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    Olympics, Archaeology, Palaeoanthropology, astronomy, Star Trek. Sports: Snow Skiing and watching NRL, Go the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks!!!

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  1. That was so funny, she had no idea what was going on and couldn't believe she'd won Silver. Her interview was great
  2. Hey Roltel I'm not disapointed in the Aussie team at all! I think they are doing very well and considering the competition we are up against, there is nothing to be disapointed in
  3. I think Australia is doing very well We really aren't a large country population wise, so to be right up there on medal tally is a good achievement imo
  4. Are the forums running slower than normal because of the traffic here? or is it just me? Because I can't get into the Athens forums at all, and when I can it takes forever!!! and I have broadband. The other forums are fine, it's just the Athens one? Is it traffic?
  5. Hi GB Moderator Is there anyway you can get rid of the "edited by" message on the bottom of the Premium members posts when we edit? It's just super annoying! Thanks
  6. Hi GB Moderator. While in the Off-Topic forum I noticed this in your message about the rules of the forum: LOL :wink:
  7. GB Moderator. I like polls and getting involved in the discussion on polls, but they do seem to get out of control sometimes and block up forums. Would it be possible to create a forum that is just for polls, so it keeps polls in other forums to a minimal?
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