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  1. The renders certainly look great, but I don't see how the transport and security will work with that setup. Will they use water taxis to move fans to the stadium?

    That is possible - there are two musical theatre on the southern banks of the river Elbe and the vast majority of the audience is using water taxis...

  2. I am not so sure if there are clear favourites - yes there are many talking about Paris or Los Angeles, but that means nothing for the IOC

    The IOC will pick the city, which is best in their point of view - we are talking here about the number of hotel rooms, airports. etc etc - that are maybe reasons for the decisions of some IOC members to vote for a city or not - this bid process is the first time which is under the agenda 2020 and we don't know what that means in all occurrence.

    It will become very interesting how the IOC will handle this bid process - I think it will become exciting since the IOC didn't adopted this agenda just for fun...

  3. Hamburg is a legitimate contender, but I don't think they are a favorite over either Paris or Los Angeles.

    Paris and Los Angeles are each twice as large as Hamburg. They have many more hotels, a larger local labor force, etc.

    They will need to build a LOT of sporting venues. Basically a Munich style Olympic Park. If Germany was not dealing a Eurozone economic crisis and refugees streaming into Europe from North Africa and the Middle East I am sure that would be fine. Right now I am not sure that Germans are willing to spend billions of Euros on stadiums and aquatics centers.

    The airport is small and has only a single parallel runway. Paris has a secondary airport twice the size of Hamburg's primary airport. They have a tiny relief airport, but overall Hamburg is not logistically ideal.

    The government supports the Hamburg bid and I am very sure, that we will have a positive referendum for the Olympics in November - we citizens of Hamburg do want the Games in our city...

    The proposed Olympic Park/City right in the centre of the city is amazing - and we want to put the Olympics on another level = yes it is expensive, but we are able to make Games with a huge legacy as well as to offer superb conditions for the athletes...

    The airport of Hamburg has no parallel runways -there is a northwest/southeast and a northeast/southwest runways

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  4. A few good posts there. I don't think most who are knowledgeable about LA's games arent aware that they were awarded the games by default as they were the only bid remaining. But there is another part to that story that I think deserves mention. Something happened both times which is similar to what is happening now. The games They had become less popular by host cities because costs had grown out of control. And in both instances LA produced a profit and a model for which future Olymoics would follow.

    that is not quite right - Los Angeles was not the only bid for "1932", since the IOC awarded the Games of 1924, 1928 and 1932 all at the same time...

    Amsterdam and Los Angeles were the favourites for 1924, but Coubertin wanted that Paris hosts its second Games - there were a huge argument in the IOC and as a compromise it was decided that Paris gets 1924 and Amsterdam or Los Angeles 1928 - the "runner up" of 1928 became finally 1932...

    You are right with the Games of 1984, but I can't see the similarity to the today's bid competition, since there are five very capable cities biding...

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  5. It sounds strange, but there will be negotiations next week between Hamburg and Czechia, due WWI and the 2024 bid.

    In the peace treaty of Versailles it is fixed that Germany has to give Czechia open access to the sea and has to loan harbour faciliites until 2028...

    Germany and Czechoslovakia agreed on a part of the Hamburg harbour in 1929 - the planned Olympic Park would restrain the accessibility of the Czech part of the harbour. Czechia hasn't used it for years anymore, but is interested to resurrect it.

    Therefore Hamburg offered Czechia another part of the harbour and Czechia is very interested to loan the new part from 2028 for another 50 years...

    In the treaty of Versailles it is mentioned that United Kingdom has to be involved in 'territorial' questions until 2028...

  6. I'm sure Baron was joking, & I don't think it's a matter of 'underestimating' Hamburg. We're aware of all of their possible strengths. But even as you admittedly say yourself, that sure is A LOT of other 'front-runners' for them to be able to pull off a "surprise". Other than Budapest & perhaps Rome (& that's mainly due to financial & some logistal concerns), Hamburg has quite a struggle in front of them.

    ... well, I wouldn't rule out a surprise ...

  7. Well, it's better than Leipzig or Rothenburg.

    I think you underestimate Hamburg...

    The citizens of Hamburg and the Germans are aware that Paris, Rome or Los Angeles are the front-runners, but Hamburg will do its best to surprise and the citizens want the Games.

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  8. mhhh - I think I should have done the poll differently:

    1st Question: which city should step in?

    Los Angeles
    San Francisco

    Washington D.C.

    USA shouldn't stay in the 2024 bid competition

    2nd Question: should the USA bid for 2028?



    3rd Question: which city do you want to see as US-bid in 2028?





    Los Angeles


    New York

    Saint Louis

    San Francisco


    Washington D.C.

    another one (please specify)
    USA shall not bid for 2028
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  9. The USOC is 'talking' to the other three finalists that were also involved before the Boston pick, & they are Los Angeles, San Fran & DC, with L.A. being the most likely one to get pick if the USOC doesn't want another Boston debacle. So all the other cities you listed here are not an option.

    I know that the other cities didn't bid, but I want to get an overview of the opinion, which city should bid in the point of view of the voters...

    You are saying that L.A. would be the most likely one if USOC doesn't want another Boston debacle - I don't see think so, L.A. might not leave the competition, but is it really the only city of the USA, which can host Olympic Games...

    I added the other cities in the poll to see if they are other ones, who want to see something fresh from the USA

  10. Santa Teresa Tram is back to activities...

    About 1,7km of 10,5km were reopened to the population.

    The goal is to get more than half of the line reopened before the Olympic Games.

    The new tram looks like the old vintage one, but uses the technologies that are common in LRT trams.

    The new tram:


    Isso é uma grande mensagem.

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