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  1. On the website of the German ATR it is said that the high speed trains needs appr. 100 minutes for Seoul to Jinbu (Station in the Mountain Cluster) and appr. 120 minutes for Seoul to Gangneung (coastal cluster).

    I can imagine that you will need appr. 3 hours from hotel (Seoul) to the venue in the Mountain Cluster and appr. 3 1/2 hours to the venue in the Coastal Cluster (the venues are not right at the train station like the hotel in Seoul) - but there is nothing said about how often the high speed train will run and when the train traffic starts in the morning resp. ends in the night...

    That means the people will have to travel 6 hours to/back venue/hotel on their "ticket days", when they stay in Seoul...

  2. You forget "Budapest (with Orban)" - if you take the political situation as criteria in all three countries you would have a decision between the plague, pox and cholera...

    I would still vote for London, but I wouldn't travel to it, due I wouldn't feel welcomed there... 

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  3. 19 minutes ago, reindeer said:

    I don't know what he has said about Tokyo before but I'd be curious to know if CAF is planning on going there in 2020. Like I said earlier, there can't be bigger contrast than between London-Rio-Tokyo.

    I said before "Rio" that I won't go to another Olympic Games, since it is really expensive - if I go to Tokyo 2020 I would go two weeks to Japan - travel around and finally go to Tokyo to watch the Opening Ceremony and return the next day to Germany...

  4. I discovered "um mundo novo"...

    Yes, Rio 2016 was different than London 2012, but that was exactly what I have expected. I don 't want to miss either of these two Olympic experiences.

    I underestimated the distances between the clusters as well as from my accommodation to the clusters - the transportation wasn't as bad as I read often. Brasil is not the "undeveloped country" in concern of "public transportation". The BRT-system is really good and ran smoothly. The Linha 4 worked very good as well, but I don't want to think about what would have been if it hadn't been finished for the Games.

    That leads me to some points, which I think were not ideal - I think that the organisers had to focus to finish the venues in time, that there was no time to "finish/implement" other things - for example:

    - the signages: from the nearest railway station/BRT-station to the venue, how you are able to get from one cluster to the other cluster and where to queue to get into the venue/Olympic Park. (But the signage improved a lot over the time of the games)

    - the Olympic Park itself had flaws out of the view of an European: there were not enough shade to stand the heat, no areas, where you could rest, to few benches to sit, no entertainment (e.g. why didn't show street artists their art in the park).

    Another thing what I would have done differently was the "food/beverage voucher- system" - you had to queue twice to get something to drink or to eat. The first time at a cashier to get a voucher for the beverage/food and the next time for the beverage/food itself. When you bought a plastic bottle of beverage the cap of the bottle was not given to you (to prevent trowing of the bottle (although I wonder why they allowed to bring empty plastic bottles with you (with a cap) - you can throw empty bottles, which you filled before also).

    The booing! Brazilians are used to boo, when they want to support their own athlete or when they feel that one team/one athlete is predominant - the weaker get the support. That is the Brazilian Way, but I think the Brazilians should have been informed by the own NOC or organization team that these behavior can be seen as very rude by other countries, which are not used to this habit - or that in some sports/situation booing is not o.k. at all (like in diving, athletics or at a victory ceremony). I believe that the Brazilians didn't do a favour themselves with this habit.

    The Opening Ceremony was fantastic - I really enjoyed to be there... The show segments had style - the parade of nations were a bit too long (I loved the little country name signs bicycle (I remember there was one county, which didn't had such bicycle name sign (I think it was one of the Arab Gulf States, but I don't remember which one))).

    I read somewhere that "The brazilian way is not the Olympic Way" - that is very offensive and I can't signed that, since the Olympic Games are not Games restricted on North America, Europe, Oceania and East-Asia - we should learn that Olympic Games are not always hosted like we would do it.

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  5. Well, discussing about if the IOC should have awarded the Games of 2016 to another city is nonsense - it didn't do it for reasons.

    It wanted to reach new boundaries and it is reaching new boundaries - I as a visitor encounter something new also.

    I had never been to South America or Brazil before and I didn't expected that I will have the same what I have in normal life in Germany - traveling is about to encounter something new always - otherwise you can stay home...

    To compare "Rio 2016" with "London 2012" or another Olympic Games is like comparing "apples" with "pears" - you can't do that! I remember that many people said, that they were glad that the London Opening Ceremony was not "as bombastic" like the Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony. Maybe there are people around, who love everything "bombastic" - maybe there are people around, who don't want to see something bombastic like the Beijing Opening Ceremony. Both is fine, since everybody can decide on his/her own, if you like something or not. Some people said here that you didn't get something for his/her money at the Rio Opening Ceremony - I enjoyed it and I think it was every single penny worth, which I paid for the Opening Ceremony ticket.

    What I can say about being in Rio at the Olympics right now is, that there are things which I would do differently, but that is not the question, since we are experiencing Brazilian Olympics - not German, not British, not European, not Asian, nor North-American!

    I can't speak Portuguese, which has a huge impact on everything - I would face the same problem if the Games are in Paris, since I do not speak French. 
    I am not used to such high temperatures and humidity all day, which wears me out a lot - that is normal for a lot of other countries/regions around the world.
    I underestimated the distances, which wears me out a lot also - you can't have all venues at one place.

    One event per day is far too much - two events per day is all over the top - that is very exhausting and you start to skip tickets (which by the way causes empty seats also)



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  6. I saw yesterday Volleyball - JPN vs ARG and BRA vs. RUS! The atmosphere in Maracanãzinho was really amazing - both matches were very good, but the match BRA vs. RUS was one of the best Volleyball matches I ever have seen so far...  

    I had Beach Volleyball tickets today, but we had really bad rain falls therefore I decided to stay at home - I heard later that there were some problems at the Megatore at Copacabana Beach, due the bad weather...

  7. Just now, Sir Rols said:

    Oh, and another question (sorry ;))

    Are there any live zones around the city, on the beaches etc where locals are gathering to watch the games in a party atmosphere? What's the vibe like at those (if they're there)?

    Hope I'm not putting too many demands on you. I'll refrain from asking if you have any spare pins :P. Hope you do manage to find a new camera - surprised Yu can't find cheap disposables even in the tourist shops.

    There is an Olympic Boulevard at the coastline in Centro, where is a live zone also - you see everywhere people in "brazilian"colours walking around and visitors from all over the world.

    Shops are decorated with some "strange" Olympic decorations (in regard of colour of rings and ring order) - well, you can find people everywhere who don't know the Olympic Rings...


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  8. 1 hour ago, Sir Rols said:

    How is the atmosphere in the streets CAF? Are people decorating their houses with flags and stuff, like we saw in London? Do you get the sense the local people are excited and enjoying themselves? We've just been wondering from afar how the spirit is for the local people.

    Yes, they do, but of course with their means - it's hard to compare "London 2012" and "Rio de Janeiro 2016" - the Olympic Games are totally different here. We have to accept that fact, that South America is different - and they do things just difference! And that is fine!

    And there are great artists here - look this:


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  9. Quote


    Yesterday I was at Cycling Track and saw two world records - from from PR China and one from the UK - and a Bronze Medal by Germany

    Cycling Track is amazing - it is a pity that I don't have a good camera anymore - the photos of cell phones are too blurred in the distance. It is hard to find a camera shop here, since electronic is very expensive here. When you find a camera it is ridiculous expensive...

    Today I witnessed the first Gold Medal for Germany in my presence here in Rio - I think i saw in London two Gold medals...



  10. I was at the Tourist Police station here in Leblon to report the robbery of my camera - the people were very kind and helpful...

    It is a pity but I doubt that the thief will be ever found in such a big city - a replacement is difficult, since I haven't found a good camera shop so far.

    In Leblon Shopping they have just two camera to choose - and they didn't fit my imagination.

  11. 3 minutes ago, LatinXTC said:

    lol wait how did your camera get stolen when it was in one of your pockets? Could it just have fallen out of your shorts?

    I have a favorite pair of shorts that I wear a lot when I travel. They are cargo shorts and in the front on top of having the side pockets, it also has a pocket on the front near my waist that is a perfect fit for my point and shoot camera.

    It is such a "cargo shorts" - I had my camera in the pocket, which is on the side (close to the knees) - I can't imagine that the camera fell out... It would have been the first time ever - I have my camera there all the time...


    do you know if in Leblon Shopping is a shop, where you can buy Digital Cameras? If not, do you know, where I can buy one? I miss my camera

  12. 3 minutes ago, Bezzi said:

    I am sorry that you lost your camera CAF. Was not your fault but avoid to take a expensive camera or phone in your hands to Deodoro. Even with all the security I don't feel this region so safe as Barra or Copacabana. Take care.

    I got a lot more cautious, since my camera was robbed - maybe I little bit too cautious - I look always around and check if my belongings are still there...

    But I had a great time at the Men's All Around Final in Artistic Gymnastics in the Barra Olympic Park - the queuing situation at the security and ticket check at the entrance of the Park is getting better and better...

    I have even the impression that they are planting plants along the sides in the park - it was a very grey and rainy day here in Rio de Janeiro - I hope it become better tomorrow, since I will go to Deodoro again - tickets for Rugby Sevens Final...

    No pics - my phone pics are too bad to upload here...





  13. Yesterday I took a day "off" - I was too ambitious...

    I have had two events per day generally and it is just too exhausting to leave "home" in the early morning to get to the venue and then stay the whole day in the cluster or leave the cluster to find a calm area to relax and go back to the venue or change the cluster to the second event...

    I spend my day in my area of Ipanema - did some laundry - walking around outside (but not vey much) it is very warm here 27°C (for Central Europeans it is hot) and its very humid (78% humidity)...

    For today 21°C is forecasted and I am glad about it - that is a normal Central European summer temperature - I wonder how the Cariocas are able to stand temperatures in their summer... In the streets you can see often people walking around in swim trunks (and their surfboard unter their arm) or the sand of the beach is still sticking at their legs and arms... It is brilliant to have city life and beach so close together...

    I am tempted to buy a new camera today - mine was stolen the day before yesterday. I was just to incautious - I had it the bottom pocket of my shorts (in the heights of my knees). I can take photos with my iPhone anymore only - which is not good in the distance...

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