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  1. I think that's very well-put and my main response is 'fair enough!' I think for me, one of the disappointments of the Athens' Ceremony was that they had this (brilliantly executed) idea of filling the infield with water, lighting the rings upon it (again very well done) but then the water was drained away and they did nothing else with it. To this day, I just wonder what their thinking was. Why didn't they use the water for a longer period of time? Just imagine what more they could have done with the unique stage provided by what was effectively a lake? Very disappointing.
  2. That truly is an absurd comment. Did you 'get' the whole theme of the London 2012 Games? Instead of opting for some ridiculous Olympic theme like 'The World is full of flowers' or 'Kiss my Donkey' or such nonsense (oh, 'One World, One Dream' now comes to mind - please pass me the sick-bag!), London went for the idea of 'Inspire a Generation.' This was reflected in the selection, not of a great Olympian such as Steve Redgrave or Roger Bannister but of potential future Olympians, names not yet in the public domain. In my view, this was an original idea and one that worked very well and also one that London doesn't seem to be getting much credit for on here! As one who was at the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, I can tell everyone that the lighting of the Cauldron, the music, the entrance of the torch and the final coming together of the 'petals' came across as a stunning execution of a highly original piece of theatre. I think I have mentioned before that everyone around me gasped as the 'petals' rose up to form the Cauldron and that wasn't just because at nearly 1.00am, it had turned a bit nippy!
  3. I really don't see how anyone could prefer Athens' cauldron lighting to London's. Off all the Olympic Ceremonies since 1980 (and I have the lot on VHS/DVD), Athens' Opening is easily my least favourite. The Cauldron lighting in Athens lacked drama and was just rather 'tacky,' in my opinion. The Cauldron itself just looked like a rather large cigarette or some other such object. The fact that it 'bowed down' to receive the flame did nothing for me, I'm afraid. As a piece of theatre, it isn't even in the same league as London's.
  4. I think I disagree with almost everyone here about the Cauldron. I think it's one of the most spectacular and original pieces of design I've ever seen. The idea of there being almost 'no cauldron' but in other senses '204 cauldrons' was nothing short of genius! The idea of each country 'bringing in' the cauldron and then being able to 'take it away' again was also mind-blowingly original. London wanted to do the Games differently. They extended this notion to the design of one of the most iconic symbols of the Games as well. I accept that some people were upset because the cauldron wasn't visible from other parts of the Park but for many people on here, this seems to totally negate the originality of the design: and frankly, anyone who belittles that is, in my opinion, being very foolish indeed! To be relevant, the Olympics has to move forward. Yes, respect traditions but also develop them and place them in a 21st Century context. Some people on here seem to view the entire Games in London as an unmitigated disaster because the stems on the cauldron weren't quite as high as they would have liked them to be! As my 8-year old son would say: 'Get over yourself!'
  5. When is the OBS trailer coming out? I am really eager to see it!
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