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  1. I just hope that they get used to the weather and environment there. At least, the Canadian women's soccer team is on the right track so far. It will be interesting on how far they will go in the tournament. On another front, the swimming events for Canada will be a challenge. If the team can get at least one medal from there, it will be an improvement from Athens 2004.
  2. I love the official website here. It is great and those webmasters did put a lot of work as best as they can. Click on the link to see it. Link 1: Official Beijing 2008 Web Site (ENGLISH) Link 2: Competition Information In Beijing 2008 Web Site (ENGLISH)
  3. Well, an update about the potential of how Vancouver 2010's Olympic torch relay could end up starting domestically. I do not know, if the idea is final, but the international Arctic dispute has reached another flash point, compliments of the British. No, the British is not trying to claim it whatsoever. It is just that it would be most likely be an international borderline, between (guess what?) RUSSIA and DENMARK! (gasp) And, according to the map provided by .pdf (Adobe and other such reader applications), it is leaning toward being DANISH TERRITORY! So, Canada could be out of luck in claiming the absolute North Pole area entirely, if this is proved valid by the international community. Link 1: BBC -> The Green Room: Arctic Map Shows Dispute Hotspots Link 2: Potential Arctic Ocean Boundaries (In .PDF) That little stunt last year by the Russians that riled the Harper government, it seems that the Russians may be right to a certain degree. "Updated map" of Potential Arctic Ocean Political Jurisdictions and Boundaries Could this turn of events force VANOC to change the beginning aspects of how the Vancouver 2010 torch relay will start?
  4. Well, as fox334 and others have done, here is the summary of yesterday's matches (because it is already the early morning hours there) from the women's tournament. GROUP E: - Canada: 2 - Argentina: 1 - China: 2 - Sweden: 1 GROUP F: - North Korea: 1 - Nigeria: zero - Germany: zero - Brazil: zero (tie) GROUP G: - Japan: 2 - New Zealand: 2 (tie) - Norway: 2 - USA: zero TODAY, in local Beijing timezone, the men starts their tournament. Here are the match-ups for THURSDAY afternoon and evening. GROUP A: - Australia vs. Serbia -> 17:00 (5:00pm) @ Shanghai - Côte d'Ivoire vs. Argentina -> 19:45 (7:45pm) @ Shanghai GROUP B: - Japan vs. USA -> 17:00 (5:00pm) @ Tianjin - Netherlands vs. Nigeria -> 19:45 (7:45pm) @ Tianjin GROUP C: - Brazil vs. Belgium -> 17:00 (5:00pm) @ Shenyang - CHINA vs. New Zealand -> 19:45 (7:45pm) @ Shenyang GROUP D: - Honduras vs. Italy -> 17:00 (5:00pm) @ Qinhuangdao - South Korea vs. Cameroon -> 19:45 (7:45pm) @ Qinhuangdao Good luck to all the men's teams here!
  5. In the local Beijing time zone, the first kick of the ball starts in 12 hours, as of this post now.
  6. I bet Wikipedia is going to get busy, once the Games starts officially on Friday. I wonder how many people per day would want to input what they know into this Wikipedia entry: 2008 Summer Olympics
  7. You may want to look at this Wikipedia entry: 2008 Summer Olympics National Flag Bearers
  8. Even though the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games does not officially start until Friday, tomorrow is the day that starts the Olympic football (soccer) tournament. The men's one starts on Thursday; the women's start tomorrow. Here is the schedule for the women's tournament tomorrow (in local Beijing timezone): - Argentina vs. Canada -> 17:00 (5:00pm) @ Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium - China vs. Sweden -> 19:45 (7:45pm) @ Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium - Germany vs. Brazil -> 17:00 (5:00pm) @ Shenyang Olympic Stadium - DPRK (North Korea) vs. Nigeria -> 19:45 (7:45pm) @ Shenyang Olympic Stadium - Japan vs. New Zealand -> 17:00 (5:00pm) @ Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center Stadium - Norway vs. USA -> 19:45 (7:45pm) @ Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center Stadium Good luck to all teams here.
  9. That Wikipedia list is now complete, with the way Mandarin is spoken to say all those nations' names.
  10. It looks good to me. This is going to make some commentators confused on why the parade of athletes is in order like that, but I would love to see how the name placards look like, once they come out. I bet it would be a bit awkward for Germany to be at the seventh LAST team to enter the stadium; never mind that Australia is third LAST team to enter, just before Zambia and host China and so forth.
  11. If the trend continues, the CBC will not have the whole parade of athletes shown without commercial interruption. Also, I know one European network will have the whole thing shown without any such interruption. It will be interesting on how it will do, when the Canadian team shows up at the Bird's Nest. I did not like its previous attempt, when it came to wanting to interview the athletes then at Athens 2004 much.
  12. For starters, I cannot wait to see who will battle at the men's 100m race final. It looks like the atmosphere favors the Jamaicans so far because of their potential for breaking the world record here. Of course, the environment could play a role here.
  13. Hey, Maryjane, I thought there are NINE strokes with the two examples of Great Britain and the USA there. Anyway, if you want to know what your country translates into Chinese, you could ask her for advice. By the way, 英国 or 英國 (Yīng guó) could be at the BACK, if the pin yin system is used here because of the ROMANIZATION (English TRANSLITERATION) way of reading Chinese. Essentially, that is what "pin yin" is. Also, to Maryjane, what kind of Chinese script would the placards show: the traditional (like what the Cantonese mostly use) or the simplified one (like what most Mainland Chinese use)? That example somewhere in this topic, it looked like it used the TRADITIONAL one for practice.
  14. Oh, I see. The radical and/or strokes idea is not a bad one. For those not knowing what this means, it means that the number of "single movements before picking up the brush again" of the first Chinese character could determine the parade of athletes order. There are SEVENTEEN (17) radicals in the Chinese language, PLUS what Maryjane has provided in her post. For examples, look up this Chinese-English Dictionary site for your information.
  15. Then, what do you suggest? Just outright English, like the way they did it for the Nagano 1998 Winter Olympics? Anyway, I know a couple of them, like Canada 加拿大 (jiā ná dà) and the United States of America 美國 (měi guó).
  16. The Chinese translation of Venezuela is: 委內瑞拉. In Mandarin, it is said like this: wěi nèi ruì lā. So, if the "pin yin" system is used, it would be at the back end of the parade. Come to think of it, I think I should do this, to help you guys out what is the Chinese equivalent of the English country names.
  17. Anyone got that "lucky loonie" yet in your change, according to that SkiFreak list at his previous post? FROM SKIFREAK post: In 2007: Curling - February 23, 2007 Ice Hockey - April 3, 2007 Wheelchair Curling - July 11, 2007 Biathlon - September 12, 2007 Alpine Skiing - October 24, 2007 2008 Snowboarding - February 20, 2008 Freestyle Skiing - April 16, 2008 2008 Lucky Loonie (Dollar coin) - July 23, 2008 Figure Skating - September 10, 2008 Bobsleigh - October 29, 2008 2009 Speed Skating - February 18, 2009 Cross country skiing - April 15, 2009 Ice Sledge Hockey - June 17, 2009 Bronze Medalist - August 5, 2009 Silver Medalist - September 9, 2009 Gold Medalist - October 7, 2009 2010 Lucky Loonie (Dollar coin) - November 4, 2009
  18. I think Canada will improve here from its "dismal" Athens 2004 overall performance. It will be a slow progression, but it will be a start. As for the big Olympic powers, I think it will be a "Cold War style" fight between China and the US for the top honor.
  19. Well, a dramatic way to end a former Olympic venue. Not like the way another former Olympic velodrome of another former Olympic host city became.
  20. It looks like that Ron MacLean will take over Brian Williams' spot, in terms of being the commentator for CBC in the opening ceremony, along with Peter Mansbridge.
  21. Thank goodness I have a DVR now. It was not easy to deal with the VCR then, now that the tape for it is no longer being made for sale.
  22. It is like the way Catriona Lemay-Doan, now a CBC sports commentator, went through when she was a winter Olympian. She carried the flag at the Nagano 1998 closing ceremony and at the Salt Lake City 2002 opening ceremony. Congratulations to him for getting the nod. He carried the flag at the Athens 2004 closing ceremony.
  23. Like the others, I think they are practice placards. Besides, the main thing about this segment of the opening ceremony is the ORDER, starting always with GREECE (希臘), of the parade itself. I am rather surprised that TRADITIONAL CHINESE writing could be used here, instead of the SIMPLIFIED version where most Beijing citizens would easily recognize. Would pin yin (Romanization of the Chinese language) be used here? Link: Wikipedia: Pinyin Entry
  24. Baron, the other 2 are the COMPASS and the PRINTING PRESS (the book and movable type). Link: YouTube Entry
  25. I need to check the store at Canada Olympic Park where I am, but I thought I have seen some Vancouver 2010 merchandise on sale already over there. So, I think the answer has already been mentioned in that first post by mr.x that there will be SIX such stores just in YVR alone.
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