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  1. Because I speak the truth? Then so be it.

    Here it is, from the Penguin Classics version:

    "Chapter Title: The Cow

    Subtitle: In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the merciful

    Text: Alif something-something. (I cannot recreate the Arabic diacritical marks) This Book is not to be doubted." Right there. It entraps impressionable minds. It claims it is infallible; not to be quesioned, but followed blindly. Then that's why you have an inexhuastible supply of suicide bombers.

    I rest my case.

    It's not as if the bible doesn't have its swarms of "blind followers"

    All religion, when taken to an extreme, creates a culture of self repressive0 "'zombies'".

  2. Montreal Opening Ceremony - Highlights

    Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm on July 17, 1976, trumpeters sound out the call at Stade Olympique as the flags of the 132 member countries of the IOC are hoisted.

    The announcer calls out “Mesdames, messieurs, Sa Majesté la Reine. Ladies and gentlemen, Her Majesty the Queen.”  The 73,000 in attendance cheer on the arrival of the Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, and her son, Prince Andrew.  IOC President Lord Killanin, COJO President Roger Rousseau, and other dignitaries greet the Queen in the Royal Box.  The Queen is seated next to Jules Léger, Governor General of Canada.

    The 8,200 athletes from the 94 participating nations enter the stadium, circling the track to gather on the infield.  The loudest cheer is reserved for the Canadian team, which round out the 120-minute parade.  The Queen remains standing the entire time, greeting each delegation on its arrival.

    At exactly 4:34 pm, Her Majesty opens the Montreal Games…”I declare open the Olympic Games of 1976, celebrating the XXI Olympiad of the modern era.”

    The Olympic Hymn commences and 8 athletes carry the Olympic Flag around the track and it is raised.  The announcer then calls out “M. Georges Kronawitter, maire de la ville de Munich, va remettre à Lord Killanin, président du Comité international olympique, le drapeau officiel offert en 1920 par le Comité olympique belge au mouvement olympique. Lord Killanin va transmettre le drapeau au maire de la ville de Montréal, M. Jean Drapeau”.  The mayor of Munich hands over the Antwerp Flag to the IOC president, who in turn passes it off to the mayor of Montreal.

    The doves are released and the trumpets announce the arrival of the Olympic flame.  Sandra Henderson of Toronto and Stéphane Préfontaine of Montréal, symbolic of Canada’s French and English heritage, circle the track and climb the podium at the centre of the infield to ignite the white saucer shaped cauldron.

    The 94 flag carriers form a semi-circle around Abbie Hoffman, who earlier carried the Canadian flag into the stadium.  Pierre Saint-Jean, a weightlifter, takes the flag in hand, faces the Queen and on behalf of all athletes proclaims the Olympic Oath in both English and French.  Maurice Forget does the same and recites the judges and officials oath.

    The choir and orchestra then perform the national anthem of Canada and competitions for the Games of the XXI Olympiad are underway.

    I don't mean to sound like im ripping what is a great account of there ceremony, but I thought only 92 nations competed in '76? The African boycotts, and some coulden't attend because of insurance reasons following Munich.

    I know it was Australia's smallest team since Berlin 1936, and we only won some 5 medals, not one of them gold. It was blamed on lack of Aussie sponsership (remember this was pre AIS days).

  3. Also in regards to Athens landing 1996....

    1996 - Athens, Greece

    2000 - Sydney, Australia (just as it was)

    2004 - San Francisco, United States

    2008 - Beijing, China (just as it was)

    Don't you think this order would have been somewhat fairer? Greece  hosting the Centennial Games, and then the USA hosting the 2004 Olympics, a fairer 20 years since LA84, and marking the 100th annerversary of the first American Olympiad in St.Louis, 1904.

    I honestly think if Atlanta lost 1996, it would be looked back on now as "Oh geez, imagine if Atlanta won 96!!", kinda how you look on Belgrade, and if they won 1996.

    San Francisco would be a stunning Olympic host. 2004 in SF would have been great.

  4. I think in terms of "What If" for Australian cities; following a failure of Sydney for 2000, abit of a factual hurdle for the game is that Melbourne did in fact gain AOC rights to be the Australian candidate for the 2004 Olympics. This happend in February 1993, before Sydney's win in Sept. 93.

    If Sydney had lost 2000, assuming Melbourne gets shortlisted, there would have been three Southern Hemisphere cities vying for 2004 (Cape Town, Buenos Aeries, and Melb.)

  5. You can't compare Munich 1972/Montreal 1976 to 9-11/Athens 2004. Completely different situations, history didn't repeat itself.

    Munich 72 was an internal attack using the Olympics as its springboard. It could be said problems facing Montreal 1976 were a direct result of this, but not entirely. They were workers strikes, weren't they? Nothing to do with terrorism or security related issues.

    Athens 2004 was in trouble long before those planes hit the twin towers. The two issues were completely irrelevant. Lucky Athens pulled itself togeather and will deliver a marvellous games.

    Remember, Barcelona 92 was one of the most successful Games ever, and Atlanta followed four years earlier. Seats were still being screwed into place in the main stadium days before Bill Clinton opened the 1996 Olympics.

  6. If I can find it, you should see what Team Australia wore at the opening ceremonies of LA 84.

    Mix steriotypical Australian cliche's, with early 80's "christian summer camp-esque) clothing and you've got it.

    I'll try and find a pic..

  7. Has anybody followed what has happened to these stadiums since the olympics took place? - while the stadiums are great looking for 16 days - the city or country has to try and do something with them after the games - and hopefully not become a white elephant

    Most of the stadia see some use.  Soccer games, track meets, concerts and other special events fill up the roster.

    Berlin's has long been used and will be upgraded in time to host WC 2006.

    London's Wembly has been demolished and is due for reconstruction.

    Helsinki's has been used for track meets such as World Champs.

    Melbourne's is a cricket ground.

    Rome's and Munich's are used for track meets and soccer matches - World Champs in both have been held there.

    Mexico's main stadium is part of the university campus.

    Montreal's is the most used - for baseball, the Grey Cup, trade shows, conventions, concerts and other big shows.  The tower and velodrome (now biodome) are popular tourist attractions.

    Moscow's had awnings added since 1980, but is in need of repair.

    LA's is used for football and such.

    Not sure about Seoul?

    Barcelona's is used for soccer and is a popular tourist attraction.

    Atlanta's is now a baseball diamond - Turner Field.

    Did Seoul's stadium play any part whatsoever in the 2002 World Cup?

    The MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), is merely just a name though. It was orignally founded on the site that is now Olympic Park, as the Melbourne Cricket Club in 1852.

    Over time different potions of it were constructed. In 1908 it was the World's largest stadium with a capacity of some 55,000.

    It was vastly reconstruced to seat 105,000 (the second largest Olympic capacity ever), for the 1956 Olympic Games.

    Since the Olympics it has hosted concerts, AFL football games (which if far more popular than cricket), rugby and soccer games. The largest crowd ever in the stadium was for the 1971 AFL Grand Final where seating was increased, and some removed to accomadate an estimated 141,000.

    In 1989 work began on demolishing half the stadium in hope Melbourne would be successful in its bid for the 1996 Olympics, however, it seemed to be Atlanta's time. Half the stadium was finished in 1992, and the other half remained the Northern-Olympic side. Capacity was reduced to 95,000.

    However Melbourne's successful bid to host the 2006 Commonwealth Games has seen the other Olympic-era half of the stadium go under the wrecking bull for reconstrucion. The new MCG will seat just over 102,000 spectators. It will host the opening ceremonies and athletics for the C'Wealth Games.

  8. Has anybody followed what has happened to these stadiums since the olympics took place? - while the stadiums are great looking for 16 days - the city or country has to try and do something with them after the games - and hopefully not become a white elephant

    Well I know that Atlanta's 1996 stadium is now a baseball ground- Turner field, home to the Atlanta braves.

    Sydney's 2000 stadium is now the telstra stadium.

    And it wont be the last!! The Sydney Olympic Stadium has become nothing but a whore to the corperation since the closing ceremony.

    Before the Olympics it was Stadium Australia, and for about a year after, remained this (its rightful name I believe), then comes Telstra Stadium.

    The contract expires in 2007, so another name is possable then.


  9. Actually the first ever canopy style structure ever built was in Melbourne for the 1956 Olympic Games. It was constructed between 1955 and 1956 as a venue for boxing and medal ceremonies, located just across the Yarra River from Olympic Park. (Melbourne being I think the only summer Olympiad to have some sports awarded Medals away from venues, like the Winter Olympics). After the Olympics it was converted into the Myer Music Bowl and has been this since 1957. It is now operated by the nearby Victorian Arts Centre, one of the largest cultural arts centres in the World.

    Open air performing arts complex, capacity of 30,000:


  10. Many of our users are posting pictures on posts. This is an example.

    Now given that, I want to know if there will be galleries created in the future for specific topics that contain pictures donated by these users on this forum. Do we need to ask permission, or do we need some similar/alternative source of red tape clearance to do that? Or is it all this and/or other circumstances?

    I agree with Hachiko here in regards to some users signitures, and the overuse of pictures (its like, okay, we get it, you're from Vancouver and it's bidding for the Olympics, you don't need an entire art gallery to get that across).

    There should be a limit of one, small sized picture on signitures, otherwise it unnecessarily gives us more unnecessary things to load. Blah. Right now I'm using my old laptop and I can definetly feel the pain of waiting for things to load.......  :angry: mwwwwwwaaaaa

    Someone mentioned in this thread something about Maxiu - oh I remember him.

    This message board has been deprived of a good troll (laugh) in a long time. Come back Maxiu, I miss your antics. :(

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