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  1. My kids bought me a Sumi (my favourite) for my birthday... I love them all, but Sumi is def my favourite.
  2. They are going to expand the Nat - but they are not in the market for AAA baseball. We just don't have the population or climate to support it, according to an interview I read in the Province a few days back. I am, quite frankly, sick of the attitude displayed by the people in these meetings. I only hope that Vancouver City Council can look past it and see that they have a LAND OWNER who wants to DEVELOP THE LAND HE OWNS into something that THE ENTIRE CITY CAN ENJOY. We should be kissing the ground that Kerfoot walks on. Ok, maybe not, but if this gets shot down I reckon we'll be looking for a new Whitecaps owner.
  3. At least it looks graceful, I'll give it that.
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