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  1. Turkey was definitely a "loser" in this year's Olympic games. Not only did we earn 2 medals less than what we earned in Athens, but we also just barely exceeded half of the medal amount we had hoped to gain. Our National Olympic commitee had set an unrealisitic goal of 15 but had to settle with 8. The reason that led to this failure was because a lot of our medals hopefulists were either knocked off early in matches like wrestling as well as boxing , or they couldn't do the required amount of lifting in weightlifting to get them a medal around their necks. There's a bit of a controversy going on in Turkey right now, as to what needs to be done so that this scenario wont have to repeat its self in four years from now. A lot of suggestions and proposal are being offered but hopefully they'll put their words into action.
  2. Nevertheless, it allows those that rely on the performance of Animals. Where do the performance of the athelets come into play - other than knowing how to ride and hold onto a horse?
  3. I just saw a few minutes to the USA VS Cuba women's Beach volleyball and the satdium was almost half empty.
  4. Shooting. How on earth is that considered a sport is beyond me. They also need to do away with Triathlon. I mean - it's nothing more than a combination of 3 sports that are already in the Olympics lumped into one. Equestrian also needs to go. If they inisit on having it in the olympics, than NASCAR speed racing should also be included.
  5. Yeah - I also saw rows of empty seats for the Volleyball matches as well. Not that I care obviously, it's just that the media has the constant habit of informing us that everything is sold out weeks before the games take place.
  6. Yayness! We earned out first medal on the first day of competition. We were actually expecting to earn two medals for the womens under 48 kg in Weightlifting (just as we did in Athens) but unfortunately - Nurcan Taylan could not defend the title that she's earned back in Athens and did not even finish her tasks.
  7. So this is where I flood these photos of our athletes making their way down the stadium?
  8. There's still no word at who will be the Turkish flag bearer. Knowing us, we probably wont decide ours until seconds before we're called to march out into the stadium.
  9. Don't forget that arch enemies of Armenia and Azerbaijan aren't that too far off from each other as well.
  10. Turkey's probably aiming to get at least 10 medals, which is what we received in Athens. They'll most likely come from Weightlifting, wrestling and taekwondo.
  11. I only brought that up because you made it seem as if it was "hypocritical" for virtually anyone to protest against Human right records elsewhere, when their own nations (i.e. government officials) are guilty of it. A thought that I bitterly disagree with. Anyways, I had brought those nations up since they aren't exactly the innocent while lambs with regards to allegations of torture and whatnot. Who's worse or better is totally a different matter here, which is what you're primarily trying to focus on.
  12. I wasn't deflecting anything. All I'm stating is that there isn't anything wrong or hyporactical with the fact if people from wherever they may come from protest against Human Rights crimes elsewhere. That is it.
  13. Actually, protesting against the government has actually been a common trend over the past couple of years in Turkey. So the situation there has changed quite drastically, through it isn't anywhere close to being picture perfect just yet. Anyways, I still don't see anything wrong with having activists and concerned public citizens protesting against the crimes of the Chinese government. This is given the fact that it's a "good" opportunity to do so, seeing that the torch did come to Istanbul. Not that I'm trying to get even here, but according to your type of thinking - the US and Argentine citizens shouldn't also be protesting at all since their governemnts have been to some degree responsible for committing human rights crimes as well. I just don't see the logic of having human rights activists being responsible to only speak out against the crimes of their own nations and not elsewhere as well.
  14. I get what you're saying but did the Turkish authorities themselves critisize the injustice of what China has done, or just public human rights activists? I actually haven't followed the news of what occured when the torch came to Istanbul but I can't imagine that the government official would have wasted their time to condemn or speak out against China's human rights record. I would imagine that some human rights activists would have protested, which I don't see anything wrong with that at all. I mean, this act of protest doesn't mean they're cherry picking as to what they chose to speak out against. I'm sure that they're against violations of human rights wherever it may occur.
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