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  1. Oh, boy. This news could get ugly down the road. Remember the reasons why the IOC chose to reject women's ski jumping to be in the official Olympic winter program? Well, it seems that some women in the sport are not happy about it and may put forward a human rights case against the IOC and, possibly, the FIS over that decision: Link: CBC: Female Ski Jumpers Challenge Olympic Ban
  2. Well, it will be interesting on how the young and potential BRITISH sporting talent will do over there in the 2007 AYOF event. The BBC went as far as making an article about it.
  3. What kind of trees are we talking about here? It just cannot be any kind of trees, if that's possible. I know generally of Stanley Park's look, should someone decide to post something about me not knowing it because I have lived in Vancouver on-and-off for 4 years.
  4. I'm kind of surprised that this event wasn't mentioned here, since Australia is such a "powerhouse" in the Olympic Games. In fact, this one is being held in less than a month from now in Sydney: Link: The 2007 Australian Youth Olympic Festival In Sydney
  5. What the... - a Olympic-sized covered speedskating oval in FORT ST. JOHN? A similar one for Quebec City would make more sense here. - a "Northern Sports Center" in Prince George - a "Pacific Sport Institute" in Victoria - a "huge" sports complex in SFU (Vancouver) Okay, the bottom three I can see happening in the future. The first one, however, makes me wonder who came up with that idea. Never mind that the Vancouver/Whistler area is needing more money and manpower to deal with 2010 Olympic venue construction NOW. My province is having trouble just trying to deal with critical and "important" infrastructure deficits, despite having all that money from the energy sector. Guess someone over there saw that chart lately, if you guys know what I am talking about.
  6. Is Stanley Park still off-limits to the public? It looked very bad, with all those trees downed and broken.
  7. Oh, boy. Multiplex seems to be seen in the negative light again: Link: BBC: Multiplex 'Sued' On Wembley Delay
  8. Wow. A European team has already qualified to go to Beijing 2008: Link: IOC: Norwegian Women's Team On The Road To Beijing
  9. None taken, mr.x. In fact, Calgary is in no mood for that anyway. Since the various ISFs of the winter sports have already seen what the Calgary area (through CODA) can do, it is not necessary for my city to prove itself worthy of the task, unlike the city about 3 hours drive north from there. Besides, Canada needs more than Calgary to have Olympic-caliber winter facilities to spread out the development and training of new and potential Canadian winter athletes for future Winter Olympics. Also, winter venues need not always be at "high altitude" locales. Vancouver will test these athletes on their endurance in the sports/events in 2010. Therefore, those Edmonton guys can say what they want, but that kind of POV will not score well to some of us.
  10. Some "tool" he turned out to be. He's the Canadian version of TIME magazine's "man of the year": Link: Globe And Mail: 'You' Wins In U.S., Harper Wins Here
  11. Mr.x, I am not surprised about that. Remember, this is the Edmonton Sun we're dealing with here. I bet he thinks that the 2010 Olympic trials should be treated like the Brier or the Scott. Like, give me a break. Look at what happened the last time Canada had the 2006 Olympic curling trials in Halifax, I believe. Tell me what teams we sent to Torino for Canada. If that is any indication, then I have nothing to say because Gushue and Kleibrink made Canada proud, unlike the "professionals" I saw then. It was almost like those "professionals" didn't care about what was at stake.
  12. Okay. I have sent the e-mail message that I have been trying to get to you. I hope you see it this time.
  13. What the... Talk about timing. This article, from the Edmonton Sun, came out just about one hour ago as of posting this comment. Link: Edmonton Sun: The Debate Is On - Do You Hold The 2010 Olympic [Curling] Trials In Vancouver?
  14. Okay. That is just too weird for me. You may want to ask GBModerator about that. Anyway, just as a hint about what I have been trying to ask you, perhaps I could e-mail VANOC about a suggestion of mine.
  15. Those are nice-looking trains. Anyway, mr.x, what is going on over there with your PM function? I can read your messages, but you cannot read mine? That's really strange.
  16. It has been planned as such for that long? Geez, I thought it was in the 1980s that they first planned the idea of trying to connect Langley to Greater Vancouver in such a manner.
  17. Man, looking at this topic now, I thought Vancouver would be suited to host the 2009 WCF MEN'S WORLD Curling Championships instead of this junior version. Because Canada was given a very big perk by the World Curling Federation of hosting the world championships in this sport "every year with the men and women alternating", plus that EDMONTON is hosting the 2007 edition, one would think that the 2009 version would make a "perfect" test event for the curling venue. Well, in any case, since the allocation is done, it will be up to another Canadian city to take it.
  18. Okay, China wiped the rest of the competition at the Doha 2006 Asian Games. According to the BBC article, Chinese officials were reported to have said that "it was NOT ENOUGH" afterwards. Like, there should be MORE IMPROVEMENTS from their athletes "in order to beat the USA" in 2008. Talk about a bit of Cold War rhetoric here: Link: BBC: Dominant China Seeks More In 2008
  19. OMG! I hope you guys are really okay: Link: CBC: Tens Of Thousands Still In Dark After Massive B.C. Storm
  20. Guys, remember how some of us moaned on how CTV won the IOC contract to broadcast the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games over the CBC and its aftermath? Well, I put it bluntly here. The IOC, last Tuesday, gave out the "broadcast awards" for covering the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games. Guess what? CBC "got crushed" over the likes of NBC of the United States and, believe it or not, Australia's Seven Network. Here's is more salt to the CBC's wound: the Australian one got the "gold medal" in this category.
  21. Okay, I need to go figure on this news. The Qingdao sailing venue for Beijing 2008 is "inadequate?" Speaking of that off-hand typo in the South Africa 2010 topic about the dates for the event, we might as well apply that to these sailing events, too. Imagine this: all the Olympic medal races for the sailing events "could be held in ONE DAY." You think I'm exaggerating? Try clicking on the link below and read the BBC article: Link: BBC: 2008 Sailing Organisers Confident They are confident about that? I don't know, if Rogge really likes that, since he was an Olympic sailor for Belgium in the past.
  22. Not yet, deasine. In order to use such functions, you need to type the specific URL command for it for now. For example, for bold type, YOU need to type like this "[ b ]" at the beginning and "[ / b ]" at the end. In between, this is where you want your statement in bold type. Remember, I just separated the in-quotes like that, so I would not accidently create it and to show you here. And, those in-quotes are all together "in one" and individual. For italics, use the letter "i" here and the letter "u" for underline. Anyway, it looks like you guys over there are going to have some repeat of that wacky weather again. I hope you guys are ready for it, if it does come.
  23. Was the dragon considered to be an Olympic mascot for 2008? Even though it may have been possible, it was quashed by perceptions about what a dragon is about in other parts of the world other than China: Link: BBC: Fiery Debate Over China's Dragon
  24. I see. Well, China Man, would there be any form of "special deals" for Olympic spectators to use the subway system during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games or not?
  25. You're right, Olympian2004. I saw a bit of the Helsinki 1952 opening ceremony footage and I wonder how that guy got those shoes to run on that "muddy track" and carrying that Olympic torch without slipping.
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