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  1. GBModerator, can the post count handle a 5-digit number? Well, I'm saying this to you is because I'm less than 100 posts away from the barrier. I hope that the Ikonboard-powered site can handle it.
  2. No, but I would like to try. I just don't have the finances right now. Oh, BTW, the Austrian ski teams train in NZ at the Southern Hemisphere's winter season. If the Austrians are satisfied with skiing there (and they are powerhouses for sure), then why not NZ and the Winter Olympics? There's nothing wrong with artificial snow at all. Calgary did that for the 1988 Winter Olympics.
  3. Watch for the news VERY soon. Thanks for the answer, GBModerator. I'll watch the news carefully for it.
  4. Call me ignorant, GBModerator, but when would the Bid Index for the 2012 Olympic Games begin? :help:
  5. Well, the NZOC is studying the possibilities of hosting either Games for now. I think it has a chance to host the OWG more than the Summer Games at this time.
  6. So? Calgary had to build all, but one facility, from scratch. This is coming from a country that "specializes" in winter sports, especially ice hockey and curling. In other words, it is possible for NZ to host the Winter Olympics in the future.
  7. Rjmac, I want NZ to get a shot of bidding, never mind hosting, an Olympic Games. It is, in my POV, the ISFs that are getting in the way of that dream for the country. If those ISFs gives New Zealand a World Cup, or such big event, to the country in some sports, then it will get noticed in "international sporting circles." Sure, NZ did a great job in hosting the 3 Commonwealth Games so far. So, it deserves to transcend itself from that to go for bigger fish to catch.
  8. I don't know if it is going to be scaled back anytime soon. The IOC is staying the course of having about 28 sports and 300 events in the Olympic program. That makes it hard for Richard Pound to come up with the idea of making the Games affordable to most countries to host.
  9. Well, Norway has only about 5 million people and it hosted 2 Winter Olympics already, with thoughts about wanting a third one. So, you say that Auckland has a population of about 1.2 million, right? What about Barcelona? It had about 1.6 million at the time it hosted the 1992 Olympic Games and it was successful. Oh, by the way, welcome to the forums, nzolympic.
  10. Hmm.. I think New Zealand can host the Olympic Games in the future. Some have said here that Auckland could put forth a bid for the Summer Games while some like the idea of Christchurch for the Winter Games.
  11. GBModerator, with the "Olympic And Bid Collectibles" sub-forum, what do you mean by "NO COMMERCIAL POSTS"? Call be a computer idiot, but could you give me an example of this situation?
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