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  1. Thank you sir, I hope I heard good news from you, oh, mmh.. please let me know too about what kind of sport that available in beijing 2008 official games.
  2. Guys, for you who tried the official video games (not the sonic and mario version) I have question... Is there any Indonesia in the games ? Coz I played olympic games since 1992, and until 2004 version there is no Indonesia team on the game, I really don't understand, why there is Malaysia, Singapore, but there is no Indonesia ? In olympic history we all know that Indonesia have better record than Malaysia or Singapore, since 1992 we always got the gold, so back to my question is there any Indonesia team in the games ? thank you,
  3. Hmm, durban, I'm not sure that RCTI, Global TV Indonesia, and TPI will broadcast the beijing 2008, because, until now, they never advertise about beijing 2008, the only tv free to air in Indonesia which air something about beijing 2008 is metro tv, they airing beijing dream 2008. But I hope you are right, so we can watch Beijing 2008 via MNC Group,btw i feel something wrong here, if First media is the owner of beijing 2008 right for Indonesia area, why they share the right with MNC group (RCTI, TPI and Global TV Indonesia), they are different group, and they are rival
  4. Hi all, Hi durban_sandshark, I just get some rumours that _like you said_ firstmedia will be the broadcaster for beijing 2008 in Indonesia, it's not been confirmed yet (I just sent to them an email to clarified this rumours), so for Indonesian people, we must pay for beijing 2008, and like I said that forstmedia coverage is very limited they only broadcast in 2 biggest cities in Indonesia, so not all Indonesian can watch Beijing 2008, for Indonesia who doesn't live in that 2 cities maybe just can get some news from another channel FYI durban if you interested here is some list for Indonesia broadcaster Euro 2008 -> MNC Group (RCTI, TPI, Global TV) (Free to Air) F1 -> Global TV (Free to Air) MotoGP -> Trans 7 (Free to Air) A1 GP -> Global TV (Free to Air) Superbike -> Trans 7 (Free to Air) Champions League -> RCTI (Free to Air) La Liga (Spain Football League) -> RCTI (Free to Air) Serie A (Italian Football League) -> Trans 7 (Free to Air) Eredivisie (Holland Football League) -> Tv One (Free to Air) Bundesliga (German Football League) -> Indovision (Pay TV), RCTI (Free to Air) Premier League (England Football League) -> Astro TV (Pay TV), Tv One (Free to Air) FA Cup -> ANTV (Free to Air) Italian Cup -> Trans 7 (Free to Air) Badminton SS -> Indovision (Pay TV), Trans TV, Trans 7 Brazillian League -> Indovision (Pay TV) J League (Japanese Football League) -> Indovision (Pay TV) Indonesian Football League -> ANTV (Free to Air) FIFA WC 2010 -> Electronic City (This is an electronic store, they got the right, and maybe they will sell this right to the highest bid)
  5. durban_shark, sadly, I just try to browse to get some info in which channel I can watch beijing 2008 in Indonesia, and.. until now, there is no confirmation about which channel will broadcast it, I browse to RCTI, TPI, Global tv, even to their parent MNC, and there is no news about it, I also try to MNC's cable TV (Indovision) and still the result is same... I read some gossip that Trans corp group will broadcast for the badminton event but.... until now there is official result about it too, so for Indonesia (until now) there is not broadcaster tv yet
  6. Hi james... did you make a lot of friends now ? I hope so, sorry but with my condition now, I can't connect to the internet 24 houts 7 days a week now, so whenever I can connect to the internet I';; visit this forum GBU bro
  7. Thank you bro . I checked in wikipedia and yup you are so right, RCTI , TPI, and Global TV (they are free to air TV) will broadcast olympic for free in Indonesia, but... FYI... until now I live in Indonesia, and until now (less than 3 months to the opening) they never broadcast any advertise about they will broadcast beijing 2008 (RCTI, TPI, and Global TV are in the same network MNC, which this is the biggest media network in Indonesia, they have 3 free to air channel, 1 cable tv, 1 national newspaper, few radios,etc) they just broadcast advertise about EURO 2008 again and again, I'm assuming that for Indonesia's channel will broadcast badminton and maybe soccer, but the biggest badminton channel in Indonesia is not under MNC group, the biggest badminton channel is in Trans corp group (Trans TV and Trans 7), so I'm not too sure that wikipedia is right, until they are officially news about which channel will broadcast beijing 08 in Indonesia. durban_shark I'll try to inform you if I get information about which channel will broadcast for Indonesia, and vice versa if you have any info please post it in this forum. Thank you , umh, add an info.. firstmedia is a cable network which we must pay to subscribe, and firstmedia area coverage is really narrow, only jakarta (the capital) and surabaya(2nd largest), so I think firstmedia won't get the right
  8. Hahahah, you are so right, UHF not UHV : thank you for your correction
  9. So based on your post, I can watch Indonesia badminton player on TVRI huh ? thank for the info durban, I will set my UHV antenna to TVRI now, cos aI never wacth TVRI before
  10. What wrong with China ? I remembered when China would be host of 2004 Woman World Cup, there is SARS epidemic in China, made that tournament move to US, now in 2008, when China will be the host of 2008 olympic, there are several case, like epidemic and earthquake.... , Hope God bless China and all the victim in there
  11. Thank you durban, Indonesian are very strange, we can watch EURO 2008 for free, we can watch European Championship League, we can watch top 4 from european soccer league for free, but for Olympic where indonesia tak a part, we must pay for watch it..
  12. Hi, is there anybody know who is the TV broadcaster for Indonesia area ? Coz since Athens 2004, Indonesia didn't have any olympic broadcaster, and until now (3 months before the games_ i never see any olympic adv in Indonesian TV, we just can see the Beijing dream in metro TV (Indonesian news channel), so if anybody know which TV will broadcast olympic in Indonesia, please share with me thank you
  13. I just watched TV, and there is a news flash said Singapore got the 2010 games, so I ran to my PC, connect to the internet and CONGRAT SG !!! congrat rocky , congrat NYCD 2010, Will sg buy another sand from Indonesia to reclamation their beach to built another stadium ? , ok congrat SG !!!
  14. Woaaa... Thank's bro, I add a few info for Tennis Indonesia will try to get wild card for single woman Cycling, actually Indonesia have an athlete who pass Olympic standard, but the event that athlete qualify is not in schedule in Beijing 2008, so Indonesia will try to ask IOC to get permission for this athlete to play in another cycling event , for volleyball, Indonesia team will try the best to get qualify anyway, thank's alo of fox334
  15. Firstly I prefer Athens, but when it down to Moscow or S'pore, I prefer S'pore, and Russia got 2014 winter games why IOC will choose another Russian city 4 years before the winter one ? So go Singapore, Jia you !!!
  16. Thank's NYCD 2012, but I'm still in my hometown so I still have my internet slow speed problem , OK wish that our nation can get medal(s) in Beijing, S'pore, Indonesia Jia You !!!
  17. For Beijing 2008, Indonesia will take a part in 14 different sport, they are : badminton, taekwondo, weightlifting, athletic, ,swimming, boxing, tennis, cycling, archery, judo, rowing, and, indoor volleyball.Indonesia will sent 98 athletes. for swimming, athletic, and weightlifting will take a practise in Australia , all Indonesia's team will start they Olympic camp training on 21st January, Indonesia aiming at least 1 gold medal from badminton, and wishing can get gold medal from weightlifting. That a little info about Indonesia's Beijing 2008 team, thank you
  18. Hmm I think as pinoy you knew too about what thai did in the last sea games for their win...
  19. Bangkok ?? wew if Bangkok get the games I wont surprise they become the champion for the 1st YO.. Thailand really cheater !!! I mean in seagames they do everything to be the champion...
  20. Before 2010, let's celebrate 2008 games first
  21. I don' know in US but in Indonesia, lenovo is cheaper than sony, for laptop in the same class, sony price maybe about 12 million rupiahs, and lenovo just about 8 million rupiahs...
  22. Beijing's air pollution still the biggest problem for 2008 at this time
  23. in 1990 Beijing didn't have air pollution as bas as today, at that time China economic is not growing fast yet as now....
  24. Beijing have one of the worst air polluted in the world... And that's a fact james
  25. I wonder is there any continent representation for Volleyball in Beijing 2008 ? I mean like Japan and Korea from Asia, US for North America, and Russia for Europe, I mean are all of the countries in Japan battling for one ticket ? Are Japan, Korea, USA, Russia, Bulgaria battling for one ticket ? so is possible in Beijing there is no Asian country in Volleyball ?
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