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  1. Is it really that big of a deal hosting an Olympics in Melbourne during August? Yes it gets a bit nippy, but its not like a true Northern Hemisphere winter. The only sports it would be particularly problematic for are triathlon and open water swimming (hardly marquee events) and I suppose beach volleyball (which they could compromise and host indoors). It wouldn't have a major impact on local attendance, except for street events if it rained (the average rainfall in Melbourne in August is comparable to London and Rio but significantly less than Beijing). Sure, it doesn't quite fit with th
  2. Melbourne is positioned stupendously to host an Olympic Games on short notice. Indeed, the only major piece of infrastructure absent from the city's illustrious portfolio of sports venues is a major aquatics arena. Virtually every sport on the Olympic programme could already be accommodated by existing infrastructure, as exemplified by the following hypothetical plan: If Melbourne were to bid, undoubtedly the constituent cluster used for the Games would be the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Precinct, situated directly south-east of the city's central grid. The venue plan for this vast pre
  3. Excellent result Now that that's done... Go Paris 2024!!
  4. Already had one disappointing election result today, another would make for a rather bad day. I had a nice dinner at least
  5. I have been travelling all year so I haven't paid as much attention to this race as I usually do. Nevertheless, my recent week in Istanbul means I have now visited each of the candidate cities. So from a personal perspective, I certainly hope Tokyo hosts in 2020. I have been somewhat confused by replies on this thread saying Istanbul is not competing against a "London, Paris or Beijing". No, its competing against another of the world's greatest cities. I wouldn't begrudge an Istanbul Olympics, because it is a great city. It would, however, leave a bad taste for me because of the economic d
  6. well thats just a totally baseless assumption i don't agree with. Why then is THAT a hindrance? If Paris avoid lobbying this point, then I can only look on that comment with bemusement. Its not as if its a bad thing, just a coincidence that, if anything, might be slightly beneficial; if the French allow the IOC members to discover this centennial on their own accord.
  7. Well maybe for you but i very much doubt Paris would just be "brushed aside". Your right. Why should the IOC give the games to Paris just on account of an opportunity to celebrate their centennial, when they could give the games to Paris for the city being one of the world's most famous, iconic and popular; foor it being a highly developed city of 10 million+; and for France being a major political and sporting power?
  8. But if they don't, then they may And why is it unlikely But then they might be!
  9. Ahhh that makes more sense. if a sport is voted off, I would doubt they'd subsequently by the selected 28th sport; I would imagine the IOC would favour something shiny and new. I hope that won't be the system indefinitely because it seems like it could evolve into removing sports for no justifiable reason other than to add something new.
  10. Melbourne's historical value from a world perspective is insignificant (unlike Athens, Beijing, London) so that's not going to be a "draw card" (and it wasn't for Sydney either). Almost every major city is also growing, most at a faster rate (outside Europe). Yes we'd have to settle for September, but is offering 18-20 degrees weather really going to pull the votes in? I was replying to FYI's assertion that if my opinion was applied to Australia's case, he would only support a Sydney bid. And I can completely see justification for that because Sydney has the spectacular panoramic views which
  11. Of course I would, since its my home city. But I've consistently been critical of bids or potential bids attempting to host the Games so soon after their country has staged the Games. So if Melbourne were to bid for 2024 and there were other candidates I considered more worthy, then Melbourne would not be my preference and I genuinely mean that. Most of the venues and infrastructure are already sufficient, Sydney hosted just 12 years ago and the country regularly hosts major sporting events anyway so it wouldn't do much for the city winning an Olympic bid other than satisfying our egos. I don'
  12. Actually I've been around nearly as long as you; I come and go though. that tendancy is common to all forums, I dont see why people care that much because most threads seem to take on a life of their own anyway.
  13. perhaps there's just a hint of jealousy since you founded the USA 2024 thread
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