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  1. It's my feelings that the stupid Brexit nonsense led directly to that sad farce which took place in Washington yesterday. Biggest facepalm and slowest handclap in the history of the universe for the electorates of both nations!!! Not feeling at all proud to be a Brit these days!!!
  2. Happy Christmas to everyone on here!!!
  3. The trouble is that Farage was the figure most associated with the Leave Campaign so, officially or not, that's the impression he gave and that's the impression the media tended to give him and the impression most people had of him. He was the rock-solid centre of opposition to the EU right the way through. His position as UKIP leader confirmed this. I don't think anyone took 'fly-by-night, chop-and-change according to his mood-Boris' anywhere near as seriously. I think many people were evidently influenced by UKIP's views whether they normally voted for them or not. It's called 'Fellow Traveller' syndrome. I'm convinced that many people who may have been unsure which way to vote were convinced by him and the blatant lies he told to make his position seem more reasonable and acceptable to them than it actually was. I sincerely doubt Brexit would have won if it hadn't been for him and the open backing he got from much of the gutter press. We pro-EU voters seriously underestimated the influence he brought to bear just as many US voters seriously underestimated the influence Trump was having on otherwise sane and reasonable people. We are all going to have to live with the consequences of other people's short-sightedness and readiness to get into bed with some very dubious people. Essentially, I cling to my point that people like Farage should have been a grave warning to people tempted to vote for Brexit. It should have made them re-think just who they were willing to align their views with. Ditto the anti-Hillary voters in the US who opted to vote for Trump rather than see Hillary get elected. People need to learn the lesson that , to contradict a well-known phrase, "the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend". Let's all hope and pray that the lesson will not prove too costly!
  4. Not sure I can give anyone a pass for voting Brexit despite Farage. Surely, the fact that Farage was the leader of the Leave campaign should have made them pause and reflect on whether they wished to throw in their lot with a cause for which he was chief spokesman and ringleader! Which politician has come out of it all looking like some sort of world statesman....Farage! Who is the one now cosying up to Trump and acting as some sort of unofficial go-between him and the British government....Farage! Who is the one likely to benefit most from these voters' short-sightedness....Farage! Can we really separate the man from the cause? Shall we give US posters who voted for Trump a pass because some of them may not have liked him but just didn't want to vote for Hillary? Does this exonerate them when all they've done essentially is to help to give unwelcome prominence to a guy like Farage and, in the case of Trump, actually hand him the reins of power? Maybe I shouldn't push this analogy too far, but do Germans back in the 1930s get a pass for voting for the Nazis despite disliking Hitler or helping him to power despite personal misgivings about him? So I don't quite agree with you, Rob. Personally I'm not inclined to give people who voted Brexit a pass despite whatever feelings they may have had about Farage because their vote has nevetheless helped give him unwarranted influence and, as time progresses, may give him a whole heap more no matter what their intentions may have been. Ditto reluctant Trump voters, ditto reluctant Hitler voters. When I am considering what political options are on offer, the nature of the people representing said options is vitally important for me. I just wish it had been for more people too!
  5. Great posts from both Rob and Sir Rols. They both voiced my own thoughts much better than I could! I really don't know what's going on with voters these days or why the opinion pollsters keep getting it so badly wrong. Why has the mood turned so ugly lately? I feel like I am out of step with so many people. For the first time ever, I am starting to feel marginalised. What do they see in the likes of Trump and Farage that I just can't? Is disaffection with the political establishment so profound that it justifies turning to the likes of them? Evidently it is for so many people. Are we about to revisit the politics of the 1930s when unscrupulous populist fringe politicians captured the attention of otherwise sane and rational people and promptly led them down the road to complete disaster? Please God no!!! I cling to hope that 4 years from now I will be able to re-read these posts and smile at what will by then seem like an absurd over-reaction. I cling, I cling.............
  6. I think 2024 was always going to be Paris' to lose but Trump's victory will almost certainly put paid to any lingering hope LA may have had of moving in if Paris were to falter again in some way! Bad timing topped up by bad politics have effectively scuppered LA's chances for a threepeat on this occasion. Hopefully they will be able to regroup for another, luckier attempt next time!
  7. First Brexit now Trump!!! What the hell is the matter with people??? Politically, 2016 has to be the sh1ttiest year in memory and I speak as one who had to endure the Bush and Thatcher years!!!! Never ever thought I would hear myself saying this but sometimes democracy can be a very overrated concept!!!!
  8. Good to see Paris invoking the spirit of the original Olympics where all the competitors, of course, were nudists!
  9. With so much open hostility from the current Mayor and city council, it's difficult to see how this bid can now survive unfortunately. Such a shame as I was really looking forward to seeing a Rome bid although Paris has to be the hot favourite in my opinion. Wonder if another Italian city will step into the breach like the PM hinted?
  10. Apart from the death of the Iranian cyclist, both the Olympics and Paralympics of Rio 2016 have been a thoroughly enjoyable experience!!! Muito Obrigado Rio!!! Now the 4 year count begins to Tokyo 2020. No doubt it'll be here before we know it!!
  11. "An Iranian Para-cyclist has died after a crash during the men's C4-5 road race at the Rio Paralympics. The International Paralympic Committee said Bahman Golbarnezhad, 48, suffered cardiac arrest after the incident on a "mountainous stretch" of circuit." http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/disability-sport/37398333
  12. Not literally I hope! Liam seems to be becoming one of the poster boys of these Games. He is a big favourite on 'The Last Leg' (the light-hearted nightly Paralympic commentary show). http://www.abc.net.au/tv/programs/adam-hills-the-last-leg/
  13. Does anyone know why China does so well at the Paralympics? They always top the table well ahead of everyone else. They've already notched up many more medals than they won at the Olympics. Obviously China must put a lot of money and resources into training its Paralympic athletes. I guess I'm pleasantly surprised me that they put so much effort into them, far more so than, say, the United States which normally top any medal table for Olympic-type sporting events. Am enjoying these Paras a lot (never understood why so many people on here ignore them or put them down) and, again, relieved and pleasantly surprised that they are turning out such a success in contrast to all the gloomy predictions beforehand. Well done, Rio!
  14. Gorgeous ceremony. Just lovely (only jarring note being the ritual but expected booing of the new president and any mention of the government). As with the OC opening ceremony, I loved the wonderful patterns and designs in the floorshow and the girl dancing with the robot. Also the cauldron lighting and the reappearance of the wonderful kinetic sun sculpture. Was a bit concerned when the elderly lady torchbearer fell over but was reassured that this was not unexpected and she quickly got back up and seemed none the worse for it. After all the talk of heavy budget cuts and consequent warnings of a downmarket Paralympics, this opening ceremony seemed to put all such fears to rest. Let's hope the games themselves will live up to this very promising opening!
  15. "Four-time Olympic champion Laura Trott is frustrated rival riders have questioned Britain's Rio track success." http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/37165060
  16. Lochte begins to face the consequences of his misbehaviour in Rio. Ralph Lauren and Speedo withdraw their sponsorship! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37159288
  17. Sigh, we spend years discussing the build up to an Olympics and then, puff, it's come and gone in the space of just 2 short weeks! I'm still only coming to terms with the fact that London 2012 is over and now Rio 2016 has just flown by as well! Is it just me or does time really fly by quicker as we get older? I guess the good thing about that is that Tokyo 2020 will be with us in no time!!!
  18. All the excitement from us Brits at Team GB 's performance is put into context by the overwhelming dominance of Team USA. What is a comparatively new experience for us being near the top of the medal table is, I guess, just ho hum par for the course stuff for you Yanks. Your only question being : did we dominate more than last time, about the same or not quite as much? What an enviable debate to have! Here's an interesting article examining Team USA's powerful performance in Rio. It might bring a smile to the lips of even the most jaded Yankee sports lovers! http://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/olympics-2016/rio-2016-team-usas-historic-dominance-of-olympic-medal-tally/news-story/0dc00537fe43f42cad7a504a7debcd5e
  19. A bit strange that these people are so sure they would have finished 2nd on the medal table if their full team had been allowed to participate. After all, they still finished 4th behind GB in London when all the Russians were (presumably) there! I guess logic and reason often take a big hit when ill-will and jealousy dominate the emotions. Totally agree with you with about the nasty vibes that have been emanating from that country since Putin got into his stride. Alas, the brief honeymoon years of Gorbachev and dear old Boris Yeltsin when Russia seemed to be finally coming to an understanding with the West seem to be well and truly gone.
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