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  1. Unless there is a website that I havnt come across yet, but there doesn't seem a lot of information and photos of the venue construction. Rio, Sochi, London and Vancouver had a ton of photo updates of their venue being built, but hardly any of pyeongchang. It's rather frustrating lol. Their bobsleigh and speed skating venues are being built now, there should be a ton of pics up.
  2. I watched this and the opening ceremony. I had forgotten how much I disliked the announcers. I was hoping for something like Athens, similar female voices. And the cauldron bit, with the clown fixing the broken arm, was the best part of any closing ceremony.
  3. kd lang must be the only entertainer to play at 2 different olympic ceremonies. Calgary 88 and Vancouver 2010
  4. they still do not spell out how they plan organize this event.
  5. i actually quite like the vancouver cauldron. very different than other cauldrons with the seperate flames.
  6. why? the hockey hall of fame is in toronto, more people will see it there.
  7. im still going to be here. i love the olympics so i will still be here
  8. i thought i would provide this link to an absolutely shameful article, personally i think this is lower than even the british media. at least they kind of ate crow over the whole worst games ever comment. http://www.kansascity.com/2010/02/28/1780198_it-was-a-canadian-party-and-canada.html?storylink=omni_popular

  10. for me i loved the opening clown fixing the cauldren loved, loved, LOVED buble/maple leaf forever. really didnt like the speaches from shatner/ohara/ j fox. F'ING nickleback?!? almost ruined the whole thing for me, but alannis saved the music numbers for me, she was great and looked amazing. holy.....who knew the russian anthem was so looooooong. for me it was 50\50, some great parts, and not so great parts.
  11. for the la84 award i nominate eusebius65. hes articulate in his posts, starts interesting topics and his alternate history of the olympics is a great read. for Eruedan award, since joannie rochet is already nominated i nominate the canadian ladies curling team. they have never won a national title, they have never played internationally until these games. they were never expected to win at the canadian trials, they came from no where. there first international trophy will be an olympic medal. impressive run!
  12. calgary is way to small to host a summer games
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