be too perfect: perfect show, perfect venues, ...., everything has to be perfect - therefore incidents like this has to be hush down or even worse people are arrested in advance!! In a democracy the people have the possibility to get their right, but how is it in a dictatorship?
  9. When the official Chinese Sports TV Channel changed its name into "Olympia Games Channel" the wife of the moderator went onto the stage and held a speech, in which she blames her husband of adultery... China has already taken the video out of the Chinese websites - but it is still available at youtube I hope she isn't detained...
  10. Lol - I think the Chinese Secret Service will have much to do if it arrests all people who don't agree with everything the organisation team does...
  11. Hu Jia, a political activist, has been detained today allegedly due he critised the Beijing Organisation Team
  12. well - depends how you define "THAT old" - I became 18 years old in 1984
  13. My first olympic Games which I really followed were SARAJEVO 1984
  14. mr x you are very well informed - therefore I have to ask, do you have a connection to "Canada Line"?
  15. mr x, would you mind to explain some of the meanings of the used words in this context? what is a "bored tunnel", "elevated", "at grade"?
  16. I have read somewhere that he owned the farm together with his sister or brother - I wonder how he could kill these women without knowledge of these other owners...
  17. Pickton was found guilty for 26 murders by the jury
  18. We Muk Muk Fans have to show our support - please add the userbar to your signature - VANOC wake up!!!!
  19. appears at 2:52I agree with tominger: MUK MUK rules!!!!
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