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  1. I think some of the funding could come from the BC versions of these sports federations that could be derived from the Canadian national ones. For example, hopefully showing the right link(s) here, some of the money needed to make this possible could come from this entity: SportBC After the Vancouver 2010 Games is over, this overall entity could have more sports added to it because of the Games. For example, with this link, I do not see a bobsleigh/luge/skeleton entity here as of this time. With hope that the Vancouver winter venues will be around for a long while after 2010, the province can have its own bobsleigh/luge/skeleton club(s) for athlete development, like what Alberta has now because of Calgary 1988.
  2. And, if the Calgary Games was so into debt, as a couple of those posters claimed in that link, then how in the world did Canada do so well in the subsequent Olympic Winter Games since then? The venues, however old in various degrees, is still in overall good health for the time span since 1988 until now. Sure, the initial investment is not going to be so fruitful at first, but it doesn't mean that the venture dies after the event is over. I think these misinformed people think that these athletes are rich, too? RICH? Like, give me a break!
  3. Found another one, but I don't know how long this was known, too. In the 2008-2009 season for biathlon (IBU), Vancouver will stage the SEVENTH World Cup event (out of the 10 for this season) in this sport. Since this event is slated for that time, the dates are obviously not known for now. Of course, the 2009 World Junior Curling Championships will be held in the city, too.
  4. Well, mr.x and others interested, it seems that the list of test events for the Vancouver 2010 venues has now started. I know I'm probably behind the times on this, but I guess I will start with this one, compliments of the ISU. For 2009, the Richmond venue will host the World Singles Distance LONG-TRACK Speed Skating Championships. It is PROVISIONALLY slated for mid-March of this year (2009). I'm sure that it will come to pass and this current news came from an ISU communique #1421 that was dated September 21st. As for other possible test events for Vancouver 2010, you can post them here from what you have seen and known before now.
  5. Well, don't forget about the idea for the Calgary-Edmonton corridor, too.
  6. CBC has a web link dedicated to asking opinions about Vancouver 2010's costs. Do you think there will be worries about cost overruns? If you want to "voice" your opinion here, please come to this link: YOUR VIEW: "Vancouver 2010: Are You Worried About Olympic-Sized Cost Overruns?"
  7. Who knows, mr.x. Especially you know who is trying to scare people in believing that the Vancouver Games is going to cost the city like the way the Montreal 1976 Games went. I didn't hear the news correctly, but "he" says that the cost of the Games could be in the TENS of billions of dollars in the end.
  8. Say, mr.x, any news from the World Urban Forum there in Vancouver? From what I heard in the news, the reason the conference is being hosted in the city is because of its consistent ranking of being one of the most livable cities in the world, as you and a couple of others have posted here in the past. As such, Vancouver is an example of how to manage urban growth.
  9. Well, mr.x, it seems that the need for some of the Calgary LRT system to be moved underground may be in most preliminary stages. I have only caught the tail end of a local radio program yesterday that states that, if Calgary continues to grow the way it has been for the past 5 years, then there could be pressure to put the downtown section of the LRT (at least) underground much faster than the anticipated long-term planning of doing so. However, it is not in any mainstream local city news yet. I tried to look for these news from other sources, but it seems that City Hall, Calgary Transit and others are being mum about the idea right now. Perhaps it could be nothing, but I think it will be inevitable that this course of action will be the next logical step for "large city efficiency."
  10. SmartCard, huh? This idea has remotely reminded me of the way the NYC's Metro mass transit system (busses, subway, etc.) uses what they call the "MetroCard" for the public to use to gain access to those transportation services. It took a few years to change the fare system there from a coin/token turnstile one to the current magnetic card idea now.
  11. BBC article: Beijing Gets Top Marks From IOC
  12. A repeat posting of this link: Beijing 2008: Good Progress, Spectacular Venues
  13. Thanks, mr.x. Yes, Calgary does have an effective LRT system now, but because there is so much land available for the city to put one almost all on grade on all lines. But, with the way it is planned now and for the future, I don't think a "bottleneck line" at the downtown core is going to cut it. Never mind the idiots that don't watch where they are going and get into a crash or get killed by these trains at the many possible road-rail and pedestrian-rail intersections in the city. However, Vancouver is one city that seems to know about using such land effectively for maximum usage without unnecessary waste of it. Therefore, your city should have the kind of mass transit Toronto and Montreal has. In fact, I'm glad that Vancouver City Hall is strong-willed in pushing for more mass transit infrastructure, despite the costs that will placed on all users of it.
  14. Welcome to these forums, deasine. Not to patronize you people over there in the Vancouver area about mass transit, but it is a good idea to have more SkyTrain services to me rather than a LRT system. From where I live, it is going to be inevitable about my city going to convert from its LRT to some form of "subway" because it is growing so rapidly. The LRT system it currently has is so beyond comprehension that I don't know where the city planners got their credentials from. To me, this is so sad that these sort of things are being managed by the fly without real and concrete planning for the future. Trouble is that it keeps on happening, when it should not have to.
  15. Not all of the trees will be chopped down, only 15% the trees and it's only about 300 trees. The other 85% is being relocated and will be planted again after construction. That is very good, mr.x. It will be an inconvenience at this time, but it will be great to see the replanted trees there again.
  16. That Canada Line will be used a lot, once it starts operation. However, I find it really bad that trees that had to be taken out to make way for the project was a subject of protest by some people. Well, once it is done, I hope the areas affected will be re-beautified as best as they can.
  17. With so much music talent Canada has, it would be odd to have someone from outside the country to do the singing at the ceremonies.
  18. However, the intensity on BOCOG and China to prepare for these Games will be high. I'm confident that the Games will be ready on time, but it will be a trying time on Chinese resolve on other things, if you know what I mean. As we get closer to opening day, this forum will get more busier.
  19. Now that the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games is over, the next immediate focus of the Olympic Movement is the upcoming Beijng 2008 Olympic Games up to the opening day of August 8, 2008. Let's just say that things will get interesting one way or the other. For those who want to see the official website for Beijing 2008, come here: Official Website Of The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
  20. Sullivan is there in Torino now. As for the rest of the Vancouver presentation team, good luck to you people.
  21. Now that the opening ceremony is done, it will be great to see the Vancouver presentation. Of course, some of us could have quite a say about Avril here.
  22. Since my last post here and with the Olympic Flame returning to Cortina d'Ampezzo today, FIVE more Torino 2006 Olympic torches were successfully sold. One of them had a starting price of just $1 US. The highest price sold is still $1,822 US. However, the cheapest price ever sold so far for this kind of item was $999 US.
  23. Don't ask me, Kendegra. I was offended by some of us here commenting on Rogge's accent then in 2003. Like, so what? Anyway, it was his first host-city announcement regarding the Olympic Games to the general public. But, now to think about it, no one said anything bad about his speeches at SLC 2002, which were his first ones as IOC president. His take on the Greek language for Athens 2004 was marvelous. It will be no different, when he starts talking some sentences in Italian for Torino 2006.
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