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  1. Oh, boy. That emotion better not show up in the opening ceremony or anytime during the Games! Look what happened the last time this kind of rivalry erupted.
  2. Overhyping it is right big time. I mean, a special form of courtroom setting just for this case with bullet-proof glass and other "perks" that reminds me of a couple episodes of the A&E's American Justice show. And, to prove that you are right, mr.x, the BC justice system has learned some lessons from the past. Quebec tried to bring justice against the members of biker gangs then with huge courtrooms and the like and, I think, tried to do it all at once. Talk about a criminal trial that fell apart before it began and all that money wasted in the process. My province is not immune to this, too, with a case in which I have forgotten at this time. I think Edmonton tried to prosecute a few gangsters for "hundreds" of charges. However, it went the same way as what happened in Quebec. So, I'm glad that there will be rules in place to prevent this Pickton trial from getting too sensationalized in the media. It is too bad that the circumstances that led to this day will lead to the overhyping of the whole affair. I mean, the victims' families and friends must be wanting lots of privacy at this time. The last thing they need is to get swamped by the media over for every little detail of the trial to satisfy their TV ratings.
  3. Thank you, mr.x, for giving me the former name of Whistler. I didn't want to embarrass myself in that regard. As for Revelstoke, why did its ski-jump venue get abandoned? I hope it didn't go the way Thunder Bay went, when it lost its ski-jumping venue, too. And, to think and I believe, Thunder Bay hosted a Nordic Ski World Championships in the 1990s, just before that "sudden shutdown." Well, it is sad that Canada cannot get its act together to have such a facility maintained and/or upgraded to world standards. The one in Calgary is now so pathetic that it was even amazing that Canada qualified a couple of ski-jumpers and nordic combined athletes for Torino 2006. In fact, the Alberta government had to intervene "to save it" and preserve the continuing legacy of Canada's first Winter Olympics recently, despite having all sorts of money flowing into its coffers. Anyway, we don't want to go overboard and building these kinds of venues "all over the place." Never mind about the possibility of the Quebec City area wanting to have these kinds of venues, too, leaving Canada with "a possible excess" of these like facilities. Just for the sake of it, the British Airways direct flight between Calgary and London's Heathrow International Airport that got re-started just last month was an "exponential success." Hence, the reason for my previous post about the European tourists there. You see, if I read some of the related reports correctly and hoping not to boast about it, some travelers and the international tourism industry in general have been reported to be watching the British Airways' next moves in this regard. My local news has stated that the moves made by BA could have a domino effect. What they mean by that is that there could be other highly respectable international airlines in the world making their moves to have direct flights to Calgary because of its place in the world.
  4. Never mind that, to think I am typing this at all, the Pickton trial could bring in more international media coverage than the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Like, one whole years worth of legal precedings just for this guy that is facing just SIX charges? More so, the true number of such disappearances and resulting murders is still circumstantial that he may have committed over the years. Not to get more sick, but to have this situation cast a long shadow on Vancouver toward the 2010 Winter Olympics may have unknown consequences here. The last thing the city needs, to me, is to have more people around the world remember more about Pickton than the Winter Olympics about Vancouver. With the way this is going so far, that could be the case.
  5. A bit of that is true, depending on what you believe. However, this winter season alone, the Calgary International Airport has been so busy with travellers from Europe wanting to see snow and ski on it. Some local tourist companies, groups and others in the tourism industry have said that they are "swamped" with them. The city cannot keep up with the demand. That is what happens, when you are marketed to be "the Gateway to the Canadian Rockies." Even some of the Hollywood stars that showed themselves at the Banff Springs for an environmental function last weekend has been reported to say that they enjoyed the skiing in the Banff and surrounding areas and they will return "discreetly" the next time. As for the Revelstoke resort, don't laugh about this comment, but some have said that this first step could lead toward an Olympic bid by the town. If you think this is a joke, so be it. If I read some source, which I have forgotten but remembered "clearly", is correct, there was talk about Revelstoke wanting to set itself a bid for the Winter Olympics before Vancouver started to even discuss the issue, when Whistler was first created and christened then by another name by the late 1960s, I believe.
  6. This is not a surprise to me. Even the Conference Board of Canada is stating that a "booming economy" is not necessarily translatable to overall good quality of life. When I saw that bit about Regina there in the article, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that it is gaining people for the first time in a long time because my province is just "too expensive" to maintain in any relative time for any personal family life from the office or other workplaces. Why should making "so much money" and "working to death" be the primary reason to live in certain jurisdictions around the world, not just in Canada? Some nations, from what I have read in the past, have reported of people resorting to drastic actions to deal with this general issue. Believe me, some of those findings are not pretty at all.
  7. Stayed tuned in this topic. From the e-mail I got from Skate Canada, it could be possible that Vancouver could host an international figure skating event before the 2010 Winter Olympics. Mr.x, yes, it is the one I e-mailed about to you earlier this month.
  8. The event is now over, but the BBC had quite a couple of articles made over the days: 1. China's Sprint To Sporting Gold 2. Shooter Bond Earns First GB Gold 3. Gilligan Wins Skeet Shooting Gold 4. GB Rowers Lead Sydney Medal Haul 5. GB Rowers Top Sydney Medal Table
  9. I hope that the ski jumps are not going to be torn down, after Vancouver 2010. As for the other venues, I would love to see how the x-country trails are going to look like because it will have a biathlon World Cup there before the Olympic year.
  10. Have some of you guys already planned for Vancouver 2010? If not, then Dashtours.com can help you out. I am watching TV and I just heard that they ALREADY have a travel package made out for those going to the Winter Olympics. Yes, that includes accomodation and the like.
  11. Well, it is now underway: Link: BBC: Australian Youth Olympics Opens
  12. Wow. About 100 young British athletes will attend this event and be in 11 of the Olympic sports within it. Link: BBC: Stars For 2012
  13. Beijing 2008 is getting a project review right now: Link: IOC-> Beijing 2008: First Project Review Of 2007 Getting Underway
  14. Yes, micheal_warren. The World Games is under the control of the International World Games Association (IWGA). Their official website is here: Link: The Official Website Of The World Games (Under The Patronage Of The International Olympic Committee [iOC]) Of course, along with how the IOC decides which sports/events that will be held in future Olympiads, the IWGA program will change according to those IOC decisions. You see, some of these sports in the World Games program has been successful to being added to the Olympic program and, therefore, no longer needs to be in the World Games. However, with baseball and softball recently given the boot by the IOC, both these sports could become ones in the World Games. It is somewhat a bit of a symbiotic relationship between the IOC and the IWGA.
  15. Like almost any nation in the past that has hosted the Olympic Games wants ideally to do that.
  16. Huh? Well, his visit to China came at the time when the nation was part of the huge Mongolian Empire. You know, the same empire that its border literally at Europe's doorstep back in the 13th and 14th centuries. This was the period of the Yuan Dynasty in Chinese history. It lasted from 1279 - 1368. Sample Link: Chinese Dynasties Page
  17. Im glad that a corporation, like Telus, is taking action in helping Vancouver out this way. Is it just them or has any other Vancouver businesses taken the same action?
  18. Yeah, especially those NFL players having to wear all that protective gear just to protect themselves from getting injured.
  19. Wembley Stadium will host a NFL American football game. You know, the one with the "odd-shaped ball" that is: BBC: Wembley Gets Nod To Host NFL Game
  20. Thanks for clarifying that point, mr.x. It is very fitting that Vancouver should have a big mass transportation hub, for a city of its size and place in the world like that.
  21. Call me ignorant here, but can the Waterfront Station area be compared to Toronto's Union station complex in any way? I mean, it looks like that it is connecting point to a couple Skytrain lines and other mass transport links, too.
  22. Well, it is still relatively early in the 2013 World Games bid process, considering that the IWGA host decision will not be known until NEXT YEAR. Besides, the IWGA and the IOC are completely two separate international sporting entities. But, Sydney does have the venues in place to host most, if even all, of the "non-Olympic program" sports and events in the official IWGA program. That could be a first because I don't think ALL of those sports and events has ever been hosted in one World Games before since the inaugural 1985 Santa Clara, California, USA, Games. To top that, there has been some of them added over time. Kaohsiung 2009 will be no different in this context. It was suggesting that it could add DRAGON BOAT RACING to the IWGA program for the first time. If that is the case, then Sydney can host that no problem whatsoever.
  23. To our Aussies members here, is it true that Sydney wants to bid for the 2013 World Games?
  24. Well, the Marco Polo and the Silk Road times is what comes to my mind right away, in terms of Chinese history in one of many aspects. Never mind that, even though it is still up in the air at this time, but there could have been evidence that "Europeans" arriving to the Chinese regions thousands of years before Marco Polo's time. Of course, some historians have said that the Chinese civilization is the "oldest continuous one" on Earth.
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