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  1. Latest result, LILIYANA / WIDIANTO Nova qualify to the next round, and CHANDRA Alvent Yulianto / HADIYANTO Luluk failed, Indonesian archer, Rina, also lost to the Russian
  2. Until the 5th days Indonesia just got 2 bronze medals, thanks to weightlifter, althought Eko julianto was predicted by sport illustrated to get the gold medal, but we satisfied with his bronze, Indonesia still looking for a gold from Badminton, mixed double is our greatest hope,single man, and double man also have a chance
  3. Congrat for Malay Wong choong han beats Taufik , I'm waiting here what another reason from Taufik why he lost , he really a loser, now for Indonesia, our biggest hope for gold is from mixed double !!!
  4. Hi all, I have been in Jakarta for 2 weeks, so I can't check this forum, news update for Indonesia TV broadcaster, Aora TV, the newest cable TV in Indonesia have 4 channels to btroadcast the beijing 2008, beside TVRI whose always broadcast from 09.00-12.00 then 15.00-19.00
  5. Latest news from Indonesia squad, Taufik Hidayat MAYBE can't take a part in Beijing 2008, he got sick and must stay in hospital for about 2 weeks
  6. Wow, SI predicted that Indonesia'll won the gold on 56KG weightlifting hope that prediction is right
  7. I just read the SI prediction like I said in another post, Indonesia biggest chance to get the gold is from badminton mixed double, although there is hope in man double but kido-hendra doesn't have a good mental, they usually fail in big competition, and for taufik hidayat, there are a lot of Indonesian who don't like him because he so arrogant, so we hope in double mixed
  8. Last night Indonesian athletes just meet the goverment Indonesia to ask a bless and etc etc (sorry i can't describe it in english ), at that time too Indonesia release our official clothes, it's all red with a white stripes
  9. I hope Iraqi can join the olympic under the olympic flag, BTW I don't get the news why the iraqi can take a part in olympic ?
  10. For me : - People posters I don't like it - Sport posters just common sport poster - Theme posters I LIKE IT, simple but elegant
  11. Here's some detail of olympic in TVRI : - TVRI is choosen because their coverage area is the largest in Indonesia, they reach all the region in Indonesia with out exception - TVRI will air all of the sport where Indonesian athletes take a part - TVRI will air 123 hours of Olympic in 4 channels - TVRI will send 5 crew to the Beijing and they will start air the Beijing 2008 from the opening ceremony on august 8th 19.00 Indonesian West Time
  12. :lol: FINALLY !!! We in Indonesia can watch Beijing 2008 !!!! TVRI (the goverment tv) will air the olympic, they just sign the MoU with ABU in 15th july !!! hohohoho thank you thank you !!!
  13. KOI (Indonesia Olympic Comitee) will hope in Badminton and Weightlifting, here are the list 1 - 3 Gold Medal from : Single Man (I don't think Taufik will win the medal...), Double Man(I also doubt this chance), and Mixed Double (Yeah, this is the greatest hope ) the rest is Medal from Badminton and weightlifting , weightlifting also have the gold hope from Man, but I forget in which class
  14. I think we can receive some broadcaster from aboard CCTV will be my first option , other than that, we still have cable TV like ESPN, eurosport, StarSport, etc , like durban said, I hope there will be last minute tv channel in Indonesia which will buy the right, I hope at least TVRI (the goverment own channel) can buy the right
  15. latest news from Indonesia broadcaster, it's confirmed on July 9th that there is no Indonesia's broadcaster which will broadcast the olympic , the reason is because the demand for Olympic in Indonesia is very low... they said that just badminton and maybe soccer which have a lot of audience in Indonesia, and unfortunately the broadcaster can choose to buy just two sport, they said the broadcaster must buy all of the packet and that is pretty expensive for Indonesia's broadcaster
  16. Interesting... So Baron, form the seer, who got 2016 games ? Chicago ?
  17. I will get one but the pirated version , coz like i said, there is no original version in indonesia
  18. Ok Sir Thank you for your info , I just realize why there is no Indonesia in that games, even since barcelona'92 until beijing 2008, Indonesia national team never been in the games, I realize because we in indonesia never buy the original games , you know in indonesia market it's very difficult to find any original software, all sofware which on the market (including microsoft windows, office, adobe, all of the games) is pirated version, so I understand why SEGA don't include Indonesia in the games
  19. Hi all, I just see in the web, it said that the games is already released, is that true ? Is there anybody here already have the games ? Is there any indonesia national team in the games ? thank you
  20. ^ Sydney 2000 is the last games where we Indonesia can watched it freely, I remember when the Indonesia team entered the stadium, suddenly the camera shoot another angle (At that time Indonesia and Australia have a little problem ) Athens 2004 can watched in cable tv with limited area, just in Jakarta and Surabaya via FirstMedia the rumours is FirstMedia also have the right for Beijing 2008, but when I asked FirstMedia about it, they not reply my email yet , maybe we in Indonesia can watch Beijing 2008 via CCTV china
  21. Is there anybody here who get the preview yet ? sir_roltel maybe ?
  22. Hmm... but I think Indonesian TV won't aired Beijing 2008, because until now, 2 months left before the start of Beijing 2008, there is no one TV in Indonesia which aired any commercial about they will air the games, so sad
  23. I just checked Wikipedia, there is no Indonesia broadcaster now in wikipedia for Beijing 2008 , rumours that Beijing 2008 won't be aired in Indonesia seem true now
  24. Hmm... Is in New Zealand is the world first release ? Is there anywhere else which release this game faster than NZ ? coz I believe we in Indonesia can get the games soon after this games release for the first time
  25. A badminton in a video game ? Hmm... as an IT engineer, I will be really surprise, Badminton is a very fast game - the world record is 294 km/hours- in a relative small court -if you compare it with tennis- and there is no bounce effect in the shuttlecock, -if you compare it with table tennis- when the shuttlecock fall in the court, that will be the point , so that will be very difficult to create a badminton video game, that will also very difficult for us to play a badminton video games , and in Athens 2004, Indonesian also got a medal from Weightlifting, so there is no reason why Indonesia is no in the official video games, and Malaysia is only got the medals from badminton too, so why there is Malaysian team in video games ??? -sorry I don't mean to attack the Malaysian-
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