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  1. I vote for Mukmuk to be an official mascot too
  2. I saw mukmuk in vancouver website, and for me mukmuk is the cutest , why mukmuk not become their official mascot too ? any info ?
  3. I fell their "live" version seem more Asian.....
  4. Hmm... although I think they are not the best logo for WOG, but they also not the worst for me, they are still better then Lake Placid mascot, so for me they are quite good enough, although I'm still feel very awkward knwoing they are olympic mascot, for me they are look like an ordinary cartoon from cartoon network, their style is like powerpuff girls
  5. R U serious ? Why Bogoc announces lawsuit over Sumi ? any info ?
  6. They look very Asian, and have a little powerpuff girls style.... I just feel a little weird knowing that they are the mascot for an olympic event...
  7. It's the TIME !!!!! guys I can't get it live in Indonesia, plz give me info ASAP... thank you
  8. Of course for Chinese badminton is one of favorite sport, because of that I recommend it to our friend, he asdk about sport that underrated in North America, but are exciting to see in person
  9. How about Badminton ? That sport don't receive much media attention in North America right ? and second maybe about trampoline I, myself don't know anything about that sport....
  10. Is james will represent Nigeria for Youth Gay Olympic Games ? joking james
  11. I think the honours should go to Athens, Singapore is my second choice, but Singapore even withdrawn their chance to be SeaGames host in 2011 with the reason because their stadium is not ready yet, so why we choose Singapore for 2010 YOG ? I prefer Singapore be the host for 2014 !! 2010 should go to Athens
  12. I thought, the final two will be between Singapore vs Athens...
  13. I think there is 2 kind official games for beijing 2008, the 1st is sonic vs mario and the second is like athens 2004 and other olympic games
  14. Hmm... a very good idea sir, so people with limited bandwith -like me - can skip that thread...
  15. How abot a rapud trans between east side to the west side of USA ?
  16. Hi, Mod you said that if you are not a premium member, you can not post picture, but with happen with crusty_bint ? He/She post a lot of same pictures in the commonwealth thread, would you delete his post !!! that really wasting my bandwith
  17. I just curios, is there any high speed trans in USA ? If there is not, why ?
  18. Ah, Baron, I'm very disappointed you are not alerting me , but OK I got the news !! can't wait till 27 nov
  19. actually I just want to know, how durban shark know about national olympic team sponsor, and if he know about Indonesia sponsor, maybe he would show to me about who is the sponsor for Indonesia team..
  20. Durbanshark, how could you know about the national sponsor from many countries ? Do you know about Indonesia sponsor(s) ? As far as I know, Indonesia sponsors is : Samsung...., and don't know others sponsors
  21. Hahahaha, I'm ok with james post Baron, Thank you for your concern
  22. yeah, sorry, I'm wrong, I thougn that's baseball...
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