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  1. An IOC article about the new event for Vancouver 2010, should VANOC wish to go with the venture of adding it to the official Olympic winter program: Link: IOC-> Ski Cross: An Analysis Of The Newcomer
  2. I can see that, unlike those guys at Global. I guess the A380's popularity rose briefly amongst the airplane fans that lined up at the YVR area to take photos and/or camcorder movies of it landing there.
  3. I heard that the YVR will have more runways constructed to accomodate the A380, which landed in Vancouver yesterday: Link: CBC: World's Largest Airliner Visits Vancouver However, will the Asian international air carriers that have ordered some of them A380s for their fleets, will even land in Canada? Our lovely Global National TV news program yesterday says, "No."
  4. Well, the meeting is now over and VANOC has a decision to make whether the event of ski cross will be in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games as part of the overall freestyle skiing program, with aerials and moguls: Link: IOC: IOC Executive Board Wraps Up Last Meeting Of The Year In Kuwait
  5. Well, here he goes again. Instead of "would like" here, he is reported to say that the Prime Minister "must insist" on a "Team Quebec" in this case: Link: CBC: PM Must Back 'Team Quebec,' Lawyer Says
  6. Well, have fun reading and possibly responding to the link below: Link: CBC's Your View Page: Should Quebec Have Its Own National Hockey Team?
  7. Positive news about Beijing 2008 made at the IOC Executive Board meeting at Kuwait City: Link: IOC-> Beijing 2008: BOCOG Reports Positive Progress To Kuwait EB
  8. Here's the IOC take on the topic: Link: IOC-> Beijing 2008: BOCOG Releases Ticket Prices
  9. That will depend on how cooperative the Vancouver and Whistler area weather forecasts are going to be, when the 2010 Winter Olympics begin. When Calgary had its 1988 Winter Olympics, it started cold enough, but the chinook winds kept on giving the organizers problems when it came to the alpine and ski-jumping events, as examples. By the time those Games were over, the city was well in the positive temperatures. A stupid joke, I think, came from JAS as a result. He commented that Calgary "hosted a 'summer Olympics' with snow." Man, I remembered being in Canada Olympic Park on the Games' last day of competition and I was wearing my springtime clothes!
  10. Here is the IOC article equivalent: Link: IOC: Olympic Programme Updates
  11. One of the latest news, however brief, about Vancouver 2010: Link: IOC: Olympic Solidarity To Study Athletes' Support For The 2010 Olympic Winter Games
  12. I cannot believe that bandy is an IOC-recognized sport. That decision occurred just at an IOC meeting during Athens 2004. Makes one wonder if ringette will get the same treatment as well.
  13. Well, with that RAV line under construction and some of the stations going to be underground, those same Skytrain stations will be very popular in that kind of weather you guys over there are experiencing right now. I hope you guys are okay over there. Some news reports are showing a couple of maniacs driving their vehicles "violently" on the slick streets, from what was shown on my local news show.
  14. You want weird? Here's another one I just saw: Archive.org. What are these "names" anyway and what are their aims here?
  15. How is the weather in the Vancouver area now? Man, talk about winter over there: Link: CBC: Snowstorm Blankets B.C.'s Southern Coast At least, you guys over there do not have the wind chills that I'm having to go through right now. -33C windchills: not a good thing for anyone's health.
  16. Yeah, considering that when I first saw that article at that time, it was considered the "most seen BBC article of the day."
  17. So, can London learn from Beijing 2008 on how to prepare for the 2012 Olympic Games? Link: BBC: Olympic Games The Chinese Way
  18. Then, it will be interesting where in Canada the 2010 G8 Summit will be held.
  19. Excerpt page about what occurred two days ago in Parliament: Link: CBC: Debate -> The Government's Motion On The Quebec Nation
  20. IOC article about one former Australian swimmer who ran with the Olympic torch in former Stadium Australia in the Sydney 2000 opening ceremony and swam at Munich 1972: Link: IOC: The Young Girl Who Parted The Waves
  21. I got another question. Can one edit his/her previous message post after that same person made another new one in the same topic?
  22. IOC article: Link: IOC: To The Antipodes Of Their Ancient Roots
  23. *shrugs shoulders* Here we go again. And, as an add-on to my post here, the BBC has made its article about it: Link: BBC: PM Says Quebec 'Nation In Canada'
  24. Well, John Furlong likes the way the province of Quebec, when it comes to its home businesses, the government, and its winter athletes, is trying to make Vancouver 2010 a "national event": Link: CBC: Quebec Model For How Companies Can Get Olympic Spirit: Vancouver 2010 Boss
  25. Uh, mr.x, Mr. Harper hails from Ontario. He moved to Alberta later.
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