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  1. I have compared the two: CBC and NBC. Yep, the CBC is now pretty much a lame duck here and, seriously, the closing ceremony would be cut here and there for sure. NBC did a good job in trying to cover the entire parade as best as it can. Again, the CBC did exactly like Atlanta, Sydney and Athens: feels that it needs to cut sections of the parade for "breaks and broken-down interviews with Canadian athletes." In other words, it has gone downhill.

  2. Guys, is it really just me or those announcers go ahead of themselves, starting with the Japanese team? You see, I thought that, after they announced the Japanese team, the three people already announced the arrival of the Chinese Taipei team, despite that they didn't enter the stadium yet. Eventually, they "corrected" themselves and got back on track again later in the parade.

  3. OK, timing questions:

    Is the 4hrs, 15 mins - live WITHOUT commercials? Or is the est, 4:15 tape-delayed time w/ ALL commercials set it?

    - In the 4 hrs, 15 mis., does anybody know about what time the US delegation marched in?

    -What time did Parade of Nations end, and the protocol portion pick up?

    Appreciate some answers as I won't record the whole thing but will timer-program it.

    I am going to see how NBC deals with broadcasting it in a few hours from now.

  4. Well, it is now the time to go for Olympic medals.

    Tomorrow, SEVEN gold medals are on the line to start things off, from cycling to weightlifting. They are:

    - Men's Cycling Road Race: Link Page

    - Women's Individual Sabre: Link Page

    - Women's 48kg AND Men's 60kg JUDO events: Link Page

    - Women's 10m Air Rifle Shooting AND Men's 10m Air Pistol SHOOTING events: Link Page

    - Women's 48kg Weightlifting: Link Page

    After that, the medals table takes shape.

  5. For those who are not tuned to look at all those posts to find the latest results, here they were in the men's tournament:

    GROUP A:

    Australia: 1 - Serbia: 1 (tie)

    Argentina: 2 - Côte d'Ivoire: 1

    GROUP B:

    USA: 1 - Japan: zero

    Netherlands: zero - Nigeria: zero (tie)

    GROUP C:

    Brazil: 1 - Belgium: zero

    China: 1 - New Zealand: 1 (tie)

    GROUP D:

    Italy: 3 - Honduras: zero

    South Korea: 1 - Cameroon: 1 (tie)

    For tomorrow's women's matches,, they are:

    GROUP E:

    - Sweden vs. Argentina -> 5:00pm @ Tianjin

    - China vs. Canada -> 7:45pm @ Tianjin

    GROUP F:

    - Nigeria vs. Germany -> 5:00pm @ Shenyang

    - Brazil vs. North Korea -> 7:45pm @ Shenyang

    GROUP G:

    - USA vs. Japan -> 5:00pm @ Qinhuangdao

    - New Zealand vs. Norway 5:00pm @ Qinhuangdao

    Good luck to all teams here.

  6. When will Kung-Fu become an Oympic Sport?

    If I remembered the news right way back when, BOCOG wanted to have it and, I believe, dragon-boat racing as demonstration sports. However, since the IOC does not allow that anymore, I guess kung-fu would have to wait for a few more Olympiads, before the idea would get any attention on that front.

  7. It's just what I think since the CTV/Rogers consortium paid something like $90-million for the rights just to broadcast the 2010 Games, not including broadcasting operations costs.

    Not be an idiot, but you could be generally right about what CTV and its partners would do to broadcast the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics TO CANADIANS AT HOME! If that scenario comes true, like what I was interpreting from the comments made from the Atlanta and SLC videos about NBC there, there will be a lot of unhappy Canadians about why the broadcast was potentially skewered like that. On top of that, it is supposed to be "Canada's Games," according to VANOC? Lots of **** would go flying to the coop for sure.

  8. Scotland! :lol:

    I'm worried though - Sarah Brightman and bagpipes would have featured in London - they're stealing all our ideas.

    I remember Torino had a Alice in Wonderland style ceremony too.

    This is what I got to see for myself. Stealing ideas, huh? Makes you wonder, if that was a bit of a quip to acknowledge the upcoming 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, even though the Chinese have never heard of it before, save the former British colony of Hong Kong.

  9. Forget about that, odds are there will be a ton more commercials on CTV's coverage....it will certainly be much more commercialized.

    Isn't that just great? <_<:rolleyes: If, one day, I have that Vancouver 2010 ceremonies recorded and post it up, I would probably get the same comments that "CTV ruined it", like the ones I got with my Lillehammer 1994 videos.

  10. So far I'm a little underwhelmed. This might be my Westernized mentality kicking in, but there just doesn't seem to be any real... flow.

    What's there is portrayed very beautifully, but the ceremony is made up of segments of people doing stuff.

    There's no story or real progression to any of it. I understand that it's difficult to cram that much history into one hour, but with Sydney and Salt Lake, you at least had a kid serving as your guide who discovered the different aspects of Australian/Utah history along with you as a member of the audience. Were it not for the broadcaster's commentary, I'm not sure I'd be aware of what each segment of the ceremony was meant to represent. Maybe that's ignorance on my part, but I felt a bit distant from what was going on... I wasn't swept up in the discovery of the whole thing.

    That and some parts of it felt a little too orchestrated for my tastes, notably the National Anthem (with the kids all singing with perfect smiles and right arms raised... made me squirm) and the performers 'taking a bow' after each segment. It took me out of the moment when the drummers dropped their stoic, warrior-like appearances and began smiling and waving.

    On the upside, those of us in Vancouver won't need to worry about that echo in BC Place, because it sounds like the National Stadium is far, far worse. Sarah Brightman sounded like she was underwater.

    Just my two yuen.

    I thought I was hearing things, too, of that "echo." First, I thought it was the sound equipment gone nuts, especially when the two CBC commentators started to talk about describing the ceremony in the beginning. With this post, I know now that I was not the only one that noticed this glitch.

  11. Focking CBC and their commercials.

    No kidding. I just came home to see how the LIVE recording is and seeing the "encore presentation" of it right now temporarily. I will most likely see it (the encore) one again tonight, as I need to get back to work quickly.

    This is CBC's last broadcasting of the Olympic Games for a while and this is what I see, as a result? Man, not to get off-topic, but I hope that CTV and its partners do Vancouver 2010 much better in this case.

  12. I just hope that they get used to the weather and environment there. At least, the Canadian women's soccer team is on the right track so far. It will be interesting on how far they will go in the tournament.

    On another front, the swimming events for Canada will be a challenge. If the team can get at least one medal from there, it will be an improvement from Athens 2004.

  13. Well, an update about the potential of how Vancouver 2010's Olympic torch relay could end up starting domestically. I do not know, if the idea is final, but the international Arctic dispute has reached another flash point, compliments of the British.

    No, the British is not trying to claim it whatsoever. It is just that it would be most likely be an international borderline, between (guess what?) RUSSIA and DENMARK! (gasp) And, according to the map provided by .pdf (Adobe and other such reader applications), it is leaning toward being DANISH TERRITORY! So, Canada could be out of luck in claiming the absolute North Pole area entirely, if this is proved valid by the international community.

    Link 1: BBC -> The Green Room: Arctic Map Shows Dispute Hotspots

    Link 2: Potential Arctic Ocean Boundaries (In .PDF)

    That little stunt last year by the Russians that riled the Harper government, it seems that the Russians may be right to a certain degree.


    "Updated map" of Potential Arctic Ocean Political Jurisdictions and Boundaries

    Could this turn of events force VANOC to change the beginning aspects of how the Vancouver 2010 torch relay will start?

  14. Well, as fox334 and others have done, here is the summary of yesterday's matches (because it is already the early morning hours there) from the women's tournament.

    GROUP E:

    - Canada: 2 - Argentina: 1

    - China: 2 - Sweden: 1

    GROUP F:

    - North Korea: 1 - Nigeria: zero

    - Germany: zero - Brazil: zero (tie)

    GROUP G:

    - Japan: 2 - New Zealand: 2 (tie)

    - Norway: 2 - USA: zero

    TODAY, in local Beijing timezone, the men starts their tournament. Here are the match-ups for THURSDAY afternoon and evening.

    GROUP A:

    - Australia vs. Serbia -> 17:00 (5:00pm) @ Shanghai

    - Côte d'Ivoire vs. Argentina -> 19:45 (7:45pm) @ Shanghai

    GROUP B:

    - Japan vs. USA -> 17:00 (5:00pm) @ Tianjin

    - Netherlands vs. Nigeria -> 19:45 (7:45pm) @ Tianjin

    GROUP C:

    - Brazil vs. Belgium -> 17:00 (5:00pm) @ Shenyang

    - CHINA vs. New Zealand -> 19:45 (7:45pm) @ Shenyang

    GROUP D:

    - Honduras vs. Italy -> 17:00 (5:00pm) @ Qinhuangdao

    - South Korea vs. Cameroon -> 19:45 (7:45pm) @ Qinhuangdao

    Good luck to all the men's teams here!

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