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  1. I like the logo. And, speaking of Dr. Jackson, he is really busy lately. However, he has great credentials behind his name, when it comes to the Olympic Games.
  2. Have $2,500 US to spare? There is another Torino 2006 Olympic torch for sale, but it seems that the link I'm trying to post here doesn't seem to want to work here. Starting price: $1,400 US.
  3. Geez, not again: Another Torino 2006 Olympic Torch For Sale (5-Day Period)
  4. Not be outdone, here's another one: Torino 2006 Olympic Torch For Sale In eBay (3-Day Period)
  5. Unbelievable! I can't believe what I'm seeing in eBay NOW!! Yes, someone in Italy is already decided to try to sell his/her Torino 2006 Olympic Torch on eBay. You don't believe me? Come see this link for yourselves: Torino 2006 Olympic Torch For Sale In eBay (7-Day Sale Period)
  6. By the way, when is it going to be unearthed and opened again? 100 years from now?
  7. A time capsule has been buried under the new Wembley Stadium: Time Capsule For Wembley Stadium
  8. The media village for Beijing 2008 is being constructed: Beijing 2008: Media Village Construction Gets Underway
  9. Subsequent IOC article: Beijing 2008: Sport And More
  10. Another coordination commission visit to Beijing and area: Beijing 2008: 5th. IOC Coordination Commission Visit To Beijing Begins
  11. October 27th.: Fasel will be giving a report about the status of Vancouver 2010 to the IOC's EB meeting in Lausanne: IOC Executive Board Meeting, 26-28 October 2005, Lausanne
  12. September 22nd. IOC article: Beijing 2008: Olympic Venue Construction Moving Ahead
  13. Let's "chill" out: Vancouver 2010: Chill At Spirit Of Vancouver Awards
  14. GBMod, when is the left-side side links on the GB.com frontpage be updated? We already know which city has the 2012 Olympic Games.
  15. Latest IOC article (September 8th.): Vancouver 2010: Planning, Progress And Partnership
  16. Highly doubt it. I think this meeting was more of the update on what it really matters for the city so far, like the usual issues when it comes to the Olympic Games.
  17. This review by the Coordination Commission could be the last one before Vancouver has to present itself at the Torino 2006 closing ceremony: Vancouver 2010: IOC Team In Vancouver For Project Review
  18. What will become of the forums look, come next week?
  19. For me, I can't wait to see how many official bids for the 2014 Winter Olympics will be.
  20. Well, guys, the time is almost here. The "new" idea of making these boards work during tomorrow's host city vote starts. I'll be making sure that I'll be here to find out. Overall, I hope the forums can handle it.
  21. Anyone have the rendition pictures of the Olympic Village for the 2008 Olympic Games, now that it has been given a green light to start?
  22. It really doesn't matter, in Calgary's POV about this news.
  23. It seems, according to the BBC, some IOC inspectors toured the on-going construction of a couple of venues for Beijing 2008. However, also with it, it is claimed that BOCOG is still going "too fast" on its preparations for these upcoming Games.
  24. I hope that you, GBModerator, has got the site almost ready for the big day next month.
  25. BBC Sports article about no beach volleyball at Tiananmen Square: Beijing Shelves Tiananmen Plans
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