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  1. GBModerator, now that the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is less than 2 months away, how are you and the others are going to monitor these forums from crashing or from other potential problems, when some of us want to post comments here during the Games?

  2. More salt to CBC's wounds. If you die-hard Canadian ice hockey fans did not know about it, the "second national anthem of Canada" which is the Hockey Night in Canada theme song, was dropped from the CBC recently because of some degree of dispute between it and the owning composer of the song.

    Well, today, did you know where it went? CTV bought the rights to the song and it will be played on TSN's ice hockey games as its intro, like the way the CBC used to do it. More so, believe it or not, it will be used by CTV to signal the beginning of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games for all those days in February.

  3. The term has no specific end date, but the norm is 5 years. That would put her into the summer of fall of 2010. But like the last two GG's that could change...could leave early like LeBlanc, or stay a bit longer like Clarkson.

    Also I'm confused by your last few statements. Canadian Communism? If anything, Quebec is the most socialist province in Canada.

    It was supposed to be a joke. However, that sovereigntist seemed to be serious, when she was reported to have said that Jean was "a slave of the English Canadian government." I wouldn't be surprised, if she had that real sick idea of having Jean and other Haitians living in Canada "to go back home." If logic dictates about her idea of a "pure Quebec", she would not apologize to Jean for her outrageous remarks.

    So, Kendegra, returning to what matters here, Michaelle Jean will be the one opening Vancouver 2010. That will be great to see her do it, if you are right about her end term date here. I just forgot the date, when she was inaugurated as Canada's GG and head of state.

  4. Cancelling the Visitor Tax Rebate program doesn't help where Americans could get a refund on GST paid. A stupid move by the Government.

    Not as stupid as someone wanting to blow up a bridge in Vancouver, according again to one "hyper-sensitive" news program. So much so that one of the RCMP officers used "American thinking" to catch the suspect. Oh, yeah, let's run over him with the police vehicle. Don't think it was intentional, but the news program tried to make it sound like it was. Sort of like one of those episodes from a TV show (no, not COPS) called Disorderly Conduct in America.

  5. Well, how long does Jean has in her term as Governor-General? If I am right, then she will not open the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Unless, there is some change in the rules that would allow her to do so. Otherwise, it will be someone else that is ENGLISH-SPEAKING. Besides, one so-called "righteous sovereigntist" used the "N" word to describe her last week. Lovely, isn't it? <_< Even more of the sick sarcasm about "freeing Quebec from Canadian Communism." :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  6. Enough of that nonsense here, okay?

    Getting back on topic, I need this confirmed. There will be a change of plans of how the Olympic torch relay will be run, after the earthquake devastation on Sichuan province, right? On top of that, the Olympic torch run in Sichuan province will take place in August instead, just days before the opening ceremony and it will be the last province to experience it, before the torch goes directly to Beijing. Is that also right?

  7. Mr.x, how is the tourism situation for the Vancouver area so far? If it is so bleak as our vaulted news programs claim to be, then it could put more pressure on Vancouver and the 2010 Winter Olympics to start bringing in the tourists, especially from overseas, back to Canada. Is Canada's image as a tourist destination getting beaten up? I don't believe that. Talk about exaggeration there, but the number of tourists coming to Canada seems to be at the lowest levels right now since Ottawa kept tabs on such statistics in 1972. We can pretty much seen the obvious factors on why it is occurring, from high gas prices to our Canadian dollar.

    Oh, by the way, CTV put out an article that Canada is ranked 11th in the Global Peace Index.

  8. Guess the fireworks in this issue begins tomorrow or Thursday, according to the CTV. Again, VANOC is being reported to be "inept" here by the same news network. Paraphrasically, it has been accused of being "the lapdog of the IOC" while the "true deadline" on whether the event can be included in the 2010 Winter Olympics. So, do you think that women's ski jumping will be part of the 2010 Winter Olympics or will it more likely be held in Sochi 2014?

  9. With the awful catastrophe in Sichuan and with only a few weeks left before the Beijing 2008 opening ceremony, do you guys think that there would be a moment of silence for the victims as part of the official components of the ceremony itself? You know, like around the time of the official opening speeches by the BOCOG president and/or with Jacques Rogge, as examples.

  10. As of this (Wednesday) morning, Chinese news is reporting that Wolong has contacted the outside and people and pandas are OK. Haven't yet seen any mention of the Brit group and the American World Wildlife Federation group on their whereabouts.

    The overwhelming majority of casualties are Han Chinese, the T!bet@n area is much higher and more remote, and no reports of major casualties. Unknown whether this is because there are truly no casulaties due to lack of damage or sparse population, or whether there is damage but no reports since nobody has been there (area had been restricted to foreigners even before the quake). The Chinese newspapers show much more detail and casualty figures of the dead and missing than available on the western mass media, and if correct, they are really terrible numbers.

    I will say that the Chinese people seem to be pulling together and responding to this by organized and ad hoc donations of money, goods, blood, etc. They will get through this and have the domestic resources and will to do so. Though gov't has said they will accept outside aid and assistance. And they seem to be recognizing that some events just take precedence over the Olympic hoo-hah and celebration. Local news of the torch progress is much more limited and low-key than 2-3 days ago.

    Well, at least the WWF or that Brit group wasn't getting militant, when it comes to protecting the Giant Panda. If some of you from Canada could compare of what I mean in an unrelated animal issue, then you would understand. This group, especially their leader, went overboard in its "claims of righteousness" then.

  11. Wouldn't it start from Calgary, the site of the last Canadian WOGs? Like for Atlanta 1996, the US leg started in LA, then went around the conitguous 48 before ending up in Atlanta.

    I doubt it, baron. Besides, in a way your post has stated there, there will be some sort of a "Calgary to Vancouver" segment for the torch relay. However, I am very sure that the torch relay will start at the 3 territories area (Nunavut, Northwest Territories and the Yukon Territory). Most likely, if it is allowed, at the true North Pole and then come on down south from there.

  12. well, like disease, it's just one of the population levellers of nature. If there weren't too many people in China (or India), you wouldn't have too many casualties. I mean how many casualties do we hear about undersea earthquakes or those in the barren, frozen wastelands of Siberia? None.

    Yes, it's sad; but such is life. And China will get through it OK. Maybe Tibetans will have more babies?

    Well, I bet most of the casualties from this latest earthquake are most likely from the Han Chinese. Amongst all those ethnic groups living in China, including the Tibetans, a very large majority here are those of the Han.

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