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  1. Careful about the inflation rate info there, mr.x. Vancouver, at least, does not have the kind of inflation rate Calgary is having to deal with, despite that your city needs to get the 2010 venues up and running. When you got a CITY unemployment rate of 2.6%, then it calls into question how long the local economy is going to last. Never mind that some Calgarians are now selling-and-running to places "nearby" for overall better quality of life. That includes the Okanagan area of BC (Kelowna as its center), as the western-most reach of Albertans with so much money. Saskatchewan is really benefitting the "Alberta exodus", too, like Regina and Saskatoon. As for the Asper family, they must be doing something right. If I recall my news, they got the tentative go-ahead to purchase the A-A movie company from Toronto, along with Goldman-Sachs. Well, it is good that Manitoba is doing something to project its province's reputation and not going to be left behind the likes of BC and Alberta. Getting back into topic here, you guys must be wondering if everything you took for granted in Vancouver all of a sudden turned upside-down. The weather over there is not something I would have thought it would occur in my lifetime in such quickness. It looks like those BC Place people are going to be scrutinizing the stadium's overall structure, never mind the roof, for the next couple of years and hope that it will be functioning for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I do not envy those guys and those in the Vancouver area construction sector to get other projects ready in time for the forementioned big event. It must be a very hard time for them right now. (Note: A-A stands for Alliance-Atlantis here.)
  2. Unfortunately, nothing of that nature can be that simple nowadays. If you were to go to another topic here and see what may come after Beijing 2008 in one of my other posts, then it is still very up in the air.
  3. Beijing's environmental plan for the 2008 Olympic Games was discussed in Nairobi, Kenya, between the IOC and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) yesterday: Link: IOC: IOC And UNEP Meet In Nairobi
  4. Well, it is coincidential that you have put Vancouver here. In my previous post, I have quoted what Olympic USA posted and saw that Vancouver and Montreal could be connected in some way to the possible American high-speed train lines. Ironically, not Toronto, for whatever reasons I cannot fathom here. Right now, in terms of where I live, Calgary is the "most isolated" city in the main Canadian rail networks for passengers. It is ridiculous that my city, with officially ONE MILLION people inside, can only be accessed by plane, commuter bus or private cars while the Alberta capital city of Edmonton is connected as such AND by passenger trains, too. Most of all, Edmonton's population is about the same as Calgary. Sure, Calgary is connected to Vancouver by the Rocky Mountaineer, but that service is more catering to international tourists rather than ordinary Calgarians and Canadians. In fact, there has been no train service for the ordinary Canadian passenger to and from Calgary since around 1986. And, to top of that, Calgary is kept on considered as the "center of the Canadian economic dream" for the last few years by various Canadian economic circles. With the amount of money the Alberta government was getting recently, what is going on? Even the Canadian national banks have said that, if Canada would to have high-speed train services of any kind, the Golden Horseshoe corridor and the western Canadian "triangle" (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary) should have them to make their respective economies more entrenched and grow by now. Unfortunately, these "ambitious plans" will not come to fruition any time soon. Never mind that Alberta has a new Conservative government that is making rookie mistakes and Calgary seems to be paying for them so far in various ways, added to the previous Klein government that "preyed" on the city for other questionable gains. Also, Calgary is "running out of room" to make any commuter train service possible by concentrating on building more roads for the private car and running into political and social maliase with NIMBYs, First Nations, and others that see the city as a "land-grubber" in the process. Land-grubber, you say? Well, when you have a city AREA that is the largest in Canada with only 1 million people actually living in it, it is called URBAN SPRAWL. In fact, imagine the size of New York City and its transport infrastructure that supports it. If you were to compare both cities, then NYC is much more efficient than Calgary will ever be, if my city does not do something to correct this. Plus, they are about the SAME AREA SIZE!! No wonder my city is criticized by anti-urban sprawl groups and others like it around the world as being so inefficient that a five-year-old kid could tell something is wrong here lately. They are right. Planning in the city of this nature is just being made "on a fly" without finding out what the consequences of their actions will result. Commuter high-speed trains can help alleviate such problems to a degree and help other depressed areas of Alberta gain some economic activity from it. What are we waiting for? You try asking me that question and I will have no answer to it.
  5. That is not bad a plan here. However, it is a little odd how some connections in the map between some possible high-speed train lines could be made, but it is not being made here.
  6. Feasible in that regard, micheal? There hasn't any official word about how the torch is going to enter China from Greece yet, never mind worrying about if a Mt. Everest climb is even a good idea overall. Will there be some sort of international land Olympic torch route with other nations/entities to begin with, despite on what some of us in private are describing the possible "dangers" that could come up along the way in this matter? Remember how some Olympic torch routes in the past had to deal with various interruptions by some people with various grievances? If anything, Beijing 2008's torch relay could get really perilous because of China's current political, economic and social standings in the eyes of some people who have grievances against it in some issues. Some of that could explode into something BOCOG and the Chinese government does not have time to deal with and could end up being seen by the world's media. I hope you didn't forget how some topics here ended up being made after the IOC gave the 2008 Games to Beijing back in 2001. It will be an interesting time for sure.
  7. Uh, okay. Like I said, BC Place is not going to be that significant that, if things were to get worse for it between now and the opening day of Vancouver 2010, the various ceremonies would have to be majorily displaced by it. Besides, having these sorts of things outdoors has not been much of a problem in the past Winter Olympics. But, if VANOC wants to be unique in this manner, who am I to criticize the decision? It will just face the same challenges as the other past Winter Olympics host cities to come up with ideas and other contiguous matters to make the Winter Olympics operate with minimal difficulties as much as possible.
  8. I'm surprised that this topic is still here. You want to know why? The "island nation" of Taiwan, Chinese Taipei to some of us, has become the latest area to get high speed commuter trains in service in the world. The whole bullet-train line goes on the western side of the island from the capital city of Taipei in the north to the southern city of Kaohsiung with 7 other stops in between. The trains can go about the maximum speed of 300 km/h and can take the person the whole length of the line in just 90 minutes from, guess this, a 4-HOUR journey. This is a major transportation improvement from when I was visiting there in 1990. Back then, such mass transport was way beyond the island's financial and technical means. Link: BBC: The Bullet Train Bites In Taiwan
  9. Now that you have mentioned it, Faster, wasn't there some topic here in the past that had something to do with "improving" the roof's structure or its materials? I thought I saw some ideas of making the roof more versatile. However, I also think I saw that it was not going to be the case because of some ideas to levelling the whole stadium down after 2010 because its usefulness "was going to be over."
  10. Whatever, guys. At least, BC Place Stadium is only going to be used accordingly for the 2010 Winter Olympics. That is minor, in comparison to how the other 2010 venues are going to function. The last thing we need to see and hear from here is that there are major problems with, for example, the speed skating oval, the bob/luge/skeleton track and so forth.
  11. "Temporary press freedom" to end at October 2008? Link: BBC: China Wrestles With New Media Era
  12. According to the BBC today, the Everest idea is most likely going to happen. The article has stated that there will be a test this year whether it is feasible to do so.
  13. Even though the Olympic torch route for Beijing 2008 has not been finalized yet, it is assumed that the Olympic torch will be taken to the summit of Mt. Everest as part of the overall plan. There will be tests to see if this can be achieved: Link: BBC: Olympic Flame To Ascend Everest
  14. Well, an IAAF museum and the same with the Olympic Games? I like these ideas, given the history of the Olympic Games in world history. Even though Lausanne has the "modern" Olympic museum, the Greeks have the means to produce an Olympic museum that can rival it.
  15. Makes one wonder what are the fates of some of those venues right now. Like I said, Athens 2004 was a wake-up call to deal with the way the Olympic Games are to be staged in the future. Now that London 2012 has recently went through the "growing pains reality" of the soaring costs of building their venues, which could surpass Beijing 2008 in a very scary way, it should bring alarms bells to potential 2016 Olympic Games bids to really see if it is worth the headaches to pursue it or not.
  16. Wow. How times have changed. Remember Dora Bakoyannis? She was the mayor of Athens, when the 2004 Olympic Games were held. Also, the following year, I believe, she was given the title of the world's top "mayor of the year." Now that she is the Greek foreign minister, she seems to be fixing her eyes on Macedonia. No, not Greece's section of land so named, but the FYROM -> Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, over the naming of an airport after Alexander the Great: Link: BBC: Dispute Over 'Alexander Airport'
  17. We will see, China Man, according to this BBC article: Link: BBC: China Reporting Rules 'May Stay'
  18. I think GamesBids.com here has an article about this BBC one, but I'll post it: Link: BBC: China To Tackle Olympic Pollution
  19. Kind of getting it. But, that "joke" will be tested in next year and 2008. You see, speaking of the French, the next Francophone Games was supposed to be in, of all places, BEIRUT in 2009. So far, I haven't seen any moves of concern about that city's readiness for it. When you get bombed from Israeli planes in the summer and political upheavals going on in Lebanon this year, one has to wonder if they have any time to deal with staging an international Games.
  20. Never mind the one thing the average person wants to see, when it comes to the Olympic Games: the Beijing 2008 Olympic torch. Can't wait to see it. By the way, I haven't seen much news about it.
  21. Well, I am not certain. I haven't heard of her retiring yet and could be still competing for Slovenia, come Beijing 2008: Link: Merlene Ottey (Note: Since the link above goes to that Wikipedia page, do not assume that it is all true.)
  22. Will there be a "united Korea" team for Beijing 2008? Only time will tell: Link: IOC: A Step Furthur Towards A Unified Korean Team In 2008 And, she will be 50 years old when she wants to compete for gold in Beijing 2008. However, it will be interesting on how she will do in the CYCLING events there, if she does qualify to go: Link: BBC: Veteran Longo Targets 2008 Games
  23. Huh? Canada? It has been in the British Empire of some sort, since its founding. Sure, it has Quebec, with the majority being French, but it has been in all the Commonwealth Games. As for the other nations that have joined the Commonwealth, but doesn't have any "real connections" to the British, it comes to show what I know. So, why did they want to join the Commonwealth club in the first place?
  24. Could the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games have a mosaic of participating nations that could make some of us scratch our heads? I heard that the current Rwandan government is having quite a row with the French government about its preceived role in the 1994 genocide. So much so that the French diplomatic corps were kicked out from the country because of a French judge asking the current Rwandan president to stand trial, from that very sad episode. At least, that's what I know lately. So, do you think a French-speaking nation will be able to join the Commonwealth? Link: BBC: Rwanda Seeks To Join Commonwealth If you think that is it, well, other nations is rumored to want to join the "British" Commonwealth, too. Try these ones: Algeria, Yemen, Sudan, Israel and the Palestinian territories.
  25. Oh, boy. This news could get ugly down the road. Remember the reasons why the IOC chose to reject women's ski jumping to be in the official Olympic winter program? Well, it seems that some women in the sport are not happy about it and may put forward a human rights case against the IOC and, possibly, the FIS over that decision: Link: CBC: Female Ski Jumpers Challenge Olympic Ban
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