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  1. Agreed, the 1st games better go to Athens, then for the next games, better to go to the new cities like Singapore, Algiers, San Francisco maybe , Jakarta I hope... , Manila ? I mean, YOG maybe better for not any main cities like Moscow , Torino etc
  2. GO ATHENS 2010 !!! Singapore for 2014
  3. Hey,hey, do you have any good reason for your post ?? as long as i know YSOG is open for any city, and they also have less requirement, so any city maybe still have their chance!!! But for the 1st YSOG I supprt Athens !! Go athens !!!
  4. Algier ?? woa, is there anybody here have the news about algier bid ? how about guatamala? is guatamala make a bid too ?
  5. by the way, who are the candidate cities dor youth olympic 2010 ? singapore ? moscow ? who else ?
  6. hey, btw, beijing 2008 is just about 1 year to go, so do you have any memorabillia of them ? i want to see the memorabillia from beijing 2008.. maybe pin? key holder? t-shirt ? i have t-shirt one, but is not an official.. T_T, if you have memorabillia of beijing please share your picture in here, thank you, xie xie
  7. maybe something like from the logo, maybe london will perform band, or dancer or something else that looking like 80's ? because i think sir coe very like about 80's
  8. Oh yeah, 3 years to go, i'm sorry, and btw when canada have fall season ? september ? october ?
  9. Hey, i live in tropical country, so basically i don't know, when canada will be in fall ? is that between september-oktober ?
  10. so, it's about 4 years to go to vancouver 2010, when they will release the mascot ???
  11. hi nuto, why you can't stop your debat ??? pardon me.... gracias...
  12. hi, i don't know what happen between both of you. But can you stop your spanish debat ??? gracias
  13. hey !! what happen with us congress ?? Are they crazy ??
  14. hi, i want to know more about seoul 1988, like what is the meaning of their logo ?, why they choose hodori for their mascott? how about the pucture of seoul 1988 stadium ?
  15. Ok here is the message I received: Board Message Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: Sorry, you do not have permission to start a topic in this forum thank you moderator..
  16. I tried to make a new thread for many times in Past games about seoul 1988 .. and I still can not make any new thread...
  17. Hi moderator, i have a question.. Can a non premium member make a new thread ??
  18. Usually the host for the games (summer or winter) need 7 years to preparing the event, if the youth olympic will take place in 2010, which city is ready ?? is that too soon for any city to prepare the youth games ? why not in 2014 ?
  19. O I c in indonesia we have popnas (Pekan Olahraga Pelajar Nasional) or National Student Sport Week
  20. hey, how about universiaded ?? is that something like youth olympic ???
  21. In Sydney 2000 PC's games, we must compete in the regional competition first before we can enter the olympic right ?
  22. well i think vancouver 2010 and calgary 1988 logo is much better then stupid london 2012 logo
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