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    11 hours ago, Sir Rols said:

    I've been wondering - can you get any TV coverage at "home base" that isn't in Portuguese? It was one of those things I worried about when I wondered if I would make it to Rio or not.


    9 hours ago, thatsnotmypuppy said:

    I'm guessing there must be an English option.  Beijing had CCTV9 which was in English (though horrible).  Or maybe his flat has cable?

    I have cable TV here in the apartment - but all Olympic TV Channels are in the national language (like it was in London, the bad thing I don't understand Portuguese)...

    But I can watch several American TV-Channels here in cable TV - which makes me a little bit feeling home (due I understand English)

  2. I had a ticket for Eventing Cross Country today in the morning - and on the way to Deodoro my camera was stolen. It was an old one, so it isn't too bad, but I fell "strange" when I think about that somebody can look through my private photos. I am just glad that I downloaded all photos in the morning today also.

    I don't want to start a discussion now: "how dangerous Rio de Janeiro is" - such bag picking can happen anywhere and i still have that lovely Brazilian woman in my mind who gave me my glasses back..

    The event itself was great - but I had to learn that I was to ambitious with my "ticket list" - it is just too much... So I will skip some events, due I need some rest. I have Basketball tickets for tonight, but i can't stay awake until 11.00 today - I feel too tired...




    By the way the landscape of Rio is very unique - there are really hills in between - this is between the clusters Deodoro and Barra - I took the BRT to get to my evening event, but when i reached Olympic Park I was so tired, that I decided to go home...


    I am sitting now on the couch with a cold "Guarana Antartica" in my hand and watching Gymnastics (for with I didn't get tickets)

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  3. After this marvelous Opening Ceremony I was very happy that I had tickets for Artistic Gymnastics of the first day of the Olympic Park in Barra, but I had to learn that there were a lot of start-up problems...

    The trip from Ipanema to Barra worked very smoothly with the new metro line 4 and the BRT from Jardin Oceanico to the Olympic Park, but the security check was a mess when I arrived around 9:30 at the Park - the queue took nearly two km - then suddenly the queue was gone and everybody was running to the security check area - I lost my glasses, but a lovely brazilian lady saw how I lost my glasses and she ran after me and gave them back to me - thank god!

    Well, then I went to the entrance of the Olympic Arena - another queue for one km. They had only one line for all "normal" people - one line for handicapped people and one line for all FILA officials... 

    I finally got to my seat around 11:30 - and I could watch a little bit of the Qualification of the Men Gymnastic competition - I was hungry and wanted to get something to eat - I was happy that the queue wasn't very long (just 20 m), but I was told by a volunteer that they have to close, due the session will be over very soon. I "exploded" - the poor fella! 

    Well, out of the venue I wanted to find something to eat - there is only one food plaza in the Olympic Park - and you can't go to the counters directly (where is written Food or Beverages), but you have to queue at a cashier first and get a voucher - I queued again and waited a half hour and when i was at the counter I was told that they just sell vouchers for beverages right now and that on the other side of the plaza food vouchers are sold now - I went over to the other side to see long queues everywhere...

    I gave up and thought I will eat something in the venue (there the queues were not as long as outside) - i went back to the arena to find a queue for the re-entry of 2 km...

    I was totally frustrated and said: No to myself and left the Olympic Park to get something to eat and a cold beer out of my fridge in my apartment and watched the two following session of gymnastic at home...

    In the meantime I talked with a friend of mine, who is very experienced in Olympic Games - he said that this food/drink mess is comparable to "Beijing" and the problem with no shadow in the Olympic Park was the same in Athens.

    We had 31°C yesterday and in the Park is no real shadow - there are some plants, but mostly you are walking over concrete or stone plates...

    After a good night and some cool beverages yesterday I am feeling better today - yesterday I was really pissed off by the organization - they have to improve the procedures very fast - the empty seats in the venues don't surprise me at all - the people are standing outside in queues and are not able to enter or left frustrated the whole park...



  4. I just can say that the ceremony was amazing - it was neither European, North-American, Oceanic or Asian - it was just "BRASIL"

    It is a totally different thing to watch a ceremony on TV or to be there - everything worksd out fine and what was cool was that the crowd started to dance and sing...

    For me it is one of the best ever ceremonies - on the same level as e.g. Sydney or Barcelona!

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  5. 8 hours ago, reindeer said:

    I'm sure the contrast to London is huge and should you go to Tokyo in four year's time the difference will be even bigger, no wonder considering that the three cities couldn't be much further from each other and in case of Tokyo and Rio they are literally on the opposite sides of the globe.

    I decided to go to Rio, since it has a completely different cultural background - I am still a little bit scared to be in a country for another 25 days without speaking the national language, but it works - the city is so vibrant, the people are so kind - they are very proud to welcome the world here - and I think we have to pay them back with their joy and their dedication to their city...

    It might be not everything finished, but that is a minor issue - we should accept that there are different ways to live our lives and it works! 

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  6. 1 minute ago, Sir Rols said:

    Good to see your sightseeing CAF - I suppose you're getting the "must sees" out of the way before the sports start.


    Still looks like there's no sun yet - what's the forecast for the week ahead?


    Anyway, I guess you better get ready for the GBids meet-up tonight. Have a drink on me!

    On the first day it was really hot and humid - yesterday and today it was very cloudy in the morning hours, but it got more sunny later... 

    Yeah - exactly, it is hard to find time to do sightseeing "between" the sport events - tomorrow I will do a little bit sightseeing in the city center - but not really much - it will become a long day...

    I will - I am lucky the pub is not 10 minutes away - at the moment I don't want to get up from the sofa - my feet hurt like hell...

  7. It was quite cloudy when I awoke today and I decided that I want to do one of the main sights of Rio de Janeiro before the Olympics start - so I took the metro to "Largo do Marchando" and bought a ticket for Corcovado - I decided not to take the train up the hill but a van of the Parque Tijuca society...

    No queues at all and it was a thrill to sit in the van, when it climbed the hill in breathtaking curves - Cristo Rendentor is really an international sight... I wonder how they got all the material up that hill...

    I was lucky that it wasn't too full - you can walk around - I can imagine that you would have problems when it is sunny - the platform will be packed with people

    Amazing view onto the city and its wonderful landscape - the statue has something sublime!





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  8. After my morning walk at Ipanema Beach I went to Leblon Shopping and found finally after three attempts my "Schuco-Adaptor" in a shop there...

    YEAH, I can use my Macbook again - it was a mess to do everything with my iPhone!

    I took a tram ride today - there is a tram line climbing up the hill in Santa Teresa (maybe you remember the scene with the streetcar in the animation movie "Rio" - that is the tram which i took today...

    It was really a nice experience - it is short, but it is for free - I had a lot of fun! On the hill are some little restaurants and souvenir shops (I have to admit that it was very touristic there, but the tram ride was amazing!!!







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