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  1. Well, Patrick Chan won the men's competition at the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships. As for other news: Link 1: CBC: Lueders Misses Medal Podium at 4-man Bobsleigh World Cup Link 2: CBC: Heil, Bilodeau Grab Moguls Gold
  2. Link 1: CBC: Rochette Finishes 2nd at Four Continents Link 2: CBC: Humphries 2nd, Lueders 3rd at Bobsleigh World Cup Link 3: CBC: Virtue, Moir Settle for Silver at Four Continents Link 4: CBC: Canada's Omischl, Ski Cross Team Triumphant Link 5: Canada's Montgomery Wins Skeleton Gold Looks good for Canada in the Vancouver 2010 test events of the venues at this point.
  3. All the splendor NBC can produce so far, just before the one year countdown for Vancouver 2010 begins next Thursday. Link: YouTube: Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 Note: The Vancouver segment starts at the 1:20 time point in the video itself.
  4. First, it looks like the German team likes the Whistler bobsleigh/luge/skeleton track. Link: CBC: Frustration for Hollingsworth, Kelly in Skeleton However, the Canadian figure skating seems to be doing well, in preparation for both Los Angeles and Vancouver 2010. Link 1: CBC: Virtue, Moir close in on Four Continents Title Link 2: CBC: Canada dominating Four Continents
  5. Next week will be a busy one for Vancouver and Whistler, in terms of test events. At Vancouver, the 2009 ISU Four Continents figure skating event comes to town. Meanwhile, the bobsleigh and skeleton World Cup event will be held at Whistler. Both of them start on February 2nd.
  6. Now that Harper seems to have escaped being defeated by the coalition because of the federal budget, it will be interesting on how many heads of state would want to go to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Don't forget that the G8 Summit in Ontario later that year could have more heads of state and dignitaries attending it. So, a bigger question comes to mind: will it be Vancouver 2010 or Huntsville, Ontario, that they would come in bigger numbers?
  7. What? CBC is not selling a DVD set about anything Beijing 2008?? I was told otherwise, but I didn't have time to really check the CBC on-line store for it. I know that CCTV or whatever Chinese broadcaster has already got the whole opening ceremony (at least) on DVD.
  8. Boy, it looks like some people do not understand the strict rules BOCOG and related entities are saying about uploading Beijing 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony clips at YouTube. It is a battle between them and the uploaders, which the clips keep on getting deleted AT THIS TIME! Here is an example I found of the beginning: Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony Clip Example
  9. The first test event for Vancouver 2010 has finished at the Pacific Coliseum. Link: CBC: Canada earns 8 medals at short-track World Cup
  10. The local news broadcast showed it. I wanted to see it, but I had to go to work. Anyway, no protests over its arrival.
  11. You mean like this YouTube clip I uploaded: "O Canada" From Lillehammer 1994.
  12. Uh, those guys makes my blood boil! They will never get it.
  13. You know, that will be an interesting proposition, considering that Furlong and VANOC wants the Vancouver 2010 Games to be the "Canada Games" in the first place.
  14. He already got that chance last February, on the 20th anniversary of the Calgary Games.
  15. I think they ALL will get their chance, in one form or another, to run with the Vancouver 2010 torch in whatever province or territory they have mostly reside. For the brainstorming session about the possible stadium runners, I would guess that they would be mostly BC-based Olympic athletes, current and former. To that end, I would not be surprised, if Kerrin Lee-Gartner and Nancy Greene are candidates to be in that final run.
  16. By the way, I know that NBC has already got DVDs out about the opening ceremony at least. Would they ones for the closing ceremony? With the CBC, did I hear correctly that it will make DVDs about the ceremonies, too?
  17. Give me a break here. Nagano had a risk of having earthquakes during the 1998 Winter Olympics. Guess what? On the last day of those Games, there were news gossip or rumors that tried to confirm whether one did strike the area, after that big fireworks display at the closing ceremony. Anyway, I would not worry about it. It is not like Vancouver city officials were that blind to the possibility of that kind of natural disaster. With that big one in Alaska in the 1960s and the on-and-off rumblings of it along the western coast of the States over the years, I agree with IceNarcissus that it will happen to the Vancouver area again. It is just the matter of when and not if.
  18. I liked that decision from OCO'88 then. I would not be surprised, when it comes to Newfoundland here, that Brad Gushue of the men's curling team from Torino 2006 will start that portion of the relay. He's still the biggest star there.
  19. I have to agree that it would be "too political", Kendegra. Certain groups would not like the general idea.
  20. Am I reading it right that the "final torchbearer" for the Vancouver 2010 relay will be TWO people, like Montreal 1976?
  21. Just hope that it is not the "Vancouver 2010" version of what the London 2012 presentation will look like. Man, some people really stuck it to VANOC, when they were displeased about how it was perceived at the Torino 2006 closing ceremony. Anyway, I cannot wait for what LOCOG approved for previewing London's Olympic Games at the time alloted.
  22. Looks like a great Olympic Games overall result for Great Britain, as London is getting ready to put on their presentation at the closing ceremony. Did I hear correctly that this was the team's best performance ever since London 1908? If that is true, then what a way to do it now, after a century.
  23. I think consistency seems to be a problem: the first week produces very little or no medal performances; the second week is the complete opposite. I just looked at the medals table, with only 2 days of competition to go. Gold medal wise, it sits on 17th place; overall medals, it sits at 13th spot. If Canada does win another gold medal tomorrow or Sunday, it would jump 3 places, according to the most reputable ranking most of the world recognizes with gold medals won. It will be so amazing, if Canada somewhat manages to get a top 10 finish in the end in this regard.
  24. So does Canada, in joining the Americans in ranking medal wins by overall total. I think these two countries are the major holdouts in this matter, while the rest of the world see China as the "real winner" of the medal tally so far because of GOLD MEDALS WON. Besides, there is no prize to contest in doing so and for a very good reason. It can be demoralizing to the overall Olympic Movement, if such a prize were to be created. There is quite enough nationalistic chauvinism in the world as is right now.
  25. At nearby town of Airdrie, there is a BMX track that is great. In fact, it is where the Cools family spend a lot of their time.
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