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  1. GB Moderator, Question for you - has the site ever considered having a live chat portion to the site in addition to the forums we have now? I think it would be nice for all the members to be able to have a great dialogue simultaneously via instant chat. If this has been proposed in the past, I apologize but have not seen this mentioned before. Thanks.
  2. Interesting though that two of you mentioned Ted Turner and Atlanta 1996 - Mr. Turner was NOT a big supporter of the Olympics here - mainly because they were head-to-head competition with his own Goodwill Games - thankfully, they never took off! Ted Turner is an amazing man but has a HUGE ego - he could not share the spotlight in this town with Billy Payne! In fact, once AOL Time Warner got rid of him and he had no control over his precious CNN and other networks, he packed up and moved on - he now lives in Florida. So the town he helped put on the map is not even his residence any longer! Although thankfully, his ex-wife Jane Fonda still lives here! She's a great lady and is still doing wonderful things with local charities here. And Sir Elton John still calls Atlanta home! Just wanted to correct a previous post about Ted Turner - he had nothing to do with Atlanta winning 1996. And Atlanta is home to Coca Cola, Home Depot, UPS, Delta Airlines, etc.... which helped ensure good sponsorship of the 96 Games - when the IOC worries about revenue streams again in the future and they will, they'll remember that and NYC which is the BIG financial capital will get the nod to host!
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