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  1. Okay. That is just too weird for me. You may want to ask GBModerator about that. Anyway, just as a hint about what I have been trying to ask you, perhaps I could e-mail VANOC about a suggestion of mine.
  2. Those are nice-looking trains. Anyway, mr.x, what is going on over there with your PM function? I can read your messages, but you cannot read mine? That's really strange.
  3. It has been planned as such for that long? Geez, I thought it was in the 1980s that they first planned the idea of trying to connect Langley to Greater Vancouver in such a manner.
  4. Man, looking at this topic now, I thought Vancouver would be suited to host the 2009 WCF MEN'S WORLD Curling Championships instead of this junior version. Because Canada was given a very big perk by the World Curling Federation of hosting the world championships in this sport "every year with the men and women alternating", plus that EDMONTON is hosting the 2007 edition, one would think that the 2009 version would make a "perfect" test event for the curling venue. Well, in any case, since the allocation is done, it will be up to another Canadian city to take it.
  5. Okay, China wiped the rest of the competition at the Doha 2006 Asian Games. According to the BBC article, Chinese officials were reported to have said that "it was NOT ENOUGH" afterwards. Like, there should be MORE IMPROVEMENTS from their athletes "in order to beat the USA" in 2008. Talk about a bit of Cold War rhetoric here: Link: BBC: Dominant China Seeks More In 2008
  6. OMG! I hope you guys are really okay: Link: CBC: Tens Of Thousands Still In Dark After Massive B.C. Storm
  7. Guys, remember how some of us moaned on how CTV won the IOC contract to broadcast the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games over the CBC and its aftermath? Well, I put it bluntly here. The IOC, last Tuesday, gave out the "broadcast awards" for covering the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games. Guess what? CBC "got crushed" over the likes of NBC of the United States and, believe it or not, Australia's Seven Network. Here's is more salt to the CBC's wound: the Australian one got the "gold medal" in this category.
  8. Okay, I need to go figure on this news. The Qingdao sailing venue for Beijing 2008 is "inadequate?" Speaking of that off-hand typo in the South Africa 2010 topic about the dates for the event, we might as well apply that to these sailing events, too. Imagine this: all the Olympic medal races for the sailing events "could be held in ONE DAY." You think I'm exaggerating? Try clicking on the link below and read the BBC article: Link: BBC: 2008 Sailing Organisers Confident They are confident about that? I don't know, if Rogge really likes that, since he was an Olympic sailor for Belgium in the past.
  9. Not yet, deasine. In order to use such functions, you need to type the specific URL command for it for now. For example, for bold type, YOU need to type like this "[ b ]" at the beginning and "[ / b ]" at the end. In between, this is where you want your statement in bold type. Remember, I just separated the in-quotes like that, so I would not accidently create it and to show you here. And, those in-quotes are all together "in one" and individual. For italics, use the letter "i" here and the letter "u" for underline. Anyway, it looks like you guys over there are going to have some repeat of that wacky weather again. I hope you guys are ready for it, if it does come.
  10. Was the dragon considered to be an Olympic mascot for 2008? Even though it may have been possible, it was quashed by perceptions about what a dragon is about in other parts of the world other than China: Link: BBC: Fiery Debate Over China's Dragon
  11. I see. Well, China Man, would there be any form of "special deals" for Olympic spectators to use the subway system during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games or not?
  12. You're right, Olympian2004. I saw a bit of the Helsinki 1952 opening ceremony footage and I wonder how that guy got those shoes to run on that "muddy track" and carrying that Olympic torch without slipping.
  13. What great pictures you have there, China Man. In fact, Beijing has the right idea of making more subway lines to alleviate the congestion problems Beijing City is facing. I cannot see myself driving a car in a city of about 15 million people. It would be insane to even try. By the way, what are the fares of using the existing subway system there?
  14. Not to be nosy and responding likewise, but does these forums has another new moderator now? If so, then welcome to you here.
  15. For the links and pics, for me, I have to type in the URL commands and the Internet addresses of any article or picture in full myself. You might want to click on the BB Code Help button on the bottom right-hand corner of where you type these kinds of posts for guidance.
  16. First, it was the Olympic athletes. Now, France has been reported that it will reward its PARALYMPIANS with money prizes, should any of them win a medal at the Beijing 2008 PARALYMPIC Games: Link: BBC: Equal Pay For French Paralympians Do you guys think this is a good idea?
  17. Oh, boy. The moment has come for this guy to start facing the music. Robert Pickton's trial could end up getting sensational by the international news media and could put the Canadian justice system in the negative light. Yes, it seems the world is watching this scenario because of another Canadian trial went through the same media circus recently and this particular one could take a couple of years to go through the whole process: Link: CBC: Pickton Pleads Not Guilty As Jury Selection Begins
  18. No kidding. According to the Consumers Reports 2007 buying guide, in which I have a copy, Apple Macs cleans house against its like competition in most categories. In other words, their laptops seems to have so many positive functions about them that they cannot be beat by the likes of Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc.
  19. That link from above was from yesterday. This latest one talks about one of the international sporting casulties of Fiji's military coup that came to be: Link: BBC: Fiji Stripped Of Netball Worlds
  20. Oh, boy. Not again. Even though it is about 3 years away from Delhi 2010, Fiji better deal with its political problems because the nation is now out of the Commonwealth at this time. Of course, that means that the Fijian team cannot compete in the Commonwealth Games, if that time comes and the scenarios are still not resolved: Link: BBC: Fiji Suspended From Commonwealth
  21. In any case, when the Apple company first gave the world the home PC into the market way back in the 1980s, I had one. Don't know what happened to the brand, but it looked to me that Apple waned, as you-know-who and Steve Jobs had quite a row against each other. Never mind about the "real saga" of the Microsoft Windows OS, from a documentary I saw in the 1990s about them. Of course, did you remember the so-called "most watched TV commercial in the world" that was only seen ONCE by the general public? That convinced my parents that having an Apple computer for me should be an asset to my self-confidence. Anyway, I can see that Apple is making a major comeback against the PC, with the iPod, the new versions of laptops and desktop computers and all those commercials that seems to resemble the Gates/Jobs row of the past.
  22. When Alexandre Despatie of Canada goes to Beijing 2008, depending on if he does qualify to go there, it will be about 10 years since his Commonwealth Games gold medal win at Kuala Lumpur 1998 in diving at the tender age of 13. Never mind he will have to compete against a powerful Chinese men's diving on their home soil: Link: CBC: Diver Despatie Returns From Injury To Begin The March To The 2008 Olympics
  23. What?? We were spazzing negatively against each other for this? Man, I need to get myself a major vacation: Link: ifoAppleStore Information Page
  24. One, British badminton players want to be ready for Beijing 2008: Link: BBC: Britain Earmark Olympic Hopefuls Two, this show from the BBC could be interesting, in terms on how BOCOG is dealing with the city's environment issue in preparing for the 2008 Olympic Games. The same can be said about London 2012, too: Link: Earth Report Episode: A Tale Of Two Cities
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