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  1. Uh, mr.x, Mr. Harper hails from Ontario. He moved to Alberta later.
  2. If you guys have remotely got the following BBC channels, which are the following, then you may see one of the BBC journalists make a full-day coverage about Beijing 2008 today: - BBC News 24; - BBC World; or, - BBC1's Breakfast. Carrie Gracie, the journalist in question here, is broadcasting "all-day" about how Beijing is going about preparing for the 2008 Olympic Games and how China is embracing the event big time.
  3. Finally, the IOC puts an article about this topic: Link: IOC: Vancouver 2010: First Venue Competition Ready
  4. At least your province doesn't have a political dynasty of Tories running your provincial government. This week, my province is having a PC leadership vote this week to determine who, among the EIGHT nominees, will replace "King Ralph" in becoming the Tory leader AND premier of Alberta. All eight of them have their own questionable political histories that I have trouble with. They range from fiscal mismanagement to their "darker sides of their personal beliefs."
  5. Latest BBC article about Beijing 2008, which talks about the city "breathing it, living it, and 'worth dying for it'". Okay, the last one is the one I made up here: Link: BBC: Beijing Building The Olympic Dream
  6. And, all the while, Canada is getting slammed by the very UN for absense on other world issues in the process.
  7. You may want to click on the link below for more details about this sport: Link: Official Website About Ringette In Canada
  8. Geez. Talk about Sydney being in the international spotlight for the next 3 years straight from 2007 to 2009. As mentioned already, Sydney will host the World Youth Day for 2008 and the World Masters Games for 2009. Now that the APEC summit for this year in Hanoi, Vietnam, is over, next year's APEC summit will be held in Sydney. Below is the link to the official website: Link: Official Website For The 2007 APEC Summit In Sydney, Australia Note: I hope that this meeting will not make the city into a "war zone", unlike what happened with the G20 Summit that occurred in Melbourne a couple of days ago.
  9. Uh, this is a joke, right? Guys? Link: BBC: Mice Star As Olympic Food Tasters
  10. BBC article about HK's test event for Beijing 2008: Link: BBC: Hong Kong Plans 2008 Trial Event
  11. IOC EB meeting in Kuwait City will reveal some report findings about Vancouver 2010, made by Rene Fasel: Link: IOC: IOC Executive Board Meeting, Kuwait City, 28-29 November 2006
  12. Kendegra and mr.x has explained it in their posts already.
  13. I haven't heard of it either. Besides, wasn't there some news that Vancouver 2010 WILL NOT have one because VANOC wants to use BC Place or the Plaza of Nations to be the main choice for giving out the medals instead?
  14. I thought the Greeks did a great job on making Athens 2004 the best as they could under their power. More so, I think it gave the IOC a "wake-up call" about how cities bid, prepare, and stage the Olympic Games "more efficiently" in the future. However, that idea has seemed to be lost in the documentation right now, with the way Beijing 2008 is preparing the XXIX Olympiad to me. The grand example of this is the continuing and "soaring" cost of staging the "16-day circus", as some people like to term it nowadays.
  15. Latest IOC article about Vancouver: Link: IOC: Vancouver 2010: IOC Project Review Comes To A Close
  16. This one comes to mind, thanks to Google: Link: On-Line Chinese Tools
  17. Welcome to these forums, Chateau Petrus, and thank you for your post. I cannot figure out some of them anyway. Never mind with the Cherry incident at the House of Commons yesterday. He was just visiting Parliament and watching the Canadian government in action from the gallery area. What he got in return was a couple of Quebec MPs commenting negatively about his comments some time ago in a "Coach's Corner" segment, when it came to ice hockey. Talk about remembering things like that.
  18. GBModerator, is it just me or I can't get some .gif images posted on my posts for whatever reasons I didn't get? When I try to post some images on my posts, I can only get the "IPB Image" phrase there. Also, is it me or why is there a "Google.com" member in the members' names section, but there is no such member for real in the general members list?
  19. Not surprised, from the few latest posts here. If I remembered correctly, the OCOG had this kind of problem since Barcelona 1992 or Atlanta 1996, when dealing with the athletes' parade at the opening ceremony. Never mind that it will be interesting on how many new NOCs will make their debut at Beijing 2008. One that comes to mind right away. if it happens, is Montenegro.
  20. Yes. However, languages like Chinese doesn't really have a set base of symbols for "alphabetization." Instead, it is a toss-up between just using the English alphabet order or use the "romanization of the Chinese language" or the pin yin system to me here. If the pin yin is used here, Canada would be "Jia Na Da" for example.
  21. Won't happen anyway. I just hope that this sort of thing doesn't fire up any futhur implications from them on other ambitious ideas like this that has almost no hope of going through.
  22. How goes the highway project here so far? Why I'm asking is that the CBC National news program had a segment about how BC is protecting the highway and the surrounding Whistler area from landslides today.
  23. Oliver Stone, director of Hollywood films like JFK and Nixon, has been recruited by BOCOG to make a film promotion about Beijing 2008: Link: CBC: Oliver Stone To Make Film Promoting Beijing Olympics
  24. It will be interesting on how the order will be in 2008. The last time the Olympic Games came to the general area, Nagano 1998 just used the English alphabet, if I'm right. However, there was a topic like this in the old forum before this current one. One of our Chinese members here posted then said that a pin yin system could be used in this case.
  25. As for Quebec City wanting to bid for a Winter Olympics again in the future, that depends on how Quebeckers and the COC feels. Montreal was talking remotely of wanting to bid for another Summer Olympics again, despite what it did for 1976. Never mind that Vancouver 2010 is in the COC and VANOC's mind right now, with another remote thought of Toronto wanting to bid for 2016 after the failed Expo 2015 bid attempt. I don't because I really don't care about such artificial nonsense. Like, what is that supposed to do? Give the idea that a certain region is like the "communist nations" of the past using the Olympics and its athletes as political pawns for "greatness?" We all know what became and will become of such pathetic ideas. However, given my input on this, my educational guess is that the French Quebeckers do relatively well in the Olympic scene. Quebec has quite a deep talent in short-track speed skating and free-style skiing, for starters. Of course, they have the ice hockey players from the various leagues there. As for other winter sports, they have their moments in snowboarding, alpine skiing, long-track speed skating, and biathlon that I know of so far.
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