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  1. Anyone have the rendition pictures of the Olympic Village for the 2008 Olympic Games, now that it has been given a green light to start?
  2. It really doesn't matter, in Calgary's POV about this news.
  3. It seems, according to the BBC, some IOC inspectors toured the on-going construction of a couple of venues for Beijing 2008. However, also with it, it is claimed that BOCOG is still going "too fast" on its preparations for these upcoming Games.
  4. I hope that you, GBModerator, has got the site almost ready for the big day next month.
  5. BBC Sports article about no beach volleyball at Tiananmen Square: Beijing Shelves Tiananmen Plans
  6. I think it is a good idea here. After the 1988 Winter Olympics, CODA retained the official Olympic logo and called it its own.
  7. IOC article about the topic: Vancouver 2010: 2nd. Coordination Commission Visit To Vancouver
  8. IOC article about the basketball venue: Beijing 2008: Construction Starts On Olympic Basketball Stadium
  9. Over 2,500 registered members here now. That is quite a lot a people to me. Of course, I don't how this compares to other forums about other general topics in the Internet.
  10. Uh, GBModerator, why hasn't the forums at least has been updated in terms of the copyright? Doesn't sites like this one need to update its copyright to the current year?
  11. I can't wait what the stadium for Torino 2006 will look like at the end.
  12. Uh, GBMod, since when Moscow is going to host the World Track and Field Championships? That is held every 2 years with the following, starting this year: 2005 - Helsinki 2007 - Osaka 2009 - Berlin (which was "re-awarded" again) Also, the JUNIOR version (as you were saying in your last article), NEXT year's edition is in Beijing.
  13. Never mind, GBMod. I get it now. Sorry about that.
  14. GBMod, is it just me but why are some usernames that are shown in the front forums page are RED?
  15. Few weeks, huh? Well, not to be rude, but what do you think now will be the time to terminate the Athens 2004 part of these forums?
  16. About CAF's post regarding just trying to get here, I wonder if my ISP is partially responsible for times I try to get here, but unsuccessful. I haven't done anything major to my computer and I get times where my commands have not responded. For example, wanting to post my opinion in a topic, press Add Reply, and I get nothing. I had to backtrack, press the forward button, and try again.
  17. How long will the Athens 2004 forum last now?
  18. The record number of guests and members to this website on one day was the day the 2010 Winter Olympics host city was chosen. That was 147 people. How are you going to keep this website from "crashing" and "slowing down", when the time comes for ALL of us to see and make comments here during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games?
  19. My god! These forums have its 1,999 member already? GBMod, what are you going to do when it reaches the 2,000 mark? Would you give this new member a prize of sorts?
  20. What's this?? South Korea wants to move the "capital status" away from Seoul? Roh Rejects Poll On Moving Capital
  21. We'll decide once we know the shortlist. On the previous question - we delete the old off-topic forum topics frequently. The others are left much longer. Well, I guess it is forum re-organization time. How would it look like?
  22. How would you re-arrange the 2012 Olympic bids area of the forums, once the shortlist is known on May 18th?
  23. Well, GBModerator, it seems that no visible problems arose in either the forums or the website as a whole from me reaching the 10,000-post mark. I hope that you check and make sure that I didn't mess up something here because of me reaching this milestone in GamesBids history.
  24. Another question, GBModerator: how long does a topic last before it gets deleted? I'm asking is that some topics in some forums do get deleted while others have been around for a long while.
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