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  1. Just for information - at the first torch relay in 1936 were several attempts to extinguish the flame, too - in Greece, where 30 people were arrested, in Yugoslavia, in Prague the flame was extinguish and even in Austria, where the Nazis organised itself, due to demonstrate for a fast accession to the Third Reich The Olympic Games/torch relay was right from the start a political issue and we all know that we have had fantastic Olympic Games after these incidents - therefore the Olympic Games will survive... Extinguish the Flame (in German)
  2. On thursday will be a discussion in the executive of the IOC about a declaration of "mature athletes", in which it is said that the athletes are allowed to express their opinions in press conferences during the Games, but not to wear banners or something else in the sport venues... I hope this will be accepted by the IOC otherwise my prospect for the Beijing Olympics will look bleak... tagesschau
  3. hektor, what do you think will happen when suddenly visitors from western nations will start to protest in the Olympic Stadium during the Games - of course they won't be pictures on TV since the Chinese TV will produce the images, but do you think that the Chinese Secret Service will be able to control all photo cameras without knowledge of the world?
  4. sorry - my post is mistakable - I meant on the website of the British NOC...
  5. I don't think so, Jeremie the IOC is dependent on stable industrialised democracies! Otherwise the IOC would have to withdraw London the Games in 2012, too after the fire drencher attack yesterday
  6. It is strange the whole world is discussing the Olympic Games in Beijing and the official IOC-website doesn't even mention the incidents in Olympia, Istanbul, London or Paris - I am very dissapointed that the IOC has not the guts to explain their point of view on its own website... The same is valid for the website of the German NOC - there is the women sport week the cover story! LOL ... and the British NOC doesn't speak about the incidents in London, too Mekky - what is with the French NOC - I think they mention the incidents in Paris, but I don't understand french I think it is an evidence of incapacity that even Olympic Committees of democracies are not able to handle such difficult situation or handle critic...
  7. Hi Mekky, very glad to see you again!!! LIBERTÉ - ÉGALITÉ - FRATERNITÉ
  8. Following commentary was published in the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung today - the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" informs about teh Olympic Games normally in a very factually way: Olympic Fight (in the orginal German article: "Olympischer Krampf" (Olympic Cramp) which is a pun on "Olympischer Kampf" (Olympic Fight), which doesn't work in english) The chinese proganda nearly succeeded to convince the world with the might of images that the Tibet riots were made by violent harassers, who hided themselves behind engrossed monks. Now there are new pics - not from China, where the insurrection apperantely seems to go on (of course without images), but from countries, which Olympic Committees made themselves involuntary to hanger-ons of a fun society leaded by communists. The fight about the Olympic torch in London and Paris are a perfect reflection of the cramp, which griped the Olympic Spirit. Even Jacques Rogge, from whose reservation wasn't sure, if it was mockery of Tibet or if it was Olympic naivety, can't deny anymore that sport and politics belong together, when states uses "his" Olympic Games to stage peace. The opponents of this spectacle made torch extinguishment to a new sport. It is the only sport so far, in which exists "mature athletes". FAZ - Olympischer Krampf
  9. since nobody has posted some photos from Paris so far:
  10. CNN - Olympic torch extinguished during Paris leg BBC - Olympic protests spread to Paris
  11. Da Du ja aus Deutschland kommst, gehe ich mal davon aus, dass Du Deutsch verstehst: Fühlst Du Dich denn, als Deutscher/als Deutsche, vom Dalai Lama gelenkt?
  12. Exactly! It is very interesting that the Chinese Regime wants to see the incidents in London as sabotage of Tibetan separatists - I wonder if the majority of the protesters in London were British?
  13. ... maybe they can do the "journey of harmony" in the different cities inside stadiums, which are filled by authorised audience?
  14. Ohh - yeah - I hope the Chinese Secret Service will send some huge bodybuilders as bodyguards to San Francisco or Paris - I would love to see some muscles - especially in sportswear!!!
  15. I wonder how did you find these picture on this website without speaking chinese, maryjane?
  16. you are right, baron - but you can be sure that he is a kind of "herald" what will come...
  17. Well, the German NOC has already said that the athletes can express their opinions on the press conferences, but it seems that the European NOCs want that the IOC take a stand - and that is for me the interesting thing in this news - since it shows that the sport bodies are getting more and more in trouble and showing "disrepancies" between each others...
  18. There is a huge discussion about this video everywhere - allegedly it was posted by someone in Canada, but it is suspected that the Chinese Propaganda Ministerium is behind this video... I am not astonished that you posted the link here, maryjane
  19. Manfred von Richthofen, the honory president of the German NOC, demands from the IOC clear words to China about the human rights and he criticises his own committee that it ruled out a boycott... Richthofen fordert klare Worte des IOC zu China
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