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  1. Voos, alojamento e bilhetes para Rio são reservados

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    2. DannyelBrazil


      Martin tá fazendo grande progresso nas aulas de português!

    3. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      Foco nas gírias!!!

    4. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      E palavras nasais: ímã!

  2. yoshi - your inbox is full - I will PM you on digital spy

  3. Willkommen zurück! Ihr habt es geschafft! Welcome back! You have made it!

  4. Very glad about the German team - great victory for the USA

  5. getting slowly into World Cup mood!!! I suppose it is getting exciting in Brazil!

  6. I won't be at Brasil 2014, but at Rio de Janeiro 2016

    1. thatsnotmypuppy


      That's my tentative plan too.

    2. DannyelBrazil


      Good news! Hope to have a beer with all of you in Copacabana Beach

  7. yoshi, would you be so kind to empty your inbox again=

    1. yoshi


      Sorry - things are getting chaotic lol. Done :)

      What happened to the other recent updates, from you & Tony?

    2. eternalcobi


      You need an even more "throatier" inbox

  8. yoshi, your inbox is full again...

  9. @yoshi, your msg-inbox is full!

  10. Go Stockholm!!!!

    1. Palette86


      What new happend to Stockholm?

    2. deawebo


      I support them too!!!

  11. Fingers crossed for Istanbul

  12. @Olympian2004 - please clear your inbox

  13. @Olympian2004 - Ich wollte Dir mal ein paar selbstgemachte Bilder aus Malmö schicken, aber anscheinend kann ich Dir keine Msg schicken

  14. @ markun - please clear your inbox - I would like to send you a PM

  15. @jawnbc, please check your voting in the Grand final - you voted for some countries, which didn't qualify in our semifinal

  16. is looking forward to Malmö

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Hope you're brushing up on your Svenska! Have a great time!

    2. Citius Altius Fortius

      Citius Altius Fortius

      I have to admit that I can't speak any Svenska - I understand some parts, when they talk Swedish, but that is a result that Swedish and German are Germanic languages

  17. @pcelica @deawebo, will you vote in 2nd Semi-final of the GB ESC, too?

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    2. pcelica



      something for you

    3. deawebo


      Yes yes, let me an hour!! ;)

    4. deawebo


      The spanish channel TVE broadcasts ESC in Guatemala... Here I've no idea.

  18. I want to go back to London and watch the Olympics again... sigh ...

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    2. intoronto


      Lol they need Olympics doctors!

    3. Rob.



    4. SwissO


      There is still the Paralympics coming...

  19. is missing London...

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      So am I ...

      What happened to your pic mate?

    2. Citius Altius Fortius

      Citius Altius Fortius

      I hope it works again...

  20. FDLondon, would you mind to check your mailbox?

  21. the second day in London on which I have an event

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