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  1. I am just so surprised (in an good way) that the games as a whole have been so in demand. Though it never fails to amuse me of the amount of British that can only moan about not getting tickets, hell i can sympathsise and understand the dissapointment they will feel but hell it should make the uk as a whole damn proud that these games look likely to be a complete sell out. And i just hope that this repeats itself for the paralympics too (oh god, round 2 of all the moaning of no tickets lololol)
  2. been a year or so since i actually logged in so think its about time to start playing catchup....lol i may be talking out of a hole in my head here, but am i right in thinking that i read somewhere ages ago that the track was actually going to be a blue one like in the redeveloped Munich Olympic Stadium?????
  3. Nobody is saying or can say thats it is the cauldron just now James, its all speculation at this point till probably 11pm'ish on August the 8th.....
  4. I remember watching a documentry about the Atlanta games on the BBC just after the games finished, on the programme they showed you alot of behind the scenes parts of the opening ceremony and operational side of the games. Interestingly after the opening ceremony they did have to replace turf on the infield but they also had to paint the grass as well as it wasnt knitting tpgether fast enough and there were still patches where speakers and other peices of kit had sat on the grass flattening it and turning it brown
  5. Dont ceremony announcements have to be in french, english and if applicable a 3rd local host language?? I thought i read somewhere ages ago?????
  6. lets face it, they let the sydney organisers away with the most elaborate yet lighting sequence, and also the wee fact that Cathy Freeman was standing in the middle of the cauldron at the start of it....... wouldnt surprise me if Beijing are going to go full throttle to make that seem mundane in comparrison
  7. The internal night time shot of the stadium bowl looks far better than it looks during the day in my opinion, seems less bland and yucky .... well to me anyay lol
  8. Think you could well be onto something there Baron.... the artist impression pic of the tower looks big sure, but the real thing looks like its going to be way bigger and bulkier than the impression, (even with all the scaffolding still around it) if it is just a communication tower then why would it need so much bulk in its design??????
  9. d'ohhhhh.... cheers for that tip... i aint the sharpest pencil in the box with pc's n stuff lol
  10. thanks for the pointers Olympian, will give it a bash yeah, thats the pic i meant pitty the finished article wont probably look like that as for athens, i guess with everything else that was going on, landscaping was the last thing they were going to worry about, the end result still looked pretty damn good though
  11. ok after spending half an hour trying to figure out how the h#*l to attatch a picture i give up lol the one i wanted to attatch is on the 1st page of this thread, a rendering pic of the stadium looking down with the exterior concourse coverd in some sort of graphic designs 1. can anyone fill me in as to what the designs are of and 2. does anyone know if these designs are actually going to be in the finished design? whatever they are i gotta say they look pretty damn smart, if they dont put them in then the day shots are going to look pretty uneventfull with a grey steel hulk of a stadiu
  12. Theres one thing we should take into account though, in those photos the stadium is clearly visible...... once the usual Beijing pollution and smog is suffocating everyone then youll get the whole stadium glowing lol
  13. with all the events of the past few weeks on show for everyone to see it looks like China has no intention of addressing their human rights situation. Lets face it, they aint going to have the games taken away from them now are they, so in my opinion id say things are more than likely going to escalate further before August.
  14. thanks for that, the same vid as is on the IOC site but way faster to load, thanks again
  15. Its been years since i saw that bit with the tin sympony, amazing.... does anyone know of a link to the lighting of the cauldron in sydney on youtube?? i know theres a clip on the ioc site bit you always seem to get better clips on youtobe..
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