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  1. You raise a good point. One of the most impressive things about Team GB 's performance in Rio is how diversified were the sports in which the medals were won. They have really been working on extending their portfolio and not just focussing on traditional strengths. That's even more encouraging.
  2. Why? What has The Donald got against the Japs?
  3. 4th in Beijing, 3rd in London, 2nd In Rio, hmmmm........no, I think going 1 better in Tokyo is probably a step too far for Team GB! Nice thought though!!
  4. Joe Joyce wins silver in the super heavyweight division of men's boxing! I think this was our last medal hope for these Games and brings the total medal tally for Team GB at Rio to 67 (27 gold, 23 silver,17 bronze) 2 more than at the home Games in London 4 years ago!! For the first time ever, Team GB comes 2nd in the medal table (on gold count) behind Team USA improving steadily on their 4th place in Beijing and 3rd in London!!! Aiming for 1st in Tokyo may just be a wee bit too ambitious I guess?
  5. Lol...how many times have they tried so far? However, things may become considerably easier on that score given that Scotland may no longer be part of the UK by the time Tokyo comes round!
  6. We will never know but, on the other hand, Team GB finished ahead of the Russians in London too (at least in the gold medal count) and the full Russian team were present then so it doesn't appear to be a given one way or the other. Plus how many medals might other countries have picked up in the absence of the banned Russian athletes including USA and China?
  7. Remember little old East Germany who regularly used to vie with the US and the Soviet Union for top places on the medal table? We all used to marvel at how such a tiny nation of only 17 million people could contend with 2 such mighty powerhouses each over 200 million strong! Now we know why.
  8. The great Mo Farah adds a 4th gold medal to his tally and becomes the first man since Lasse Viren to retain both the 10,000 metre and 5,000 metre race titles! Team GB have now equalled London 2012's tally of 65 medals overall and are just 2 golds behind. I never dreamed Team GB's first away Games since hosting would be anywhere near as successful!
  9. Only the 2nd man in history to retain both the 10,000 and 5,000 metre titles (first was Lasse Viren at Montreal). He is a phenomenon! I feel sure there will be a summons to Buck House at some point and the command 'Arise Sir Mo'. I can't think of a single reason why not.
  10. I wonder why there isn't an automatic lifetime ban for anyone convicted of doping (especially if they have been caught TWICE)?
  11. Maybe the IOC could strip him of his gold medal for conduct unbecoming for an Olympic champion!
  12. Nicola Adams retains her Olympic title in women's flyweight boxing (and becomes the first British boxer to retain an Olympic title in 92 years)! She and Liam Heath ( in the K1 200m Canoe sprint ) add 2 more golds to Team GB's tally of 26 golds and 63 medals overall. Incredible to think they are now just 3 golds and 2 overall medals short of London 2012's tally!!!
  13. Shock for Tom Daley as he fails to qualify for the final of the individual 10 metre platform diving event! He never seems to be able to bring his best to the Olympics. Bronze for Vicky Holland in the women's Triathlon.
  14. Wow, GB won a penalty shootout! Things ARE looking up!!! Well done to the Women's Hockey Team!!
  15. Paralympic Games to go ahead with major budget cuts: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/disability-sport/37135083
  16. Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark finally secure their gold medal in the 470 Women's class in sailing. One up from their silver in London!
  17. Gold number 20 and Silver number 21 just in with the Brownlee brothers dominating the Triathlon as usual!
  18. Should have had a sailing gold confirmed yesterday but the race was cancelled because of the weather. Hopefully it will be confirmed today. Yes, the National Lottery funding has done wonders for the British Olympic effort in the years since the humiliation of Atlanta. Mr. Major can certainly take a bow for that one!
  19. I mean it's not as if Team GB's cycling success has suddenly come out of nowhere! This is the THIRD Olympics on the trot that they have achieved success on the track. Did the other cyclists not recall this or something? Some might detect a slight odour of sour grapes.
  20. Apparently the media in a number of countries have been asking what lies behind the success rate of British athletes at the Rio Olympics. Some interesting (and not entirely complimentary) takes on this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-37108833
  21. I'd say they came about in spite of it not because of it!
  22. I see. I thought he might have done something to upset them other than compete against their guy. I hate to think what they might have done if he had actually beaten him!
  23. Andy becomes the first player to successfully defend the Olympic singles gold medal title and he did it on 2 different surfaces!
  24. Monica is the first unseeded player to win the singles gold medal since Marc Rosset at 1992 Barcelona!
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