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  1. I love samba! and the carnival people of Rio! Hope to see you in 2016!!!!
  2. I love the opening ceremonies. There may be some glitches. But the Canadian people put their heart in every performance. I loved it!
  3. Thank you Micheal! I hope I could really volunteer. Have a great day!
  4. I was able to register to the volunteer recruitment program!!!!! Yahooo!!!!!!
  5. Can I still join the VOLUNTEER PROGRAM. Please help me!!!! XU WEN TING and other people.....I need your help so I could still volunteer.
  6. Like it! The figure is really looking dynamic. Keep it up Harbin!
  7. Hi! I hope they still bring the TORCH to TAIWAN. They might have bitter historical struggles with each other. But in the spirit of camaraderie and goodwill, I believe that is the next best thing to do! Hi to my friends XU WEN TING, BLUEVIEW, and BARON PIERRE. I am back! MCRHON
  8. Venues are actually one of the measures that test one's capability and preparedness in hosting the games. I am really sure that the facilities will be of greater significance. I foresee that it will be a mixture of modernity and tradition. I just can't wait to see all the beautiful sporting venues in China.
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