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  1. It's funny how people are up in arms about a lack of taxpayer reimbursement in Vancouver and using it as a reason to call for a boycott, but haven't made a peep about China closing down permanently severl lower-class elementary schools for their Games...
  2. Yes well, that's why, at least until democritization (it will happen, it's just a matter of when; look at the USSR,) they will grow faster than the rest of us. *Prays for democritization in China and a President with more vision in America*
  3. Here it is, the race for the games of the XXX Olympiad in 2012! The American race alone is strange, with the candidate cities being the same as in real life. In 2001, Dallas, Cincinatti, San Francisco, and Washington DC are eliminated. After that, Houston and Los Angeles are ousted. In the final showdown, Tampa beats out New York City by two votes. Within the week, the TABOC President is overcome with religious conviction and announces that Tampa bought bids and drops out, leaving New York City for the US. The NYC bid is joined by Paris, London, Madrid, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Havana, and Istanbul. The latter four are eliminated, and the race procedes. Paris is seen as a favorite, but a sudden drop in public support makes the IOC think twice. In the end, Toronto wins. The TORCOG president and Dick Pound decide to rent a suite at Vancouver 2006, and invite Daniel Doctoroff and Michael Bloomberg to come along. As Bloomberg is taping the Opening Ceremonies (starring Avril Lavigne), the tape picks up a conversation about Toronto buying votes to win. This is revealed, and Toronto is stripped of the games and forbidden and banned from hosting until 2072, and DIck Poun is expelled from the IOC for life. There is a re-election, and Madrid wins this. However, a sort of a coup occurs at Madrid city hall, and the ew government decides to drop the games, and NYC instantly picks them up. Disgraced, Jacques Rogge resigns, and Kevan Gosper becomes president of the IOC.
  4. Here's my "How bizzarre can it get?" scenario. 1996: Athens is awarded the games, however, construction delays force the games to Seoul. In a twist of fate, many of Seoul's venue constructions are found to not meet many safety standards, and Athens has managed to get its act together, and is reawarded the 1996 games. 1998: Salt Lake City is seen as a favorite, but when Athens has issues, a good chunk of the IOC assumes the games will be reawarded to Los Angeles. Because of this Nagano wins in a landslide. When Seoul is given 1996, SLC tries to force them to drop 1998, but the IOC intervenes. Salt Lake City swears never to bid again. When Athens gets 1996 back, Brian Hatch commits hara-kiri jumping off the Mormon Temple. 2000: Since SLC is obviously not getting the games anytime soon, America decides, for Lord knows what reason, that Nashville can win the Millennium games. The IOC, after laughing their asses off, eliminates Nashville from the running. Because of the fear of three consecutive Asian games, Sydney wins soundly. 2002: Sion, Vancouver, and Torino bid. It is revealed that Torino is buying votes, and then Sion wins over Vancouver. 2004: Embarrassed to no end, the USOC does not bid for these games, but Rome, Istanbul, Cape Town, and Rio do, and it is an unbelievable race, with Rio and Istanbul bowing out due to feuds with Saramanch. Cape Town wins because of Sion 2002. 2006: Vancouver wins by default when rival PyeongChang is forced out of the running by tensions with the north. 2008: America puts forward Houston (again, why?), which is eliminated, leaving Beijing, London, Paris, and Istanbul. Despite Rogge's heavy leaning towards Pair, the Samaranch factor means Beijing 2008. 2010: Not a particularly interesting race. In a field of Annecy, Santiago, and Quebec City, Santiago gets the nod. COMING TOMORROW: 2012, the most absurd race EVER
  5. OK, slight factual error: even if Flight 93 had hit the White House, President Bush was in Fort Lauderdale at the time, so he wouldn't be dead. Secondly, If Cheney had become president, I am 100% certain the world would no longer exist as we know it.
  6. Really? Thanks for the info. LOL I was only 6 during Atlanta, so I don't remember much.
  7. While the first statement is true, Atlanta used dorms at Georgia Tech for the Olympic Village, so that wouldn't have been an issue.
  8. By the way, the parameters say that Athens had to WIN the 1996 bames, not HOST the 1996 games. Itsy-bitsy loophole. ::
  9. When I say outraged Atlanta, I mean that Atlanta, in this scenario, would have lost the games from Athens by a few votes. Had the IOC realized Athens had issues before it was too late, Atlanta would have won.
  10. 1996: Athens inches past Atlanta by a few votes, but construction and security issues force the games to be moved to Los Angeles in early 1993. An outraged Atlanta swears never to bid again. 1998: Salt Lake City wins by a wide margin, but when Athens drops two years later, Salt Lake City is forced by the IOC to give the games to close second place Nagano. 2000: America decides to put forward Washington, DC, which goes up against Beijing, Sydney, and Istanbul in the shortlist. However, because LA recieved 1996 after the shortlist was made, Washington is forced out of the shortlist. Istanbul goes in the first round, and Sydney wins over Beijing in a tie-breaker. 2002: Salt Lake City, an obvious front runner, is forced to drop its bid when Dick Pound reveals the votes for money scandal (I can have fun, can't I?). This leaves Muju and Ostersund in the final round, and Ostersund wins by just one vote. 2004: Seeing the lack of European candidates, Beijing decides to bid for 2004, along with Cape Town, Istanbul, Toronto, and San Francisco. Washington, DC drops the American bid after feeling humiliated from the loss in 2000. Toronto is seen as a favorite, but San Francisco is a surprise spoiler, and Beijing wins by three votes over Toronto, and four over San Francisco. 2006: South Korea decides not to bid after Beijing 2004, so the field is Torino, Vancouver, and Sion. Vancouver wins by a very wide margin over the other two in the first ballot, presumably because the IOC wants a European 2008. 2008: San Francisco bids again, as well as an all-star European line up: Paris, London, and Rome. Istanbul also makes the shortlist. As a crushing blow to San Francisco, it only gets 2 votes on the first ballot. After it, Istanbul and London are eliminated. On the final ballot, Paris beats Rome in a landslide 4-1 ratio. 2010: Europe decides to give 2010 a try with Torino and Salzburg. Also in the race are Santiago and PyeongChang. Through a major scandal, Salzburg wins by a landslide on the first ballot. 2012: With Europe effectively out of the running until about 2028, the bidders are New York City, Toronto, Rio de Janiero, Istanbul, and Mexico City. The USOC goes with New York City after San Francisco's humiliating loss in the 2008 race. Mexico City goes first on environmental issues alone, followed by Istanbul and Rio de Janiero for infrastructure concerns, and then New York City and Toronto go into tie breaker rounds, leaving New York City as the host city for 2012.
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