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  1. Singapore 2010 logo design competition : http://www.singapore2010.sg/logo/home.html
  2. How bout sweden case ? when the bronze medal claim there is unfair judgement in the semifinal too ? Is that also im taekwondo ?
  3. I also enjoying BMX match, very interesting, very cool, like them in the first sight
  4. The athletes parade is an important segment for the athletes, because I think you'll feel very proud if you are an athlete and then you are marching into the stadium represent your country
  5. actually Indonesia's national anthem on Beijing 2008 is very standard but, because it's heard on the olympic event, os I just feel better than usual
  6. OK, I know, that this is too soon for some country, but for my country, Indonesia, the olympic is over now, our last athletes (Nova Widiyanto, Liliyatna Natsir) just finished their last match last night, so here is the resume of Indonesia's squad in Beijing 2008. At first, Indonesia's possible medals come from : -4 Gold medals (3 from badminton : men's single, men's double, and mixed double, 1 from weightlifting : men's 56 kg) -4 Silver medals (3 from badminton : men's single, men's double, and mixed double, 1 from weightlifting : women's 53 kg) -1 Bronze medals (2 from weightlifting : men's 62 kg, men's 69 kg) Indonesia's target are : -2 Gold medals (2 from badminton : men's double, mixed double) -4 Silver medals (2 from badminton : men's single, mixed double, 2 from weightlifting : men's 56 kg, women's 53 kg) -2 Bronze medals (1 from badminton : men's single, 2 from weightlifting : men's 62 kg) But, Indonesia's achievement are : -1 Gold medals (from : men's double) -1 Silver medals (from : mixed double) -3 Bronze medals (1 from badminton : woman's single, 2 form weightlifting : men's 62 kg, men's 56 kg) overall we didn't get our target, but we got a big surprise from Maria Kristin who can got the bronze medal from woman's single, Indonesia's achievement in Beijing 2008 is better than in Athens 2004 How bout the resume of your country ? please share
  7. Too bad for MAS, I can't watch the match coz neither TVRI or CCTV broadcast the match, but when I heard the news, mmh... look like super dan is too super for choong wei, maybe in next time will be better achievement for MAS team ? If I'm not mistake, the best chance for MAS to get GOLD in olympic history was in Atlanta 1996 in the Men's double where MAS's pair win in the first set for 5-15, and then they lead 13-9 to INA's pair in the 2nd set... And BTW, August 17th is Indonesia's independence day, and too bad for us, because our mixed double didin't the best, we lost the bronze, and the gold...
  8. Thank you bro, finally first gold in Beijing 2008, hope tonight we get another gold
  9. And a surprising achievement from Maria Kristin Yulianti, she got bronze, first medal after 12 years without any medal from single woman, hope in the next time, Maria can be another Susi Susanti
  10. Before the historic match for MAS, today is final match for INA vs CHN in double man, at 21.30 China's team, please root for INA first, than tomorrow we will cheer for Indonesian mixed double -hope that'll be all Indonesian final-, and after that Lin Dan vs Choong Wei....
  11. I think because there are a lot of chinese table tennis athlete who move to the Singapore, because that Singapore have a very strong table tennis team , in swimming... umm... China itself not a strong country, so a chinese simmer maybe still stay on China... hope you can understand what I mean, btw it 2 last points.... congrat to the Singapore, they will face the undefeated China in the final...
  12. UNBELIEVABLE !! Speechless.... wait for the 3rd set....
  13. And.... We have the last match that'll be Park Vs Feng, based on their achievement, Feng have a better record, she is originally a single player, and Park is a double player, so let's see, what will happen in this match, will Singapore hope still continue, or Korea will go to the final ?
  14. And, congat for the 1st SIN's double... OK SIN you still have at least silver hope ,
  15. I just left the match for a second, and SIN already won the 2nd set ? congrat,but in the 3rd match Kor already lead 4 - 2 just in a second ? a very interesting match here...
  16. Mmh.. No I don't mean only in table tennis (we know that with all of chinese player in Singapore, who can beat Singapore in South East Asia), I mean in overall table, Is Singapore have a better position than Indonesia ? And back to ping-pong topic, what happen IF Singapore lost to South Korea, will they still have a chance to get a medal (at least bronze ?) or they won't get anything ? Thank you
  17. Sadly, SIN 1st single lost to the KOR, Is Singapore have a better than position Indonesia in the last seagames and Asian games ? As far as I know, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam have a better position than Indonesia in the last seagames, how bout Singapore ?
  18. Chinese get the gold medal from single woman....
  19. Congrat to choong wei for beating sony, I watched that match, and for me, choong wei is play far better than sony, now the question is, could choong wei beat the chinese in their home ? choong wei either will play again chun lai or the hyung-ill, and then IF he can continue his run into the final, I think he will face super dan, could choong wei beat the super dan to get the fisr ever gold for MAS ?
  20. is about 1 hour to go to the last hope of MAS, hope that sony can defeat the MAS player
  21. durban, AORA TV is not only available in Jakarta, they area coverage is already wide, based on their website they already cover 8 cities, they are airing Beijing 2008 from 4 channels, in 1bout 1200 hours, for this time, AORA's price is too high for us, you must pay 300000 rupiahs just to get 10 channels ?? , if you compared to another cable TV provider, you can get a lower price with more channel
  22. And... I just checked the olympic schedule, and theone, we will face again tomorrow, MAS last single man will face INa last single man.... look like we must face each other, and we still have single woman, would we face each other in the final too ?
  23. For me, wrestling and boxing, maybe we can replace boxing with thai boxing, and left the wrestling for baseball !!!
  24. And today, the last MAS man's double will face INA best man's double at 21:30 China's time, hope today INA can defeat MAS
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