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  1. Now that the party is officially over, it has been a blast for the Vancouver and Whistler areas in February and March. I would rank it one of the best overall. It will be interesting, if Canada will get another chance to host a Winter Olympics again in my lifetime.
  2. Reading from the local newspaper for my area of the world, the rural areas of Alberta are gathering strength to oppose the idea of having a high-speed rail link between Calgary and Edmonton. But, it seems that they are in the minority against the need to remove cars from the main north-south highway in the province. Never mind, believe it or not in the region of the oilsands (which is touted as an environment nightmare in the world), the environment is one of many reasons for building one in the first place. It is funny that not one is considered for the Golden Horseshoe area of Canada, where the biggest majority of Canadians live in the country. They could benefit from it big time. It is also funny, as I have mentioned before, that Bombardier is responsible for South Africa to have one, in time for the World Cup.
  3. Unfortunately, I had only caught a small glimpse of the opening ceremony here. Only the Vancouver area got to see it and practically no where else in Canada on TV. I know because I have satellite TV service by Bell. Anyway, I will watch it tomorrow, when CTV Vancouver will re-broadcast it again.
  4. It is going to be interesting on three fronts: 1. How would Sydney celebrate the 10th anniversary of the city hosting the Olympic Games later this year? 2. That Chinese controversy of using "under-age" athletes in the Olympic Games in 2000. 3. How would China do in the London 2012 Olympic Games.
  5. Despite that Canada does not have any plans to have a high-speed train network in the near future, it has indirectly, with Bombardier, created the GAUTRAIN for the nation of South Africa. It is part of the overall plan for the country, in conjunction to the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Cannot believe that South Africa has that big sums of money to pay for this infrastructure project. Link: Africa's First High-Speed Train
  6. Well, it seems that Canada did it again. Not only it has set another record for most medals won for the nation (Canada had 24 at Torino 2006) in 2010 with 26, it breaks the record for number of gold medals won in a home Games and ever in Olympic history in one Winter Olympics.
  7. Well, Lysacek beat Plushenko by technical marks, according to the CTV commentators.
  8. Well, it is going to be a preview of how your Brazilian home TV network will do, when Rio de Janeiro 2016 comes. It could be a tall order, when that network has to give highlights to other international networks to use. Right now, CTV is the network that is the home network for Canada and for the 2010 Winter Olympics.
  9. Some say it was a good ceremony. Others, like the UK's Guardian newspaper, gave it "a failing grade." In fact, some of the foreign media had some beef with some parts of the ceremony. What seemed to be one big source of the negative tirade was that "poem reading" by that guy about Canada.
  10. I cannot believe it, when I heard the news. Not a good way to start the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. May he rest in peace.
  11. It is going to be interesting at the Wikipedia page about this topic.
  12. Well, China has the fastest high speed trains now. Link: China's Rail Development on Faster Track From China View.
  13. Thanks for the upload here. I put it in my favorites section of my YouTube page. Keep it up. I hope to see more highlights from the Greek portion of the Vancouver 2010 torch relay.
  14. Here's how the Greek route of the Vancouver 2010 torch run looks like. Click here for it. Yesterday, it went to the following locales: Pyrgos, Ancient Ilida, Tripotama, and Kalavryta. Today, it went to the following locales: Kalavryta, Patras, Mesollogi (Statue of Kostis Palamas), Mesollogi, Agrinio, and Karpenisi.
  15. Can't wait to watch it live on the official Olympic Games website.
  16. Boy, the BBC plastered the Delhi preparation for next year's Commonwealth Games with concerns. It is going to get interesting, if the venues will be done on time.
  17. I hope that the lighting ceremony will be shown live to Canadians on that day.
  18. I like the way the medals are shaped. At least, the design of it for the Winter Olympics are not as restrictive as the summer counterpart.
  19. Well, I hope that Sydney was using some of the Olympic venues for the 2009 World Masters Games.
  20. Spain to have the most extensive high speed train system in the world? Link: BBC: Trains In Spain Signal The Future P.S. Quote from article: "Next year, the government boasts, Spain will overtake Japan and France to become the world leader, measured in kilometres of high speed line."
  21. Looks like a "Bread Not Circuses" clone is trying to spoil the party for Toronto again.
  22. Well, tomorrow is when the 2009 World Wheelchair Curling Championships starts to test the venue. Link: World Wheelchair Curling Championships
  23. The next Vancouver 2010 test event will be for the curling venue TWICE. First, it will be the World Wheelchair Curling Championships from February 21st to 28th. The second one will be the World Junior Curling Championships from March 5th to 15th.
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