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  1. Yes. However, languages like Chinese doesn't really have a set base of symbols for "alphabetization." Instead, it is a toss-up between just using the English alphabet order or use the "romanization of the Chinese language" or the pin yin system to me here. If the pin yin is used here, Canada would be "Jia Na Da" for example.
  2. Won't happen anyway. I just hope that this sort of thing doesn't fire up any futhur implications from them on other ambitious ideas like this that has almost no hope of going through.
  3. How goes the highway project here so far? Why I'm asking is that the CBC National news program had a segment about how BC is protecting the highway and the surrounding Whistler area from landslides today.
  4. Oliver Stone, director of Hollywood films like JFK and Nixon, has been recruited by BOCOG to make a film promotion about Beijing 2008: Link: CBC: Oliver Stone To Make Film Promoting Beijing Olympics
  5. It will be interesting on how the order will be in 2008. The last time the Olympic Games came to the general area, Nagano 1998 just used the English alphabet, if I'm right. However, there was a topic like this in the old forum before this current one. One of our Chinese members here posted then said that a pin yin system could be used in this case.
  6. As for Quebec City wanting to bid for a Winter Olympics again in the future, that depends on how Quebeckers and the COC feels. Montreal was talking remotely of wanting to bid for another Summer Olympics again, despite what it did for 1976. Never mind that Vancouver 2010 is in the COC and VANOC's mind right now, with another remote thought of Toronto wanting to bid for 2016 after the failed Expo 2015 bid attempt. I don't because I really don't care about such artificial nonsense. Like, what is that supposed to do? Give the idea that a certain region is like the "communist nations" of the past using the Olympics and its athletes as political pawns for "greatness?" We all know what became and will become of such pathetic ideas. However, given my input on this, my educational guess is that the French Quebeckers do relatively well in the Olympic scene. Quebec has quite a deep talent in short-track speed skating and free-style skiing, for starters. Of course, they have the ice hockey players from the various leagues there. As for other winter sports, they have their moments in snowboarding, alpine skiing, long-track speed skating, and biathlon that I know of so far.
  7. Well, taichi, I bet this lawyer is trying to say that Quebec ice hockey players are better than "English-Canadian" ones. Or else, why would he even say such a thing? Also, if my memory serves me right, certain Quebec newspapers divide the Olympic medal tallies of the past between "English" and "French" winners to justify the idea that it (Quebec) has better athletes than the "rest of Canada." Kind of a "Cold War" way of doing things, right?
  8. Yeah. However, I bet there is quite a few of them over there that won't quit until it happens. Probably even try to sue the IOC for it, like the way they tried to sue it to refund the money Quebec City spent on trying to get the 2002 Winter Olympics.
  9. Oh, boy. Not this again. Okay. It is very, VERY remote and not going to add up to anything. I had to find out if this was true and, indirectly, it is. It may not be directly having to do with Vancouver 2010, but with that "good Liberal" putting that question back in the leadership race, and the NDP made that promise in the last Canadian federal election, and the Conservative minority government giving it "official UNESCO status", the Quebec issue is baacckkk! Here's the crux of the mattter: a Quebec separatist lawyer is making a proposal to, at least, have a "TEAM QUEBEC" ice hockey team for 2008. What will be next: a Quebec team for Vancouver 2010? Don't forget, if I'm right, Quebec will have its "provincial" election before the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and there have been talk in the past that the Parti Quebecois could take power again, when that time comes. On top of that, the same party has threatened Canada with another referendum like the one in 1995 in around 2009. By the way, click on the link below: Link: CBC: Lawyer Would Like To See Team Quebec At 2008 World Hockey Championships
  10. An unlikely Canadian gold medallist from Athens 2004 retires: Link: CBC: Canadian Olympian Muenzer Retires
  11. Guess some NOCs don't like the swimming finals take place in the morning: BBC: Anger At Beijing Swimming Switch
  12. Two more IOC articles: Beijing 2008: IOC President Meets Chinese Prime Minister Beijing 2008: On Track With Bid Assurances Materialising
  13. Today's IOC press release: Link: IOC: Rogge Visits Beijing Olympic Venues - Free Footage/B-Roll
  14. Oh, by the way, here is a link to the map of Calgary 1988 torch route: Link: Calgary 1988 Olympic Torch Route Map
  15. If the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay starts at the North Pole, then it could head anywhere afterwards. Sure, I am sure that the northern territories will be involved more here than Calgary 1988. Never mind that Signal Hill, NF&L, was the starting point of Calgary 1988 didn't travel to the old NWT and Yukon much.
  16. Well, being Great Britain here, it is hard to say. In fact, it could be anything because GB has a very dynamic history and culture.
  17. Next week, the IOC Coordination Commission for Beijing 2008 will return to the city: Link: Beijing 2008: Coordination Commission Back In Beijing
  18. At least, these projects are being put into debate. For a city and metropolitan area of its size, I would have thought that Vancouver should have more of these kinds of mass transit to alleviate road congestion and urban sprawl. Like, once these projects are approved or denied by whatever factors, then what about like projects to places like North Vancouver and West Vancouver?
  19. In a way, he has already done so. Indirectly, I think China got "humiliated" because it is the only true friend in the world and Beijing is not that far away from North Korea. On top of that, this is what it gets to "stabilize North Korea." What will China do now? Can it "join in" in making UN sanctions stick? Can it just let the status quo continue on between the two nations? Right now, I don't want to be in the leadership making that decision. Rogge will be in China and Beijing to attend the fifth edition of the World Forum on Sport, Education and Culture. He will also attend the plenary session of the seventh IOC Coordination Commission. Link: Beijing 2008: President Rogge To Visit China
  20. Boy, North Korea made things difficult for China now. Talk about a light show spectacular there that is reminiscent of Nazi Germany's torch parade, before the real fireworks began. Let's hope that the Beijing Games can even go ahead, despite that "slap in the face."
  21. IOC article (October 5): Vancouver 2010: Mascot Artist Wanted
  22. I don't think it will hurt much, if at all, for Delhi's preparation for the 2010 CG. However, the ICC is not liking what India is doing and the BBC has posted a sport news brief about warning of having its 2011 World Cup hosting rights being revoked.
  23. With less than 2 years to go, it seems that there will be at least one change to one NOC flag in the opening ceremony. For example, Rwanda seemed to have changed theirs for Athens 2004 from Sydney 2000. Now, a couple of new NOCs could be starting their Olympic odyssey at Beijing 2008, along with a different flag look: Link: BBC: Lesotho Unfurls 'Peaceful' Flag
  24. Well, I did put an idea here some time ago about using the "Silk Road" for the international part of the torch relay.
  25. Well, it is a start along the path in preparation for the Games. Of course, being where the host city is, it will be interesting on how smooth the whole operation will be from now until the opening ceremony.
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