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  1. I ask myself what are the best answers of the general questions of our time...

    We all are facing in my point of view two major revolutions at the moment, which depend/interact on/with each other: globalisation and a world-wide technical one...

    Globalisation is everywhere and we recognise that our neighbourhood/region/country isn't as before - labour, which doesn't rely on your neighbourhood/region/country directly, like groceries, services, cultural institutions...., can be done everywhere in the world, due the technical development makes it more and more possible. Our earth became a "village" - and we all face the consequences - the good and the bad...

    At the same time we had major political changes in Europe, which we all welcomed and made our continent different - we shouldn't think in patterns like "East-" and "West-Europe" anymore, but we see a lot more of immigration of the former "East-Europe" to "West-Europe"than the other way round. The article is about how we people from "former West-Europe" esteem people from "former East-Europe" and Suzana shows us, that we still differ between two Europes. When "West Europe" is really interested in "democracy" and "liberty" we have to find a way to "cope" with this immigration, since Putin will do everything to unstable Europe and get Russia's influence sphere back. When I read the last sentence it seems that this immigration is just a burden, but thats not - it is funny when you talk in general you esteem it as a burden, but when you talk with one person from e.g. Poland - you start to differ, like: yeah, there is a lot of immigration and there are so many people, who abuse our social system, but you are different... Is that right? This Polish person might feel very offended or humiliated, since they are proud in their country and countrymen like us...

    At the same time we have huge political changes/wars in the Middle East and Africa going on, which make people try to escape - do we have a responsibility for them respectively for the changes/wars? Yes, since our deeds had and have impacts on the Middle East and Africa and we committed ourselves when we all the convention relating to the status of refugees (all European states did that)...

    So how can we handle best the challenges of today:

    - immigration

    - refugees

    - "Putin's threat"

    - globalisation

    - social injustice?

    I am sure that we don't find answers in the past (where the sun was always shining, the lawn was green, you got an appointment at the GP right away, you didn't have to stand that people are talking in a foreign language in the bus, the technical development has to be ignored therefore labour stays where it is...)

    We all tend to keep in the comfort zone, but the world around us is changing permanently and even faster than before

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  2. ^^ A hilarious penalty shootout.

    Some bloody awful pens. Great entertainment though, as a neutral :lol:

    ... and when you imagine that Jonas Hector (the guy, who scored the winning penalty) played his first 1st Bundesliga match in 2014 and became in the same year player in the Mannschaft also - he had never shot a penalty in a professional match before...

  3. Germany has never won versus Italy at an European Championships and World Championships so far - but Germany just won in a penalty shoot out...

    EURO 2016 - Quarter Finals - 6:5 (after penalty shoot out) - 1:1 (after extension)

    WC 1962 - Group Stage - 0:0
    WC 1970 - Semi Final - 3:4 (after extension)
    WC 1978 - Group Stage - 0:0
    WC 1982 - Final - 1:4
    EURO 1988 - Group Stage - 1:1
    EURO 1996 - Group Stage - 0:0
    WC 2006 - Semi Final - 0:2 (after extension)
    EURO 2012 - Semi Final - 1:2

  4. I talked this week with a colleague of mine, who is British, but lives in Germany for many years - he has no residence in the UK and therewith he was not allowed to register for the referendum.

    He was really annoyed that he was not able to cast his vote, but is directly affected by a Brexit, due he is British citizen - he told me that 2 Mio British citizens in the EU were concerned by this "not-allowed-to-vote" situation...

    Since the referendum he is in an emotional emergency mode.

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  5. Here's more of what Johnson has written in his Telegraph column. It reads to me like an extension of the theme CAF referred to, but also leaves one wondering exactly what the last four months have all been for.


    I think it is the same wish-wash what he has already maudered on Friday, but just two words of wish wash more...

    He tries to calm down the people and distract them of that he has no clue of all...

    On the other hand I wonder why he isn't invoking article 50 - he drivel during his leave campaign to get a Brexit vote - why does he wait? I think he recognised that he is doomed to fail = UK will stand with less in its hand after Brexit than before...

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  6. Breaking news line from the BBC tonight - "Boris Johnson says UK will continue to "intensify" cooperation with EU following referendum result."

    I guess this is in his Telegraph column tomorrow, but that seems to fly in the face of what he has spent the last four months campaigning for as well.

    ... isn't that exactly what he maundered in his first statement on friday morning? That sounds very old news to me ...

  7. The Brexiters just opened the box much wider, but it had already been opened a little by the situation in Greece, by the feeble aftermath of the Scottish independence referendum, by the situation in Ukraine ...

    Politicians are going to have to deal with the reality that they can have a growing gap between "haves" and "have nots" OR harmony between ethnic groups in areas of high migration. Not both.

    It is not only the problem in areas of high migration - it is a problem of the "globalization" - "foreigners" don't need to live next to your house/flat anymore, there is the same effect, when they live thousands miles away...

    Due the internet/technial/communicational revolution we all are in a global competition - China think about Europe, but not about Germany, Italy or the UK - when you want to have a chance you have to work together vs our global competitors outside Europe...

    I do understand the fears of the people - I am afraid myself, but we can't change it - we can't turn back time... I don#t want to miss my MacPro either...

  8. You may think that, but some on the Leave side, as the below video shows, would argue that point. This is just one of the areas where the Leave campaign's promises have fallen apart.


    First of all I would like to thank you that you are talking about this issue with me - and I am very grateful!

    It helps me to understand what happened and what is going on now...

    I think it is good when the "European Side" is explained to the UK people also:

    Did you see the press conference with Mrs Merkel and Mr. Seehofer?

    She said something like: "Let the British government tell us what it wants and then we 27 states will decide if we can agree on that or not" - which could be perfect, when the UK wants exactly what the EU wants, but when there is something in it, what one single state of the EU doesn't want is the UK out - since that are the contracts of the EU

    If e.g. Poland or Spain says "No" - the UK is out of the common market - when one Spanish politician gets the idea to say: if you want to have access to the common market than we want that Spain and the UK rule together over Gibraltar - and nobody can force them not to say "No"... At the moment it can't work like this, since the UK is a complete member of the EU, when they start "Article 50" it is over...

    I have the impression that this Tory politician has no clue how the EU works - and that he will find the UK very soon in a situation he didn't want.

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  9. I understand where you're coming from, but, as anyone who has been through a break-up will know, emotional decisions are rarely good ones. It is not in anyone's interests to make this Brexit process any more painful than it is likely to be, if indeed it happens at all (and I'll come back to that point). As things stand, Britain is still a very important market for many EU traders in many sectors and, just as it is important that British interests are not unnecessarily damaged by what is to come, it is also important that the interests of those EU companies who still wish to do business in this country are not unnecessarily damaged too. So, for me, it is a time for cool heads on both sides in order to find the best possible solution for all.

    You are totally right, but everything is just a joke - the UK would never be allowed to take part in an European common market without "free choice of residence" and without paying a fee therefore it is allowed to take part - wasn't that exactly the point the leave-side didn't want anymore?

  10. The possibility of indefinite postponement ignores the root problem, also seen in other EU countries, the USA etc. The current political system is not catering effectively for the "traditional working class" and at every possible opportunity, huge numbers of voters are telling the smooth political professionals that they don't want "politics as usual". Unfortunately, what they do want is "tribalism as was usual centuries ago"- what Trump is offering, what Putin is already delivering, and what the EU by its very nature is desperate to avoid.

    It's going to get ugly.

    It has already started - did you read what is going on in the UK? It is like Germany 1938 before the Reichskristallnacht - people are 'attacked' by white British racists.

    Polish families are threatened or a waitress from an Eastern EU-state is asked: "why she is laughing - she should pack as fast as possible"?

    That is just awful and these Brexit-morons opened the box of pandora and I wonder how the Tory party will handle that - it is a disaster and I wouldn't be astonished when we see more casualties than Cox soon...

  11. I absolutely agree with the idea that the invoking of Article 50 should not happen straightaway. Given the turmoil that is currently engulfing British politics, with both the governing and main opposition parties in varying degrees of disarray, I believe it would be sensible to allow the dust from Thursday to settle and appropriate domestic political actions to take place. I would also argue that the demands from certain European officials for a swift move to invoke Article 50 risk them being seen as trying to bully us; something which is only going to make an already difficult situation even more tense.

    So what needs to happen in Britain? First and foremost, we need a new Prime Minister. But whoever is elected to that post by Conservative Party members, I believe the unprecedented circumstances we now find ourselves in as a country requires that he or she must call an early general election, probably this autumn. Given that the views of the vast majority of our current MPs are at odds with the referendum result, there is a very real danger of a further erosion of public trust in politics if, as one or two MPs have suggested, they should seek to take action contrary to the referendum result. There is also the risk, as Gordon Brown will no doubt testify to, of being seen to lack political legitimacy without the backing of the electorate. Only after those things have happened do I think the question of invoking Article 50 should even arise.

    I hope you are right, but you should think about the situation of Europe, also - it is like that you heard your partner telling a third person that he/she wants to leave him/her, but she/he doesn't say anything directly to him/her...

    You (Europe) knows all the lies the partner (UK-government, UK-press) told about yourself - you are very sensitive and you suspect everything bad of this partner now...

    Especially when the proposed new prime minister is one, who told so many lies - what would you propose as an UK-citizen?

  12. HELP - I have a question for our Brazilian members...

    I checked the travel times from my accommodation to e.g. Maracanã

    One result is to use the two Metro lines or one Metro line - both routes take 60 minutes...


    Another result is to take busses - with 40 minutes


    Would you recommend foreigners, who don't speak Portuguese to take the metro during the Games or can "we" use city buses also? What are the predictions that the street traffic breaks down and that the travel times during the Games would be much longer?

  13. The most interesting thing for me is - how the political system of the UK is broke down since Thursday.

    And I nearly pissed my pants laughing, when I heard that this guy, who started this petition about a 2nd referendum is a LEAVE voter, who is shocked now that his petition is highjacked...

    For me this just shows that such complex question is not good for a referendum, since there are so many totally different/contradictory reasons, which made the people vote yes or no...

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  14. I have read a lot of the coverage and thought a lot about this and it just comes back to the same thing. This is as had as Chamberline appeasing Hitler, as Churchill not standing up to Roosevelt to not appease Stalin. This will go down as one of the worst decisions made by a British Prime Minister. This needlessly puts the global economy in turmoil, ruptures an unified Western Europe against Russian aggression, will create years of uncertainly for absolutely nothing.

    Britain is still going to have to pay Brussels for access to the common market

    Britain is still going to have to abide by EU regulations to trade with the common market

    Britain is still going to be a top destination for all those brown people Farage dog whistled about

    It just astounds me that people are so hateful of new arrivals. What does it matter that the new tea store is run by a Pakistani, or the new restaurant in town is Vietnamese. They create jobs, create business and pay taxes. And is your typical Brit going to go pick the fields for 7 pounds an hour? Canadians don't do it for 11+ an hour? How is that going to work when you need cheap eastern labour to maintain your agriculture. We import Jamaicans and Mexicans every summer to pick our fields.

    It is so hateful, since the national governments (in this case the UK government) didn't protect the people, but let the market do everything - e.g. the UK government supported landlords to refurbish the houses and expel their old tenants (mainly british) over the price and the people from Poland rented these flats...

    And at the same time the UK government - that is not the British government only, but every national government loves to blame Brussels for everything and use it as scapegoat - without saying that every rule which "Brussels" take is agreed by the national governments beforehand.

    Then the rules, which were taken in Brussels, are not seen by the people in the different countries - the UK people, who lives in Essex love their clear water - but who did it? The European Union since they decided the beach clean rules!

    Blackpool used the money of the EU to renew its tower - but votes "Leave", since they think they lost their sovereignty, due the "Ode of Joy" from Beethoven is the EU anthem...

    Mostly the people with lower wages voted leave - I really wonder from where they got the idea that this will improve with a government run by the rightest of the right wing Tory party? They got their money from the EU-rules, which protect social weak persons more this UK-government...

    And to make things worse the Farages, Le Pens, Wilders, Höfers, five star movement and our Nazi slut are pretending that they are the voice of the simple man on the street and working together to destroy our Europe (EU) but Wilders' says to his own people: we don't want to finance the Italian slackers. The Five star movement wants to stop the power of Germany - and these "LEAVE" voters in UK play into their hand...


    One positive thing is that we are talking about such things now - I would have never used this wording before, since I was to nice to people, who are totally wrong in their point of view or trusted lieers like this blonde oxford debate boy (who does everything for his own good) and this scumbag Farage...

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  15. Maybe this article can explain the best reason to "LEAVE" situation..

    #EUref: The Sovereignty Argument for #Brexit

    are you serious you voted "leave" due "Ode of Joy" is the anthem of the EU?

    That is a joke - there is no change of the british anthem "God Save The Queen"...

    ... I am glad that there are more intelligent people in the UK, which didn't talk such nonsense...

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