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  1. Well, you´re right in about some stuff:

    1-Nz is more developed than Chile

    2-You have better sporting achievments than we do (I think is a shame for us having so much snow and a complete lack of ski champions)


    1-The title of the "best powder" snow of th SH is very argueable, Portillo (chi) and Las leñas (arg) also claim to have it..

    2-There are many other argueable titles, like the "biggest ski area in the SH". Valle Nevado (chi) claims having it but I know also Wanaka (nz) does..

  2. hay guardian have you ever been to new zealand?

    cos you seem to have no dout that nz can host a games!

    No, but I would like to try. I just don't have the finances right now. Oh, BTW, the Austrian ski teams train in NZ at the Southern Hemisphere's winter season. If the Austrians are satisfied with skiing there (and they are powerhouses for sure), then why not NZ and the Winter Olympics? There's nothing wrong with artificial snow at all. Calgary did that for the 1988 Winter Olympics.

    Sorry friend, but I think you are a bit wrong...Austria´s team summer-base is Portillo, Chile, I know a couple of good friends that have been elbow to elbow with Hermann Maier....

    But I still think Auckland is not bad for SOG, you are to harsh with your country......You say that public transport is bad...Have you seen the public transport of another possible bid citites like Rio or Santiago?

    I can tell you that everything related with transport in my city-Santiago-is a complete disaster. Excepting our subway that is the exception for the rule.

    So if cities like Rio, Buenos Aires, Santiago or even Delhi dare to think in an olympic bid why Auckland cannot?

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