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  1. But wouldn't he have just dropped a few hints to us if that were the case and why would it stop him posting here on Gamesbids? It's possible he's just got distracted by someone or something else and/or maybe just lost interest. I just hope nothing untoward has happened to him but, unless someone on here knows someone who knows him, how can we find out?
  2. Obviously, in the wake of 2 terrorist incidents in the city in the space of a year with one of them taking place just outside the proposed Olympic venue, Paris will have to carefully re-think its security strategy in general and not just for protecting big sporting events. I just hope that none of this will result in a weakening of the 2024 Olympic bid but rather act to strengthen it to make sure that the terrorists are not able to claim 'victory' by causing it to be abandoned!
  3. Corruption, cheating, fiddling, doping! Where will it all end??

    1. Victor Mata
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      Sir Rols

      Are we talking about the logo comp here?

  4. Doping has to be tackled head-on but, all the same, it would be weird not to have any Russian representation in Rio. I just hope the Russian Olympic committee moves to deal with this matter in a satisfactory way in time for next year's Olympics!
  5. Less than a year to go now. Roll on Rio 2016!

  6. Congratulations to Chris Froome on winning his 2nd Tour de France!

  7. Congratulations to Chris Foome on winning his 2nd Tour de France!

  8. Great pictures! It really feels like the 2024 Olympic race is already underway!!
  9. Quite a ringing endorsement from the city council following the collapse of the 2020 bid! What a difference 3 years makes and yet the city's financial shape is not significantly better than it was 3 years ago. Rome is ideally the one candidate best placed to give Paris a run for its money if its latest bid fares better than the last one!
  10. Delicious irony! I don't think Lee has lost any bid he has ever worked on so that's yet one more card to pile on top of the many other cards already stacked in Paris' favour for this bid!
  11. Hallelujah indeed but what a farce! He just got himself convincingly re-elected only a friggin' week ago and now he's finally smelled the coffee and decided to quit? What in the name of all that's holy does this say about FIFA that it convincingly re-elected a deeply, disgraced figure who has now done a bunk and may yet end up in prison? I don't envy the poor sod that takes over. Who the hell would want to sort out this gigantic mess? Only a very brave and courageous soul, that's for sure!!!
  12. I wasn't talking about Coe fronting the bid, just helping behind the scenes. At least that's what I assume he meant.
  13. Apparently Coe offered his services to help with Paris' latest bid, or so I heard. I wonder if anything will come of this or will the Paris organisers be too proud to accept help from the guy who cost them their last bid?
  14. The people of Paris have said yes, the President himself has said yes, surely it is but a mere formality for the CNOSF to now say yes and submit a bid to the IOC for what would be Paris' centennial Olympics! Exciting times ahead!
  15. Faster, I assume you will be giving your full backing to Paris if it decides to go ahead with a 2024 bid?
  16. Thanks for that! I'm looking forward to the 2024 bids more and more now that it seems likely Paris will put in a bid after all!
  17. Wonder if they will have better luck trying to arrange this than last time? In the wake of the recent Scottish referendum, I fear that the separate FAs are even more nationalistic than ever and hence even more determined to preserve their separate identities. Yielding for the Olympics might prove the thin end of the wedge for some of them!
  18. I have some sympathy for Lee's position. Sensible suggestion: Can we please have a complete ban on any more threads and comments about Tony please! If he's done something that contravenes the rules of the forum, then its up to the moderators to take action against him. If he hasn't and you just don't like him or his opinions, then just ignore him! I came here to talk about Olympic bids and sport related issues and discuss other topics of interest and amusement, not stumble across endless threads and postings about one particular teenage Londoner whose only 'crime' as far as I can tell is that he seems to have an over-excessive if slightly misguided enthusiasm for his native city and country! Is that unreasonable???
  19. As I'm sure Baron will be the first to remind you, it's never too soon to start planning your opening ceremony! No kidding.....
  20. I can't help feeling that all this negativity from French posters about Paris' chances for 2024 are, at least in part, still fuelled by lingering bitterness about what happened to the city's previous bids, especially the last one, hence this 'we don't want it, we don't care about it, nobody really cares about it anymore anyway' masochostic mantra that seems to me to be like some sort of self-inflicted revenge for the failure of past bids! Chill out Frenchies. Where there's a will, there's always a way! A positive and enthusiastic bid for 2024 will put Paris automatically as the favourite. Now we know being the favourite doesn't always guarantee selection but I highly doubt the special circumstances of 2012 will occur again. For one thing, there is no Chirac around any longer to upset potentially vital swing votes on the eve of the election by making disparaging remarks about their cuisine! Who knows what might have happened if he had only managed to keep his trap shut?
  21. "The phrase originated from the swear words "sacré bleu", a Marian oath, referring to the color (i.e., "sacred blue") associated with Mary, mother of Jesus." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacrebleu
  22. Roll on 2016! I'm starting to get bored!!

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      But election fever! Aren't you excited!!!!! ;)

  23. Wishing a happy and successful 2015 to everybody on here!

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      Right back at ya!

  24. Just wanted to wish a Happy Christmas and Seasonal Greetings to everybody on here. Have a good one!

  25. I see you're not a fan of Scotland's national and most iconic instrument? IMO still beats a vuvuzela or a didgeridoo anyday!
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