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  1. Well, that singer does look like a pink version of Céline Dion in the ESC!
  2. That group of singers really need a fashion coach.
  3. I'm sooo looking forward to the London Games. Such a vibrant city!
  4. The Greek flag is raised, the most formal part of the ceremony starts.
  5. Since TVE-1 doesn't seem especially interested in the closing ceremony (4 commercial breaks so far ¬¬), I'm going to watch it via TVE-Teledeporte (although i'm a bit bored ).
  6. I love those orange fans the spectators are waving
  7. Spanish commentators praise the performance of the British team in these Games
  8. Spectacular fireworks over the stadium announce that the closing ceremony has begun!
  9. With the Games just a few minutes away from being officially closed, I must admit that I'm pretty satisfied with our team's performance in Beijing. We haven't won as many medals as in Athens (18 to 19), but we have won 2 more golds. We still aren't able to arrive to the apparently unreachable mark of 20 medals but, who knows, maybe we will finally surpass in London the metals obtained in Barcelona'92 Here's our historical ranking (G-S-B: T) 1. Barcelona 1992 13-7-2: 22 [first by total number of medals] 2. Beijing 2008 5-10-3: 18 [third by total number of medals] 3. Atlanta 1996 5-6-6: 17
  10. So simple and solemn, thanks for sharing!
  11. Cobi you have a very good avatar! Don't change it! The little green sun is back, PYRROS2004! Thank you for your comment, I'm glad you like my avatar! Yours is also nice! ::
  12. Ow...then maybe I should just leave my old avatar alone. Thank you GB Moderator, you're very kind (I didn't know it wasn't a valid URL), and sorry for the inconvenience.
  13. This morning I wanted to change my avatar but I wasn't able to do it ("invalid format" it says). The image is in jpeg format and it has a size of 64x63. I haven't had any problem in other forums with it. Maybe the URL is too long? ???
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