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  1. BTW, how could I know about the qualifier for Beijing 2008 for each sport ? I mean is there any list consist of the qualifier for each sport for Beijing 2008 ? thank you
  2. yeah Singapore the best in South East Asia for sailing... , I don't know Is Indonesia still send Oka Sulaksana to compete with Singaporean , at last Olympic hi got 14th place...
  3. Hmm... Beijing 2008 will start in about 10 months again, so from what sport your country can collect the medals, and how much ? For the start, for Indonesia, I thought we can get medals from badminton and also weightlifting. A little prediction about medals from Indonesia Badminton Mixed double (at least we can get silver) Mens double (hoping can get the gold, at least silver) Mens single(at least silver, Lin Dan vs Taufik Hidayat at final ) Weightlifting (umh... maybe at least we can get 2/3 bronze)
  4. Sorry, I made mistake, Chinese Taipei, Korea, and Japan are good in Baseball, and in softball China, and Japan are the most dominant team in Asia
  5. How could China got the medals ? I thought Chinese Taipei better than China, and where are the Koreans ?? I though the medals will go to USA,Japan,Aussie
  6. I think the one and the only one GANEFO was in Jakarta 1964 , there is no bid book at that time
  7. FYI, in Indonesia, torch bearer are choosen by Samsung (Indonesian torch bearer sponsor) from the list of torch bearer in Indonesia consist of Celebrity and Athletes, Samsung made a list of nominee, then Indonesian people choose from that list, so ordinary person can't be torch bearer in Indonesia
  8. Is this confirmed ? So Taiwan will boycott Beijing 2008 ? What a shameful... Taiwanese and Chinese actually are brother, they are from the same ancestor, but because they are different in their ideology, they became like this....
  9. How to find the bid book ? Can I help you FYI i live in Indonesia.. , so maybe I just can make a very little help
  10. When will you add Seoul 1988 bid book ? I just have the report one , thank you
  11. Hey, I want to know, what kind of sport that played in that floating stadium ?
  12. Sorry out of topic, but i'm curios is already fall in Canada ? maybe we can see another great decision from VANOC after they unveil the mascot at this fall....
  13. oh c'mon alexjc, james is a funny thing in this thread... , he just a 15 years old brat who think that he is a mature enough, moderator please let james go, I think if we are mature enough, we don't need to take james's post... just let him posting, I feel funny read all his post, even when he tried to attack me
  14. even Madrid need more than 40000 euro for that contest
  15. What ? So we won't have any logo for SYOG ? I think with a good logo, the host of the games can get a great income for selling the merchandise with this logo embeded on the merchandise...
  16. So, you think, until we have top 5 cities, they won't make any official website and official log...
  17. Hmm, we all already know, there are 11 cities which bid for the 1st youth olympic games, but is there any news about, where is their official website from each candidate ?
  18. woaaaaaaaaa, thatsnotmypuppy thank you for Nagoya 1988 bid book hontoni arigatou gozaimasu.... now i'm waiting for seoul 1988 bid book
  19. Baron, if you have extra ticket for charades finals, would you give to me ? I want to see Charades final too !! Sa who are the finalist from your prediction Baron ? Would it be USA vs Canada ?
  20. hey, there is a little detail.... there is pictures of children all around the world with their smile
  21. I think the top 5 will be : Athens, Greece Moscow, Russia Turin, Italy Singapore, Singapore.. And the last spot will be between : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Belgrade, Serbia But Belgrade have bigger chance, coz I think, Will IOC put 2 cites from south east asia together in the top 5 ? I think they won't do it...
  22. Go Athens... And now, we'll wait for the SOG bidders on sept 9th....
  23. hoo, thank you thatsnotmypuppy, I wish you can upload bid boof of seoul and nagoya...
  24. Mmh... sorry-sorry, I don't know, is there any different between bid book and reports book ? If there are they different, Could you upload the bid book for 1988 games ? Seoul and Nagoya ? thank you
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