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  1. Looks like the US$2.4 billion in grants for high-speed rail, from the US government, is now in the air. I do not know which story to believe here. According to this New York One web site, it seems that Florida has lost the money and it could go to New York instead. Anyway, the deadline for applying for this money is April 4th. However, the Florida governor stated that he wanted to delay his final decision on the matter until July.

    Link: New York One: State Eligible For Billions In High-Speed Rail Funds


  2. Oh, boy. There was a sudden firing of Liu Zhijun, the head of the Chinese Railways Ministry, according to the New York Times. In the article itself, it talks about potential problems with the quality of the rails and the quality of the concrete bases used for China's high speed train network. So far, there is not a single accident reported yet, but this issue has many in the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) nervous.

    Link: New York Times: China Rail Chief’s Firing Hints at Trouble



  3. It'll be intriguing - ie the transporation that was to be built for the pan-am games appear to be going down the tubes now. But Ford hasnt said much about it - and nothing has really leaked about it yet. I imagine he'll be fine with it so long as there is very little cost for the city.

    Let's just hope that he doesn't make Toronto unattractive for future events to come. Besides, with 2010 about to close soon, Toronto has virtually no time to waste on building and/or renovating the venues necessary for a successful Pan American Games.

  4. Well, FIFA really went out of its way to invite new nations to host the World Cup. Russia and Qatar hasn't hosted one yet, never mind that Qatar has never gone to the finals before in its history. And, yet, it gets to be in the World Cup in 2022 by virtue of being the host nation.

    It would be interesting, if the Oceania region, like New Zealand, would put forward a bid for the World Cup in the future.

    As for North America and the Caribbean, it would be a big whoopup for the USA, if Cuba puts a bid forward for a World Cup. As for the Caribbean nations, I know there will be joint bids for it in the future. What would be very intriguing, if Haiti and the Dominican Republic have a joint bid together, despite that these nations don't like each other passionately. Also, if Jamaica does an independent bid for the World Cup, too.

    Of course, Canada is now the only G8 nation not to host a World Cup in European football (soccer) ever, in either the men's or women's tournament. As for other G8 nations, they got to host either one or both tournaments in their histories.

    Italy: 1934 and 1990 World Cup (men)

    France: 1938 and 1998 World Cup (men)

    England (UK): 1966 World Cup (men)

    Germany: 1974 and 2006 World Cup (men) and 2011 Women's World Cup

    United States: 1994 World Cup (men) and 1999 and 2003 Women's World Cup

    Japan: 2002 World Cup (men) [jointly hosted with South Korea]

    Russia: 2018 World Cup (men)

    Must be really sad for Canada to be in this category of not hosting the world's biggest single-sporting event yet.

  5. Whatever the circumstances behind the current situation of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the damage is already done. According to Wikipedia, New Delhi wanted this upcoming experience to be a stepping stone to bid for the 2020 Olympic Games. Judging the way things are right now, the IOC would not give this city candidate status for an Olympic Games. Therefore, its section is in the "cancelled bid" sub-topic of the Wikipedia entry now.

    Besides, I think the biggest threat that really occurred for New Delhi's 2010 CWG was, and still is, the Naxalite movement. They want to overthrow all Indian political, social and economical structures and replace it with Maoism (apparently they like the Cultural Revolution best). These "brainwashed souls" are all situated at all natural resources locations of India, which it needs in order to grow and have infrastructure like those in the West.

  6. Well, Toronto does have the 2015 Pan American Games to prepare. If they play their cards right, it could repeat what Rio de Janeiro did, in winning the bid for the 2016 Olympic Games. It hosted the 2007 Pan American Games and it will use most or all the venues used for those Games to host the Olympic Games. 2020 may be a bit much to consider, but 2024 is a possibility.

  7. I don't know. I can see NYC getting the Olympic Games one day, but the city's current finances are left to be desired. Never mind that it is in the middle of building a new subway line, extending another one and creating a LIRR extension to Grand Central Terminal at this time. That would put the MTA, the entity responsible for mass transit in New York City, into massive debt.

  8. Reading from the local newspaper for my area of the world, the rural areas of Alberta are gathering strength to oppose the idea of having a high-speed rail link between Calgary and Edmonton. But, it seems that they are in the minority against the need to remove cars from the main north-south highway in the province. Never mind, believe it or not in the region of the oilsands (which is touted as an environment nightmare in the world), the environment is one of many reasons for building one in the first place.

    It is funny that not one is considered for the Golden Horseshoe area of Canada, where the biggest majority of Canadians live in the country. They could benefit from it big time. It is also funny, as I have mentioned before, that Bombardier is responsible for South Africa to have one, in time for the World Cup.

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